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I don't really have a fancy looking footer so don't really bother reading this. Oh well you kept reading anyway, did i caught your attention?
Ice Bear having a drink after lunch at a burger joint. He looks adorable here, but it's nothing special besides that. 7.5/10
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Basically, I believe in peace and bashing two bricks together.
if you search for the word "cursed" in the dictionary, you'll definitely find this image, -1/10/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\
random avatar everyime you reload wheeee
Watt from Paper Mario. I never cared for the pacifier, but overall the design is pretty nice. I'll give this an extra point since Watt is so useful in the battle against General Guy, my favorite character from Paper Mario.

That thing creeps me out but it looks awesome 9.666/10
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Yours is strange, but sort of funny and well designed. The color of the head is well adapted to Pink Gold Peach’s dress.
I don't know who that character is. But, it looks nice! It gives me some Sonic vibes. But, why is there a K and 13 there? Other than that, it looks nice!
6/10 Just a recolored Mario. The colors are fine, though the image is kind of blurry.
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9/10 Just some great art of Amy Rose, simple but effective.
Photo of Milford Sound in New Zealand grub time Photo of Milford Sound in New Zealand
A weird fish with glasses drawn in MS Paint, but it's a decent MS Paint drawing so 6.25/10
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Pink Gold Peach with what appears to be a monkey's head. While I don't really care for it, I respect its abstract nature. 6/10.
The fish is well designed and it has a very good color application. The glasses make it strange and funny at the same time.
Pretty cool pose of Klonoa. 8/10
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amy art 7,66/10
it's broken so sadly i can't rate it
Photo of Milford Sound in New Zealand grub time Photo of Milford Sound in New Zealand
Cursed photo of a stupid lazy clone character that only exists to be Wario's partner in spin off games but he doesn't even appear in the Wario games, Waluigi is the same thing as Pink Gold Peach and Dry Bowser but isn't as hated as these two for some reason. -2/10
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pink rilla roo, best character in video games 11/10