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Tip: Avoid making large, flat, boring stretches of land. Vary up the architecture and spritework in your levels.
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Plextona (action/RPG overhead game)
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Does this have SMB2 screen scrolling? Nice! Hope this game becomes a thing some day.
I have a Discord server as well!


Basically, I believe in peace and bashing two bricks together.
This is looking really innovative! Keep going with it!
As for the sprites that disappear I have no idea. Perhaps it's due to how smw is limited when spawning sprites in groups? Have you considered switching to a SA-1 rom and see if you get the same issue?
how did you get the level to be expanded, rather than smw's horizontal and vertical level format?

Give thanks to RPG hacker for working on Asar.
Originally posted by GreenHammerBro
how did you get the level to be expanded, rather than smw's horizontal and vertical level format?

The level is actually not expanded. Here is the lunar magic screen shot.

I am able to fit two rooms vertically and many rooms horizontally in a horizontal level.

Also I have sprites that seem to disappear when I go from right to left in the rooms. Going left to right doesn't seem to have this issue. Im using the 1 screen at a time scrolling level asm code by the biob.
I made a patch called sprite scroll fix in the patch section that can fix this, the reason behind his is because the "spawn line" to be on the left or right side of the screen depends on the player character's position in the static scroll area (the range in which the screen does not scroll left or right), rather than the direction the screen scrolls. $55/$56 controllers that line position.

Give thanks to RPG hacker for working on Asar.
im guessing this is it.
okay i found the patch and it looks like it fixes it. i dont believe that such a random patch even exists.

but the screen scrolling gates is similar to my 1 screen at a time thing so i can see the similarity.

also the up only 1 way blocks that ghb coded seem to not work with my character. i might try the other one way blocks to see if those work.
turning smw into 2d zelda

how do i subscribe to a thread here, if SomethingAwful has it so should we wtf

This is really cool like dam


I sent some more information to the pixel guy that is also working on the game. I would like to be able to draw stuff myself, but pixel art is kind of hard for me. Maybe I might try if it comes down to it.

Anyway this is a drawing that I sent the pixel guy. I also wrote down in detail some of the things more specifically.

I requested some wall torches and water tiles that are animated.

Then I started drawing out maps of what the levels could look like. I can do the regular 4 way door maps and just have the character walk around, but I thought I would try other types of layouts that are more dynamic.

For example these curvy layouts could be like a cave or something.

Normally you wouldn't think that you can do much with 2 rooms vertical and N rooms horizontal, but actually you can.

I am also wanting to try out vertical rooms too. They would be 2 rooms horizontally and N rooms vertically.

When you combine some stairs that warp you to other levels you can create a pretty convincing illusion that the game is bigger than what it really is and the limitations of smw aren't really noticeable.

This game is going to be awesome!
Here is the link to the demo that I have available.

I'm offering this demo so everyone can get a feel for what the game will be like. There is only a test level so far, but I hope to get some real levels going in the future.

I'm open to suggestions and feedback. I also might need some help coding things that I need. For example a death animation for the character.

Also currently the weapon is a sprite and to limit the spam of player projectiles there is a cap on the sprites at the moment. But this doesn't solve the problem since if there are several enemies on the screen then the player can't shoot anymore projectiles. So I need to find a work around for that.

Special thanks goes to thebiob for the screen scrolling and the main character code.

I haven't seen anyone here do an overhead game like this, so I want to see if I can make something really interesting.
I still haven't played the demo, but I like the looks of this. I also liked that you decided to change the GFX style for the game, and they look consistent. Kudos to the artist.

One workaround for sprite limitations would be to make projectiles extended sprites instead of regular-type sprites. I have never coded one, but I believe it should be simple to do. Alternatively, one could hijack Mario's fireball code to make it move straightforward in a certain direction depending on where the player is facing at.

Can't wait to see more. And as said several months ago, I'm willing to assist in ASM related stuff if you wish, and if I'm able to.

Yes there is some asm stuff that I really need.

For example.

- I need a death animation (player spirals around and then falls down)

- If your bullets collide with themselves they kill each other. Sometimes you can shoot so fast that you cancel out your own shots. This is problematic sometimes because it stops your own shot of your weapon.

Also I got some new graphics drawn and will put them into the game soon.
Here is a sketch for a dungeon layout.

If I add in stairs and other features to make the layouts not look so flat then I can really bring this game to life.

Also someone PM me and give me ASM lessons.

Like seriously, I need this programming skill if I want to be a good hacker and I current don't really have it. I need to be forced to learn it. So someone seriously force this skill upon me.

If I can learn it and be skilled in it then I can accomplish a lot more and I won't have to ask for help as much.
Here is another dungeon design layout. Nothing is finalized yet, but sometimes it helps just having a base plan to design around.

I will be sitting down sometime in the future though to study games like Zelda 3's dungeon design to see if I can't take mimic that in my own designs.

Since I'm limited to doing things horizontal and vertical with limited room width or height. I want to have stairs and such around which use teleport blocks to warp the player to other locations in the same dungeon.

So for instance lets say that you start out in a horizontal level, but then I have a stair set which warps you to a vertical level. If I use those concepts together and try and make them seamless then you might never feel as if the dungeons were limited vertically or horizontally as they actually are in the LM editor.

That reminds me, I need to check if I can get my concept to even work in a vertical level. I believe that the one screen at a time scrolling that I'm using doesn't work in a vertical level, however I'm going to try and use this:

combined with the megaman scroll gates

If both of these work together in vertical levels then I'm set and again this would be because the code I'm currently using doesn't work for vertical levels. So I will be using different code for the different level types.
I have new graphics and such for an update, but i just am posting this link here to remind myself about this resource.

i want to put in pegswitches like you see in zelda games in my game. the invisible sprite can do just this!!!!

more updates to come.
Here is my C3 thread. I'm linking it here so I can use it for my own reference later.
Okay so this isn't dead believe it or not.

So my friend just encouraged me to work on this project. However I've been flip flopping back and forth between an Atari 2600 style game like this or an more of an 8 bit looking game.

Well, what I will probably do at least right now is make the Atari 2600 version. The goal is to possibly get it done by the mid summer.

- It will probably have no music (unless someone wants to make some tracks just for the game)

- It will probably have very simple graphics. The main character will just be a square. lol

- I will focus on level design and game play.

- I will try and make it a good game, but it will be pretty simplistic.

Wish me luck.
Having skimmed your thread, this is looking pretty impressive so far! There don't seem to be a lot of finalized visuals yet, but if nothing else, your dedication and the amount of planning you're doing are really admirable. Best of luck finishing this project!


Okay I think I have an idea for what I'm going to do.

There are two visions that I have for this hack.

1 is the ninja idea that I have shown

2 is the atari 2600 style hack

What I think I'm going to work on is the Atari 2600 style hack. The game will have primitive graphics basically because I might have to draw stuff myself. And strangely the game will have no direct goal. It will be more based on exploring and interacting with the environment or level. It's going to be one of those games where if some people play it they will say WTF and not understand it.

So it will be like...

- No enemies to kill
- No enemies trying to kill the player
- No goal to achieve
- No music
- The focus is about exploring and interacting
Okay so I have some big project ideas, and I still have plans for some of these btw, however one thing that has been holding me back a lot is ASM knowledge.

Recently a very special user here decided to give me a few ASM lessons and its paying off.

I took some block code and was able to throw in any other code that I wanted to while touching the block. So I just went to the RAM section and played around with certain addresses. The results were outstanding!

This is something that I really hadn't done before, just played around with code all day. I really think that this is what you need to do if you want to really learn SMW ASM.

So here is a video of me just trying stuff.

I created:

- A block that resets the game, albeit probably not the official way to do it though

- A conveyor belt block

- Some glitchy blocks

- Background fader block

- and more

It was a fun experience. I hope that I can one day contribuite actual blocks and sprites and level asm code here!!!

I'm the kind of guy who has lots of great ideas, but just lack the ASM know how.
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Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - Plextona (action/RPG overhead game)

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