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Who are your best friends on SMW Central?

Who are your best friends here on SMW Central?

My top best friend would be Captain Savage, tho I'm also decent friends with Eevee and Najeraldo.
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I can easily consider people my friends.
I just don't know if they consider me a friend.

edit: I tend to consider anyone who interacts with me enough a friend


These are the ones I can say are the most notable, but it's a growing list, I'm pretty sure as I use the forums more and more I will make more friends.
Kaisaan Squidiqqui
Super Stiviboy
Russian Man

I'm gonna add more.
Sonikku. Forever and always.
gbreeze probably
Looks like i don't have friends
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They've all left.

I guess I could consider Gamma V and FL4SHK friends, though, and maybe Skewer too.


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Definitely not Prizm, Samario, Falconpunch, Impetus, BMM, Zekrom PKstarship, Giga, and ESPECIALLY not TRS aka Noivern aka XxMAPER_PARIO64xX.

just like irl, i only really have acquaintances. no one i can really sit down and have a long chat with about some shared topic... though its mostly my fault im in this position
I feel like most of my friendships on here are one-sided tbh

I genuinely wonder if everyone thinks I'm just a creepyass stalker

I feel you.

Probably my best two-sided friendship on here is with Sayuri.

Azunyan >>>>>>>>>>>>>> all other waifus on this site

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Do "friends with benefits" count as best friends, too? #wario{;)}
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Let me check:
I think i like everyone who isn't rude like leod or qwoll or Niiiiiko vor probably everyone.
Wubba lubba dub dub.
i dont have friends

... On SMWCentral

EDIT: I have talked to nathanrayman1998 a few times, but that was a while ago, and being the only user on this site I actually had a semi-conversation with
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And, uh, I think that's all, I think there might be more, but IDK.
Originally posted by Niiiiiiiiiiko
Originally posted by ThePat545
I feel like most of my friendships on here are one-sided tbh

I genuinely wonder if everyone thinks I'm just a creepyass stalker

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at most, Giga
but otherwise most of you are okay
except kaisaan
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