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[REJECTED] Classic Mario World 3: The Finale by bandicoot
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The final hack of the trilogy. This, just like the previous one, sit for moderation more than once, so I played this multiple times. If you played the second one, you'll see how similar it is to this one.

What are the changes from the second one? You can notice the new technology from a first look: a new hud, different gimmicks, more hdma, asm, and so on. It's nice to see and all; again, the work with the vanilla tiles, combined with a few other gfx additions, make this hack visually pleasant. Is this that good on the other factors as well? From my point, the answer is no.
When I started this post, I said that this hack "is similar to the previous one". This is addressed to the way of designing of the author mainly: even with the new mechanics, gimmicks, which could have so many applications in design, the levels still feel like they're unnecessarily long: it's like you keep going, hoping for new arrangements of the obstacles/gimmick used, only to find out that there aren't too many. There are many levels which use a certain FG arrangement more than once; this can be okay only if you do it once or twice maybe. But when I see the same type of section over and over again, everything looks so repetitive that kills all the fun.
I'll obviously not spoil you how fun late levels are: you see, the difficulty is handled well in the hack, and the late levels are really challengy. Imagine how fun it will be to die in a certain point, and having to redo 0F screens of funny enemy placements.

I feel like I just made a copy of the review made by the previous version. Both have the same issue: they pretend to keep up a level made with nothing more than repetitive and copypasted sections. It's sad though; everything else is good. I mentioned the aesthetic, which is neatly made. There are also some small issues with it, like HDMA disappearing on message boxes, or what some people pointed out in comments when taking powerups or taking a hit outside of the viewable screen.
I'm sadly going with another rejection. Again, don't take me wrong: the hack is good; its rating proves it. But from my point, it's not that good to deserve a feature.

What do you think instead? Write up a review and do tell me!

Deadline: October 16th
Yeah I'm gonna agree with you again. One of the reasons, the new features feel a bit too much.
I can definitely say this is somewhat of an improvement over its predecessor, yet while that may be the case, it's still far from what it could be.

First and foremost, I can safely say, the hack is presented much better than before; it's presented quite well I'd even say. You have proper cutscenes (they could use some more life but whatever), HDMAs, ASM, and generally some well thought out details such as how the music changes between each world, despite sharing the same submap. Unlike before, I definitely feel like the author had more fun designing this one.

That said, there are numerous issues throughout, many which have carried over from the last hack.

Once again, the hack is plagued with empty sections that provide little to no challenge for the player such as this, this, this and this just to name a few examples and while this may not be nearly as prominent in this hack, it's still an issue that should be addressed While level design is a bit better this time around, and I can see that the author has attempted to make the level design less linear, I still feel that a lot of the time I am uninterested in what I am playing. The first half of Spiny Riverside was pretty good I daresay; however it lost it for me when the lakitu section came, and the the player just has to sprint with little to know opposition. This lakitu is not a threat; it's a joke. Even in world 1, it should be a bit more menacing.

this isn't my idea of fun lol

Once again, it could do with some more polishing here and there. Mainly for me, it's little graphical quirks that bug me a little, such as how this note block does not have a bounce sprite or how hitting this message block makes the HDMA vanish. I can excuse instances like this though; we all make mistakes. There was another case, I dunno if it's just me, but in the Lemmy Koopa fight, I found it very odd how you couldn't jump on him, yet you could stand on his balls (ouch) and throw them at him. This seemed inconsistent with the other bosses, but oh well.

Something the author definitely improved upon was the graphics, which is saying something, because I feel they were pretty decently done in the predecessor. I actually found this hack very pleasant to look at for the most part, especially with the inclusion of HDMAs this time around. Once again, they worked mostly with vanilla assets, with ExGFX put in there when necessary. That said, there were still some bad choices here and there - firstly, don't even bother using DKC graphics with SMW's graphics. It really felt odd when they were just thrown in there from nowhere. Along with that, sometimes, backgrounds like this and this were badly chosen, mainly because of their palettes. Although I'm not stupid, it can still be confusing sometimes.

The music was also well chosen once again, with a few exceptions (airship) and I feel it was better than last time. Some nicely done ports were in there, along with many songs I recognised and enjoyed.


But that's that; in conclusion, I'd say the improvement is definitely there, but it's still not the best hack to represent this community. Once again, I'll have to give this a rejection, but hey! It's getting there.
The hack is rejected from feature.
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Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - Forum Graveyard - Featured Hacks - [REJECTED] Classic Mario World 3: The Finale by bandicoot

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