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The First Mad Scientist ASM Contest - Discussion [ROUND 001]

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Originally posted by Ladida
(for either theme) does the boss itself have to be a custom sprite? or can it be implemented via something like levelasm?

Originally posted by Vitor Vilela | The mega revenge
You're free to use anything: Sprites, UberASM, Blocks, Patches, Music, Enhancement Chips, etc.

Originally posted by Vitor Vilela | The inter-dimensional battle
Here you can use whatever you want: Sprites, Blocks, Patches, Music, UberASM, Enhancement Chips, etc, etc.
i assume those are referring to the boss battle in general. i want to know about the boss itself.
idk it says 'You're free to use anything'/'Here you can use whatever you want' so why would the boss itself need to be a sprite (I'll most likely use uberasm for the whole boss myself so)
Originally posted by Erik557
at least the terrible option was the one that got removed : ^ )

Originally posted by Ladida
^ this

meme theme begone

So there were two themes where you just have to copy another boss that already exists, and one theme where you get to make something new. And the one where you get to make something new is the terrible one.

well yeah. we want to put as little effort as possible
Originally posted by Ladida
(for either theme) does the boss itself have to be a custom sprite? or can it be implemented via something like levelasm?

No, you can use anything to make your boss "sprite" form.

(for megarevenge) so the boss has to be one that's listed on that mariowiki page?

Pretty much yeah, unless if that wiki page has something missing.

(for interdimensional) you say the boss has to be from a non-mario non-platformer. what about the battle/gameplay?

How the battle/gameplay will be in SMW? You can do anything. Probably most people will adapt it to platformer.
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wait so for the revenge category do they have to copy the boss like attack for attack? I figured that because they were getting revenge the moveset and even appearance of the boss could be free reign, like the boss lost, so its changing up its strategy #w{=|}
ask me if i give a f*ck...
our challenge is to create a new boss battle based on an already known Mario boss. The battle may be harder than original, but that's all relative of course! Your challenge will be making a great battle within SNES limitations and the character you picked.

Based on that I'm pretty sure it means the battle can vary, so not exactly a 1:1 recreation of the boss.
No, you have the complete freedom to change your boss.

edit: ninja'd. The No was referring to Hobz.

edit2: actually, you can even merge two bosses together. Imagine Bowser and Bowser Jr fighting together against Mario? Or the Koopalings? So the freedom you have is much higher then can you imagine.
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Someone should do Omega Flowey.... just for the funzies.

I'm free to help an ASMer if they need it for Music Composing or Graphics Designing.
Want progress on 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Go here to see.

Just a reminder that if you haven't started your boss, then it is time to start it now. From self-experience, any decent boss takes at least 3 weeks to be completed. If you don't have GFX, do it without GFX anyway -- it's better than waiting for something that will likely don't change how the boss behave in the end aka you're just losing time.
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Oh shit, I totally misread your announcement post. I thought you meant there were only two categories vote for now, not that those were the two categories we could choose from. I didn't even know we'd started yet.
Erik557 warranted his 5% bonus for the next round, for submitting and getting his bonus game approved.
And you?
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i'd like to drop out of the contest
Alright, wait until October 18.

By the way, new award for the winners: together the six month name color and badges for the top three winners, you now have over 80 games to choose (one) between 3DS, Wii U or Steam.
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Yeah...gonna have to drop out as well. Been busy a lot the past few weeks and I don't feel like I'd have enough time to make a worthwhile entry. I mean, I could rush something if I worked on nothing but my entry all weekend and ran into no problems, but...I think it'll be better for me to drop out. Good luck to everyone else in this contest. (Oh, and don't worry, I still plan to release my bonus game to the site once I finish polishing)
Eh, sure. Why not? Kaizo hacking doesn't seem too ha-aaaaaaand I broke the ROM.
I wonder how many persons have submitted.

And how many have started/have decent progress.
Mine isn't done yet, but should be done in time.
I probably would've finished today if my editor didn't crash while it saved...
At least I had a backup so I should still finish in time.

Think I'm gonna have to drop, too. Mine is nowhere close to where I want it to be, and I won't have enough time to finish it before the deadline, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
it's what i get for trying to go way overboard on fancy stuff when i've never actually even coded a boss before

I guess shift my bonus from the first round down? Or scrap it altogether, not really sure how you want to handle that.

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