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Super Gracie World
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Yup, those are reset doors so you don't have to suicide because of a platform or shell disappearing. Makes it less tedious. One problem is the reset function doesn't reset on/off status, but that really only affects one jump in the second half (makes it easier).
And yeah I like the "double shell" jump as well, it's satisfying to pull off.
Thanks guys.

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Pretty Sweet full level
Been busy working and making my vldcx level, but here's a video of the completed level I previewed before. It's pretty darn tough, but one of my favorite levels in SGW, it will be in the last world.

Also I really don't have the time, skill, or desire to make a good looking overworld, so it will probably be plain and boring. :/

I'll continue work on this hack when I'm done with the vldcx level.

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I like this level and how there's apparently a lot going on~
Any purpose for the question blocks though?

You jump there anyways, I think it's fun to go for the double block hit :p that's all.

I like your cat camo background :3

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The rex jumping part in the middle is great!! Yeah, I've never seen the need for ? blocks in Kaizo hacks unless they're invisible, but they don't harm the design so why not?
Thanks gbreeze (late af respose lol)

Anyways, it's been a while since I worked on this but I will be coming back soon, work has been very demanding lately, but I should be working much less coming up soon.

I had a question about a boss fight I was trying to make but gave up on. I wanted to have a big boo fight with smashing layer 2, but when I tried it, mario's sprite turned invisible. Is there some setting or something I could change to fix this?

I hope to make some mad progress in the next month or so because I really want to release it!

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Have you tried setting the sprite memory to 09? That's usually the one used for literally all big boo boss fights.

Good to know, I'll try that out, thanks.

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Actually it's a really creative boss fight with smashing Layer 2.
#QLM #QueerLivesMatter
Thanks dude!

Also, I wanted something pretty easy for the first level, so this is what I came up with last night. I think I could use the (worldpeace inspired) idea for the last jump to make a pretty cool level for another hack.

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The big boo boss battle doesn't look bad in the slighest.
Your latest level isn't bad either. I just felt it was pretty short and that you could've expanded it more, but that's not a problem nonetheless!

that falling rex is epic.

I kind of want that shell to bounce back and kill the mole if you stand on it for too long, but lol

Also, personally that bullet shooter looks really weird to me. Just make them stacked, no big deal. Maybe others have a different opinion about that aesthetic
Thanks katerpie, I'm glad it wasn't terrible. As for the length, I'm trying to keep the levels in this hack pretty short, hopefully to make it more accessible. Also this is the first level and I want newbies to feel like they have a chance and finishing the game.

I'm planning to make a more difficult hack after this, with longer levels, more gimmicks, more powerups, more yoshi, possibly with the platforms patch.

FT, yeah the Rex is my favorite part of the level :)
And you are probably right about the launcher, I'll fix it.

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So, I've got all the levels basically done. I've planned out level order, and I have the first of three submaps totally finished. The second map is planned out. And the special world map will be super easy to do. After that I need to go through and make sure everything works correctly, make the intro/save select screen, and other little things. Once I'm done I will probably ask on the discord for some beta testers.
It's been hard to find the time and motivation lately, especially with the nice weather and kldc distracting me. But, I'm so close at this point, it's enough to keep me motivated.

Also, does anyone have tips on special events, like activating/customizing cutscenes and end credits?

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Do what you want for the credits, I guess. Maybe pick good custom music to go along with it.
Do whatever you want for the credits and cutscenes.

There are some fonts over the graphics section that could be good to customize your cutscene, depending on what you're planning to do with it. Maybe just go for a simpler cutscene.

I'll help beta test (if you want) and make the words collectable like coins! always makes it more entertaining. For banzai 2 I was planning on making a credits level and everyone's name is a collectable coin, and there's a timer going so you can try and get the best time getting all the names.
I guess what I meant was how do you activate the credits after a level? Or post castle cutscene? For the castles I'm probably just going to write something funny to read as mario stomps it into dust or paints it into nothing.

I was just planning on having relatively simple credits, but Gbreeze, do you mean like in banzai world credits level? If you want to help with that it might be a fun way to finish off the game, If it's not too much work. Also I would love to have you do some beta testing when the time comes. FT and Katerpie I would hope for your help as well. I definitely trust what all three of you have to say.

I just started my work week, but I will finish up the overworld over the weekend, and start patching everything else up after that. My goal is to have a rough beta ready in like a month but don't quote me on that :p

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Credits activate after finishing level 10E, I think. If you want some help with the credits, you can tell about it.
#QLM #QueerLivesMatter
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