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2016 Kaizo Level Design Contest (Rules and Submissions) [ENDED]

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The 2016 Kaizo Level Design Contest

Here we are with another edition of the Kaizo contest. Like last time, it'll be open for a month, and the submissions must be posted in this thread. All entries must be posted in your file bin. A strong recommendation, however, is that you do not surpass 300 in-game seconds (around 4 minutes in total). There will be no collab this time.

Puzzle levels will be allowed, but if the puzzle in question is extremely complicated and/or takes an excessively long time to figure out, points will be deducted from the level design category.

1. All submissions must be in the form of an IPS/BPS patch. RAR files are not allowed. For instructions on how to create a patch, check the FAQ.
2. All entries must be possible to complete.
3. No pit levels. The reason is that only a few people know how to do most of the required tricks and glitches.
4. The entry will be instantly disqualified if is a corrupt patch, a ROM, or there is a segment that is impossible to get through.
5. All entries must be compatible with bsnes or SNES9x.
6. Your level may contain no more than 2 exits.
7. Do not lock your entry.
8. You may or may not be informed of game-breaking issues, so be sure to test your level and patch thoroughly.
9. Entries will not be downloaded until the deadline has been reached, so your link must be working at that time!

DEADLINE: All entries must be submitted by September 20th at 12:00:00 PM (EST).

There is no creativity and difficulty category as with the previous edition. This is because it's easier to differentiate whether a level is difficult or creative just by playing it; doesn't mean it shouldn't be any of them.

Creativity (30)
Did the entry display creativity? Did it display cool tricks, and put new spins on old ones, or does it contain a bunch of overused tricks and/or nothing interesting?
Level Design (40)
Was your level fun, well built or interesting? Does it have a consistent difficulty curve?
Aesthetics (10)
How does the level look like? Did it use decoration, map16 and custom palettes sparsely?

For a total of 80 points.

Graphical changes like tileset mixing are encouraged if you want full points in the aesthetical category. Even if the changes are only slight, they help to make the stage feel less cookie-cutter. ExGFX, on the other hand, is not going to be judged, and inserting an immense amount of ExGFX will likely distract from the level design.

Glitches are allowed, as long as they aren't really difficult to pull off and they are well known (i.e. "Big Mario in Small Gap" or the invisible Yoshi glitch). If you must, put in a message block explaining what glitch is supposed to be performed and/or how to do it. However, glitches that are complicated and tedious such as wall jumping/catching and corner clipping will lose you points in the level design category. These are usually frustrating and just not fun to try and do. If you have any questions about which glitches are acceptable, feel free to ask in the discussion thread.
On the other hand, if you're basically requiring the player to use frame advance for a majority of the level, then your level is a pit level and not a Kaizo level, and that will deduct points in the level design category.

Custom blocks and sprites may be used, but to a minimum. Putting in a couple custom blocks or sprites is alright, but they should not dominate your level's design. Also make sure that if you do insert them, use them in a fun way.

You can insert patches to prevent the use of already-existing glitches and/or to alter certain aspects of the game. Just be aware that some patches have the chance of causing technical issues and compatibility problems with certain emulators. They should also, again, not dominate the level design (SA-1 is fine, of course).

You may insert music into your level if you'd like, but it's not mandatory. If points are lost in the aesthetical category for something like graphical designs that are a bit off or unexciting, some of those points could be awarded back if the music choice is good, so it will only help. This won't happen though if the music is blatantly unfitting (as in, sky level music in a cave or ghost house music in grass plains); this could take away points from the aesthetical category by itself.


There will be trophies for the 1st place winner, 2nd place winner, 3rd place winner, and all other participants.





Please don't submit a level that you clearly put no effort into simply because you want the badge; you'll just be disqualified at sight.


Sadistic Designer

Remember, judges won't download the entries until the deadline has passed. You may fix/update and re-upload your entry as many times as you'd like before the deadline, but if you do, don't forget to edit your reply with the new download link.

If you have any questions or you want to discuss, feel free to post in the discussion thread. Good luck, have fun, and don't forget that you can always take a look at some of our Kaizo hacks in the SMW hacks section or the Kaizo subforum for inspiration!

Muncher Flight

- Custom Music
- Mixed GFX

Give it a shot without savestates (it is too easy otherwise).


-worldpeace: for the reset prompt and the gimmick (derivation of JUMP's motor).
-Jesus: who sent me a message which prompted this level.
-Lui37: for the music.
-ft029: for an upside down tile.

Many thanks to these gentlemen.

Fort Nambona (Download)

Custom Blocks
Custom Music
Edited GFX
Custom Palettes

I tried to make this easier than most of my Kaizo levels, but it's probably still nearly hard Kaizo.

EDIT: This new version has some slightly fixed palettes.

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first kaizo level & i don't play kaizo, but i wanted to give it a try. hopefully it's fun at least. doesn't require any glitches or kaizo tricks like key jumping / p-switch hopping. it's difficult though!

credit to sayuri for the music & vitor for the sa-1 patch.
p-switch pandemonium

custom palettes
no custom blocks
no custom sprites
no custom music (aside from re-purposing vanilla smw music)
no custom graphics (aside from tileset mixing for sprites)
no custom MAP16

an UPDATED (still over-saturated) (now slightly out-dated) video of the final version of the level
a slightly outdated video of
the final boss room,
to prove it's possible or w/e.
i replaced every other muncher with a spike to avoid it becoming cake walk after switch

this is the first kaizo level I've made so hopefully it's fun! :) i'll probably continue to update it or change things as time goes on (I had a great idea last night but I forgot it), so hold tight
umm... can i help you!?
7ubular DX

7ubular DX Fixed
(Updated to V1.3)

I honestly have no idea if this is fun or not so ???
Completely vanilla except for SA-1 + music.

also this doesn't require wall jumps or other nonsense if anyone is suspecting that
Frozen Candy


Not so good but well at least something right ?
After figuring out a really stupid issue, I can say that Mountain of FaIl 1.01 is available for download.

(1.01 fixes slowdown in a level when playing on emulators other than ZSNES)

Level ends when you find a goal sphere, it was supposed to have credits, but because of a problem I wasn't able to solve, credits don't have music (?), so I went without credits.

Kaizo Light, can be done savestateless. Heavily inspired by JUMP Kaizo levels (Pixel Perfect, blue water hell (also known as tide room in Shattered Dreams), Shell Sticker, 1F8) and A2MT Final Level.

The level may be ASM heavy (for non-important stuff like retry system), but the main gimmick is vanilla. Every sublevel is a checkpoint, also checkpoints are automatically saved (in-level saves).


  • worldpeace: title screen music (Coggon 4 - Remember Your First Challenge), intro music (Super Bomberman 5 - Where It All Began), retry system (that I modified to get rid of a dialog message), ???
  • Wakana: level theme (Touhou 10: Mountain of Faith - Autumn Fall ~ Fall of Fall)
  • Masterlink: goal room theme (Romancing SaGa 3 - Podorui)
  • ThinkOneMoreTime: heaven (The green and the blue dragon)
  • Kipernal: AddMusicK
  • Alcaro: No Overworld patch
  • Lui37: Remove Status Bar patch
  • p4plus2: One OR two players only patch, uberASM 1.1.1 (LevelASM replacement)
  • FuSoYa: Lunar Magic
  • Contributors to ROM map and RAM map

Legacy ports zip (now that those went down because Dropbox)
Patch (Video)

Author´s Comment:
Tested on ZMZ. If it doesn´t run on Snes9x or Bsnes you may try this. If there´s still any incompatibility don´t hesitate to contact me. But normally everything should work 100% fine and correct.
Also tried to build a Light Kaizo Level, but i think i failed. #thp{LOL}

Level Design 100% Vanilla - For createing a "more Kaizo-like" feeling
2 Midwaypoints (1 indirect) - Due to those 2 Midwaypoints it´s possible to beat the level savestateless (but it´s quite hard) - So I still recommend playing this with savestates.
Increaseing difficulty curve - the more you progress, the harder the level is. But it won´t become Pit-like. It stays between Light and Normal Kaizo I´d say.
SA-1 - reduceing slowdown
Custom Music - Createing a nice atmosphere

Vitor Vilela - Sa1
Kipernal - AddmuscK
worldpeace & Wakana - used Music
FuSoYa - Lunar Magic
Katerpie, GBreezeSunset, ft029, Sadistic Designer - controlling this year´s KLDC

Frozen Cavern

I originally planned on making this a savestateless level, but I practically gave up on that towards the end, so you might wanna have them savestates ready. Also, sorry TheAbusefreakhacker0 if the name of my level is very similar to yours. That was a total coincidence.
Formerly known as nick 139
My YouTube channel
Cherry Blossom

Author's comment:
Tested on Snes9x. This is my 1st kaizo level. Recomended to use savestates. There are no midway points or coins. I couldn't find Phantom Ensemble, so it just uses vanilla music.

- Custom Palettes
- Pink Yoshi (green yoshi recolor)
- Mixed GFX (Forest trees and grassland ground with Yoshi's Island 3 BG)
- Berries reskinned to cherries (but you can't eat them)
- Map16 (for some tiles)
- ExGFX (for the sideways munchers)

Edit: Here's a video (took 3 hours to upload it).

Let's Climb the Mountain!

A short little 2-exit level (about 270 in-game-seconds assuming you do every trick on the first try, but typically 310 I'd assume) named "Traversing Mt. Dig", with some intentionally left in breaks just for anyone who wants to try speed running or anything like that.

If anyone wants credits (or for me to post them here), then PM me, because I don't think I'm required to give them here.
Yay, I did something \o/
Note to self, stop turning everything I participate in into a 24h contest for myself.

Edit: I doubt I need to state it but when doing a short jump on a dolphin, you can glitch through them.
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