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A picture of Mario to the left and an OC to the right.

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I dunno, I just kind of like the pixel art of a woman. I just can't tell what she is holding but it fits in with the default site background so, I'll say 7.5/10.
Hmm how can I rate a globe... 8/10?
A LEGO mushroom... certainly nothing I would want to use in culinary. Actually an N64 model of Toad; very low-poly and angular. His posture and smirk, shifty eyes, and slight blush give me the impression he passed gas and is not trying to hide it. 10/10

The next one I got was a heavily upscaled Toad on what appears to be either a motorcycle or a bicycle; it's too hard to tell. 4/10; distinctive but messy.

The one after that is a Toad with his arms up and mouth ridiculously stretched. Reminds me of the soy boy meme with a super excited wojak with a little facial hair. 9/10 for making me laugh hard.

Next one is MS Paint Toad. Only 4 colors like NES is capable of; I can tell who it is only because of the other avatars. 6/10 because of symbolism, intentional or not, and I do kinda like the crudeness of it: to me it adds to the silliness.

The next one is cursed.
Toad without his mushroom cap. He has 3 hairs. I'm surprised he has any left at all. He also looks like a noseless Mother character now.
10/10 cannot unsee.

The one I will conclude on is a smiling man with a Toad cap on. He has a red shirt instead of Toad's blue vest. 10/10, because it's a very warm and contagious smile.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Megaman Characters! 10/10
Hello I'ts a Me Kirbo.
A derpy picture of Kirby on a warpstar... I'm not a fan of derpy stuff, so I'll say 4/10.
A fly. It's not that gross to be honest

6/10 i guess

Nice GIF, I guess.


Dream team (feed them, please):

Cool Yu-Gi-Oh pic #tb{:]}


k, added a few new pics to The Pile™️, all of which are Hifumi (from New Game) related this time; since I know that refreshing to look at all of these is boring as shit, I'm just gonna put all of them in one conveniently placed .zip file right here

(these are just the resized pics btw; if you want the original ones, just DM me or somethin' iunno)
Layout by Mathos
nice collection

Niko with sunflasses.

9/10 for cool art purposes.

I had no idea this was a logo for a search engine called Ecosia. It's very simple, yet it presents a pleasing design of the earth with its very limited number of colors. I'll be giving it a 7/10.

It's also for a good cause, which is a nice bonus to know about!
What is a Lunar Magic, and can I eat it?
I gotta love the goomba in the bubble.

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Where's my lasaga, Jon?
A decent picture, but the person in the picture looks rather generic. There isn't any personality in the person's design. 6/10.
While I dislike insects, I can appreciate a fly from afar.
It's a funny fish.


You are challenged by Champion Daisy!

Pictures of Daisy. They look fine, but are nothing amazing. 7/10.