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Dead Man's Quest-Vagabond to Phantlore Island by Vamperumbra

File Name: Dead Man's Quest-Vagabond to Phantlore Island
Submitted: 09-07-2016 05:13:18 AM by Vamperumbra
Authors: Vamperumbra
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 18 exit(s)
Difficulty: Hard
Description: Avast ye black-hearted sea dogs and landlubbers! This hack I recently created entails ambrosial anecdote of pirate theme. Mario and comrades were venturing back to they're resplendent Mushroom Kingdom. When a praepotently wayward tempest overthrew they're current journey. Now stranded on mythical mysterium island inhabited by pestiferous perfidious pirates. Mario and comrades constructed diminutive tree-fort. So venerable steed Yoshi and paradisal potentate Peach begin gathering food. While Mario & Luigi venture through tropical forests, and antiquated chateau's and enrapturing beaches inquisitively. To eventually confront caliginous Captain aboard his formidable vessel called, "Bleaksoul Baroner."

NOTE: A excellentiam cheers to user: Darken for thy veracious coadjuvance, "honest help/advice." So I re-scrutinized and played through, encaptured new pellucid portraiture's unveiling changes, ex: palette's,, enclosed areas etc. I even necessitously praexfixus(fixed) the abstruse expostualtive parts, "difficult unfair parts." Thankfully was quiescent easementation to reparo all those minor misvigilant mistakes, so please benigusly re-download if downloaded already before.

This hack is much better than any of your previous works I played. Amazed by how your palettes got accetable now.

Sadly, I went more on rejection rather than acception, since this hack has many errors; it would be good if you fixed these before accepting it. Listing the major ones below:

- Not a big error, but I can stand on decorations here... it seems very weird to me. I'd set a 25 actlike, they don't look like something you can stand on.
- Kind of major cutoff here, with the trees here.
- This purple triangle makes me die as soon as I start the wallrunning. Same thing happens with the other one behind me.
- In some levels which use custom koopas gfx, score gfx gets weird (not sure if you can see the red thing, under the status bar. We have a fix for it here.
- Design issue I have here, this part is impossible to pass without being hit once. It's important that your levels can be clearable in all forms of Mario. This includes Small Mario, but this sublevel isn't the case, since, as said before, I can't pass without being hit once. How can you fix? I'd either put safe ground here, or make the Hammer Bro closer, so you can hit below him first. Needs to be revised anyways.
- Hilarious cutoff. Don't place coins over decorations.
- Weird tile priority here. It is noticeable, since this level is full of jumping koopas, and you can see the tiles of the trees going randomly under and above the koopas. Same happens with any sprite, including player.
- Another impossible part. Unless I have a cape or a flower, I can't get past this part without getting the hit. Revise this part please, maybe make the pillar shorter.
- This castle has these sections with the turnblock. The bad thing is that if you get hit, you can't break them with spin jump. This results in having to die and restarting. Bad move.
- Bad sprite placing. Look the mole in the ground, under the status bar. As you can see, the mole goes over the ceiling when coming from the ground. This is the result, the enemy is useless, since it'll always get bugged whenever Mario approaches here.
- Your overworld maps aren't bad, although some cutoff is still present. The last submap also needs extra work, since it looks pretty bad: the sky looks cutoffed, and the icebergs' surrounded water is differently coloured from the normal one. It looks very weird.
- Many things about this level:
1) As you can see, the midway point gfx is partially looking bad, since you overwrote the palette it uses.
2) The secret exit of this level wasn't too fair imo. Moreover, once you get the silver POW, you have to carry it trough half the level. It's not fun to babysit items, especially in levels like yours, where there are tough and challengy jumps to make.
3) One tile cutoff here, ahead of Mario. Can you see it?
- Many things about this section:
1) As you can see, the layer 3 palette is miscolored: the left side of it looks weird, since it uses a different palette zone of the row.
2) Design-wise, this part made me cry. It's extremly unfair: you have to watch out the layer 3 smasher, while doing tough jumps, avoiding munchers and sprites. Due to the autoscroll and the smasher, you have very tiny safe spots, and unless you abuse savestates, this part will result in a game over.
- Blank message box.
- Using layer 3 where message boxes are makes layer 3 disappear. Also holy god the grammar (even if the screen there isn't the best example; trust me, there is way worse stuff in the hack). I don't want to force you to write in English, but know that this way of writing isn't enjoyable. The average player will end up skipping everything you write. Consider using legit English.
- Many things about this level:
1) The first part has wrong camera settings. As you can see, it's too low; make it higher, since right now, I can barely see things thanks to the status bar.
2) The midway point of this level doesn't work. This is one of the biggest issues, so make sure to fix it.

That's all, I think. Make sure to fix all the mentioned issues in your next version. Your hack is small, and of course, each issue will be heavier; so having less errors possible is kinda required with such hacks.
Good luck with the update.