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Rate The Profile Picture Above You


I dunno why you're posting here so much when your avatar is broken. Crop it. Cirno's face doesn't even show up at first. Also my phone's browser sometimes shows it up entirely, covering up some of your great post contents.
Fuck yeah
Edit: yeah sorry its bad quality ;-;
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Not the best avatar around in all honesty. I get the reference and all (probably some sort of Undertale meme?), but the fact that it's pretty much a blurred rectangular image and nothing else is enough for my rating to turn out as-is. Get an avatar with better quality next time.
Very nice. I very much like the way this is drawn and the colours used, although I feel it could be a bit more centred. 8/10.

I'm a sucker for anime girls and now I know where you got the picture in your signature.

Besides I don't really see any flaws tbh.

Not bad, memey, but not bad. I like it.
typical animaymay screenshot, character doesn't really fit in the frame all the way. it's ok but the frame could be bigger 7/10

(blame erik for this one)
0/10 not this.
the people who watch hentai as an anime, and not just as a porn, are the superior race
looping's still bad 0/10 ;^)
/10 best avatar

also sorry for bad avatar quality
Hi, I'm a signature!
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You're the most non-descriptive rater here, lol. Anyway, 4/10 for low quality and small resolution, I only rated it higher because the girl looks familiar.

Rate what you see.
I see an school anime girl with what looks like a book with a bow on it. I have no clue who she is since I don't really watch anime. 7/10.
nothing fantastic, just baby mario and yoshi walking through some sort of jungle

it's not bad just a little bland 6/10
At least it's more original than the smuganimeface.jpg collection we have here.

it's a boo trying to dance while a broken model expands and contracts

it's original at least 7/10
Crawl/10. Would crawl in my skin.
good goat

nice hair

Sad Charmander, 9/10. Good Pokemon, good expression, not bad.

I reloaded several times trying to see a Zekrom avatar so I could bitch about it but no luck there

my avatar, drawn by me.
Officially a Mega Man addict.
Major thanks to Giga and Erik557 for the layout.
nice I made this thread before

it's just different colored samuses