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Super Gracie World
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triple post
looks like I will have to wait until next week to officially submit it. I'm gonna be really busy this weekend (going to Oregon to see the solar eclipse :O ). Also I want to give people more time to test it.

I'm sorry for perpetually dangling that carrot, but I'm sure you all understand how these things go #wario{^_^}

Also I just want to give a quick shoutout to everyone who has taken the time to play through or watch videos and give me advice to make this hack suck less. It would be a steaming pile of garbage without you all.

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Well, I decided to submit it.
Thanks again to everyone who helped out! If I find out anything is terribly broken, I might update it, but otherwise, this is it. I'm pretty done with the hack at this point, and it's time to move on to something else. But for now I will enjoy not having anything on my plate.



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I think I can help you out with finding a few flaws in the final version of your hack and you may update your hack afterwards. The flaws will be posted either in this thread or via PM.
I have a Discord server as well!
I didn´t pay much attention to this hack until i played your submission, but this definitely deserves attention. The level design is overall decent and the hack varies its gimmicks and comes up with creatives obstacles.

However there are some minor flaws I´d like to mention:

1.) The first one is that you maybe want to try to work on your text-palette on your title screen. The way it is coloured currently it´s quite hard to read.

2.) You can stand on these "pointing to the left signs". I don´t know if this is intended, but i think it would be better / more logical if they weren´t solid.

3.) Once i beat "All cats go 2 Hvn" a level point appears on the map (see the bottom half). From what i´ve tried i canot enter this level, so i guess this is a leftover event from a "previous version" which you didn´t delete.

4.) Custom palette and vanilla mix:
This is no real flaw, but i noticed that some levels have quite well looking custom palettes whereas others are completely vanilla. I don´t know the purpose of that, but if you update your hack, maybe you want to give every Level a custom palette. Of course these shouldn´t be eye-searing, but if you can manage to create palettes of your current standard I´m sure the other levels will look decent as well #tb{:p}

5.) Difficulty spikes:
This hack is a well made kaizo-light hack, but some levels or some parts of a level sometimes have a high difficulty peak compared to the others. The first Level that comes to my mind here is "Bill Kaizo". I had way more problems to clear this one than any other level. Perhaps you want to replay your hack yourself again and note down where you die more frequently compared to other parts. Parts which are exceptionally difficult for you - the auther who knows how every part was planned - may be really hard to pass for players which don´t know the inteded way to pass them.

Apart from these few and quite minor things this is a really good and well made hack overall. You didn´t fail to create a hack similar to your inspirations in regards of difficulty, level-design and creativity #smw{:TUP:}

Wow, thanks I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

1. Yea, idk why that happened, and I couldn't figure out how to fix it.

2 & 3. Lol oops

4. I pretty much only made custom pallettes for the levels in special world, since they are special and all.

5. Yeah, I agree the ending of bill kaizo is a little difficult or hard to figure out, but it's really fun and satisfying when you get it. I didn't want to take that part out. But yeah I see what you mean.

It's awesome to hear good things about it, I spent a lot of time working on this :)

Edit: also I'm kind of done working on this unless there's something major that needs to be fixed :p

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Regarding issue 1:

Open Lunar Magic --> go to Level C7 (your intro-screen Level) --> Open "Palette Editor" (#lm{pal}) --> Check: "Enable custom palette for this level (will be saved with level)" --> The following screenshot shows, what you have to change (don't forget to save your changes, when you're done):

As the screenshot shows there are 2 palettes, that are used for the Letters. The (in the screenshot) green coloured one is for the letters' fringe and the (in the screenshot) yellow coloured one is the basic colour of the letters. If you change these 2, this will affect the colours how the "Player Select, etc."-Font in the title-screen are displayed.

These 2 colours may also be used by your background! So if you change these two colours and your Background uses palette-row 1, it will be affected as well! You have to give your background a "custom palette" first, before you change this.
1 method how to do this would basicially be:
Open Map16-Editor (#lm{16x}) --> copy the Background's map-16-page to an other, empty page --> select all the tiles and change the palettes it uses to something between 0-7 except 1 --> open the "Background Layer 2 Editor" --> Then you have to "re-create / re-build" the enitre background with your custom-paletted tiles by selecting them in your Map16-Window and placing them in the Background-Editor piece by piece --> Save changes when you're done!

Yes this is a lot of work, but it offers several new possibilities how to colour your intro screen. You have to ponder yourself if all this work is worth it. Having a custom coloured title-screen and "well-to-read" letters is nice, but it may take some time, to do all these changes.

Lol, thanks, yeah that seems a little complicated, but if I ever update this I might add that in as well.

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I submitted a 1.1 to fix a couple tight spots in all cats, and added some coin markers to make things less confusing in bill kaizo and note your speed.

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I played the last version of your hack and enjoyed it! There are some extremely creative ideas and I like the way how they were executed. There are no water nor autoscrolling levels so you can have a rest with them as they feel kinda slow. Although there are still a few issues:

1) Letters in the title screen after pressing a button are still unfixed. Read Sariel's last post in this thread in order to know how to fix them.

2) It would be better if there was a midway point in the second section. It's annoying that you have to start the entire level again when you die in the second part as you have to spend more time on beating this level.

3) The door is redundant. I understand it's an easy kaizo hack, but you can die and start the level again if you fail.

4) In the same level you don't have to touch the invisible block in order to get past. My solution is to move the muncher two tiles over the rightmost block one tile down.

EDIT: Two issues have already been fixed but this post has been made before I played version 1.2 for the first time. Thus the issue list has been fixed!
I have a Discord server as well!
Thank you.

I have already submitted the final version 1.2, and these issues are small enough I'm not gonna update again and make Sariel play through another time #smw{-_-;}

I appreciate the feedback though!

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There's one more issue, but I forgot about it.

Apparently here are some goal sphere graphical issues.

If you don't know what to do with them, you should strict with my steps then. First, copy the boss GFX file to the ExGFX folder, rename it to ExGFXxx.bin (the last x's represent digits of a free number) and copy-paste the goal orb graphics to the ExGFX file in the place of the glitched GFX. I'm assuming you're aware what to do next.

You don't have to fix your hack with the issues mentioned by me, but you'll know about it if you want to do sth like that in the future.
I have a Discord server as well!
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