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Legend of the Rift - Updated with C3 post
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It doesn't have any grammatical errors, so it is pretty good. You need to spice it up more though. Use more lucrative font and a nice background to go with it.

I was planning on putting in a background sooner or later...but this is what I'll have for now. At least until the second demo.

I'm planning on making the background look like the scroll that was in a previous screenshot.
I have yet to show a video of any sort here, so I thought I would make a short one that showcases some of the newer features.

<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>

This video shows:

-New info block
-Level 1: The Beginning

Problems that I know of:

-A "thud" when the B button is pressed. I don't know why...I don't have the teleport block set as a solid block>.>

-Lack of sprites. This is the first level, but I haven't put in sprites yet, since I'm still changing a few things around.

-Music in the second cutscene. Don't know why it's there...I set it to No MusicO_o

Note that this is NOT the whole level. There is an alternate route (I take the bottom in the video) that leads to another area. There is also a pipe that leads to an area up above where you must find the trampoline to progress. It's not made yet, and the trampoline is already there for testing purposes.

Comments are always appreciated:)
It's a good video in general. I'm never fond of designing the level layout before putting in the sprites, because it may reduce the possibility of using sprites as something other than just random obstacles, but it looks like you're pulling it off well. I'd still advise making the sprites and objects at the same time, though. The graphic use is looking very nice, and the flow of the level design fits it well as well.

There's a few flaws, however. I'll point them out. These ones are really just my opinion, but I'll throw them out there anyway...

•"The Beginning" just doesn't seem like a proper level name to me. I mean, we know it's the beginning.
•Also, the name "Raymond" just...isn't...epic enough. Maybe epic isn't the right word, but I can't seem to find something better. It just doesn't seem in my eyes to flow along with the concept and tone of the game. Maybe a name that reflects who this character is would fit better.

These are pretty much actual flaws.

•Continuing from above, who exactly is this guy? In the same vein, the opening cinema doesn't seem descriptive enough; an actual multi-frame opening cutscene would work better. These things need a bit of a better explanation.
•The sprite thing I mentioned above. It looks like you're doing it well, but my advice is there anyway.

I'm sorry if this sounds a bit harsh; I'm not intending it that way. I just think doing these things would improve the hack on the whole and make it a better experience. The level design itself is looking fantastic.

Also, if you set the music to "No Music" in the music bypass setting, it's only no music if you enter from the overworld-it just continues the music that was in the previous area. Use Track 1E rather than 0; it'll cancel the music.
Thanks a lot Reading for that very descriptive post!

I'll start off by saying a little bit about Raymond. First, he is supposed to be shrouded in mystery. His actual identity won't be revealed until Mario reaches the end of his quest. Throughout the game, there are hints on who this informer is, but it won't be directly stated until the end. With that said, I suppose I could add a little bit more to the opening scene. It is currently stated that Raymond is going to remain behind the scenes, so your not supposed to know his true identity.

Now, I'll definitely fix the other problems you have pointed out, thanks a lot:D
Ok everyone, time for an update!

I have a new level to show today. It's currently called "The Tower," but that is subject to change. Basically, it's a tower that leads to a sky world.

From the overworld, the tower is on a mountain. Don't fall!'s pretty tall! Let's go inside...

It's a vertical castle-esque level!

Climb chandeliers to reach higher levels.

Watch out for Balls and Chains as you climb the shafts!

The door has been sealed off due to debris! What now? seems that Mario can fit through that window...

Ahh! You can alternate from inside to outside by using windows!

Spin jump on Thwomps to reach platforms.

This might not end well...

Another window! Where does this one lead...?

(You'll have to find out for yourself in the demo!)

In order to make an easy escape, you can simply jump off the tower!

You'll land safely on the level below.

So that's it for this level! What lies beyond the second window is pretty special...and introduces another element into the game.

Onto other news, I have changed the supporting character's name from Raymond to Isaac. (Thanks Reading for the help on this!)

Also, I'm very near a demo release. Broozer is currently creating some neat ExGFX that I need for an area in Level 1. Once he finishes, I'll put together the last area!

Comments/suggestions are always appreciated:D
Sweet! I love the Indoor/outdoor tower idea, I'm sure that level is going to be fun to play! Overall the hack looks great. Isaac FTW!

Creator of:
Super Mario: Buried Treasure
The Haunt
Jigsaw's Test
I absolutely agree with Kc, very nice level! It's kind of creative and it also reminds me a bit of this hack.

Your hack is pretty nice, I have to say that I definitely loved the Tower level. Now I ask myself why didn't I have this idea before... keep it up Foursword, this looks really nice so far! :)
That level looks creative dude!I like how you have to climb chandeliers too.Try making that window a little bit higher and put a brown ledge under it that behaves like tile "103" like the cloud tile.Other than that,this is looking good,keep up the good work!

^Link to my forums. :D
Thanks you guys! I really put a lot into my work, and I'm glad you all like it!

@Kc: I've discussed a little bit more on how this level will function with you before, so you know whats coming:P Anyways, allowing the player to fall down and reapper on the level below adds some interesting elements that should keep this level interesting.

@Broozer: Thanks for the comments! I try to add some interesting gimmicks into most of the levels, instead of a simple side-scrolling area.

@smfan: you mean something like a window sill? I'll try that out. I think the outside windows are fine, but the inside probably should have something underneath them, huh?
Me wanna betatest too!

I have boredom... Guests?!? Now I have... FURY!

Awesome Face is awesome.

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I currently have three beta testers. I don't seem to need anymore unless one drops out.
Originally posted by Daboys121
Use more lucrative font and a nice background to go with it.

A font that'll make more money...? o_O

This is not the most major of things, but maybe you could make some kind of minor decorative nonfunctional bits for the tower walls? Cracked bricks or a little decorative ridge across the whole thing every so often or something. Because that is a vast expanse of tiny identical bricks. o_o Kind of visually monotonous.
Also, it's spelled "jeopardize".
Anyway, looking pretty cool! There's nothing that says the name "Raymond" is incompatible with mysteriousness and whatnot. XD Perfectly good name.
It'll be a little hard to make some kind of non-functional detail for the tower wall. It's should be something i can draw up, but I'm running out of space in YY-CHR. I already had to delete a few tiles in order to make both windows. I'll see if there is something else I won't use.

Also, I changed the name from Raymond to Isaac:P

Thanks for the comment:D
Aaah, sorry. Kinda tired, I miss bits of posts. =P Anyway, Isaac is a perfectly good name too. I just didn't see anything wrong with Raymond. XD
Will Isaac cast mother gaia in the story.>.>
Here is a small update to an older level of mine.

This is the true beginning to the first castle. I decided to create this portion because the castle inside is pretty short, so I thought I would make something a little interesting. There are quite a few secrets here too.

I already posted some screens of the graphics shown here in the screenshot thread, but I would still love any comments and/or suggestions.

Also, the info box gives a hint on how to progress through the next area, since some people commented that it's not obvious what they're supposed to do.
Teh Woot!

I love the outdoor part, (from testing) it was a perfect difficulty to open up to the next part, also, your gfx are sweet :D

I forgot to mention, the message from the message block looks a little strange, I think it would look better if you centered the text, either that or add more info.

Creator of:
Super Mario: Buried Treasure
The Haunt
Jigsaw's Test
I agree with Kc, the message of the message box is a bit empty... centering the text would make it look better.

The castle level looks very well-designed, good job on it Foursword! The level design of it looks pretty unlinear and nice. Here goes a small suggestion: How about turning the sky palette to orange, dark purple, dark blue or black? I think it would fit more with a castle level if you did it. Just a suggestion though.
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