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The First Mad Scientist ASM Contest - Final Round Voting

Link Thread Closed
Final Round Voting
Finally, it's time for round voting!!! Time to see what these mad scientists did with the bonus games!

Get the YouTube playlist here (Direct link)
Download the patches here

How to vote

The voting system is pretty much like Idol. Use this following format:

#1: Entry name: reason/comments (not required, but preferred)
#2: Entry name: reason/comments
#3: Entry name: reason/comments
#4: Entry name: reason/comments
#5: Entry name: reason/comments
#6: Entry name: reason/comments
#7: Entry name: reason/comments
#8: Entry name: reason/comments
#9: Entry name: reason/comments
#10: Entry name: reason/comments
#11: Entry name: reason/comments
#12: Entry name: reason/comments
#13: Entry name: reason/comments
#14: Entry name: reason/comments
#15: Entry name: reason/comments
#16: Entry name: reason/comments

Reason/comments are not required, but appreciated.

Plot twist: You don't need to vote every single submission, but the more submissions you vote, the more weight your votes will have! The formula is pretty simple: The first place will get 2n-2 points, where n is the amount of entries you voted. The second place gets 2n-4, third gets 2n-6, etc. And the last place will always get zero points.

Of course you can edit your votes late and change the amount of entries voted. The voting counting period will start soon as the voting period is over. (duh!)

This round is gonna eliminate two people.

Note that you must put your votes in this thread only and use the discussion thread to discuss about the entries. It will make my counting job much easier!

The voting period will end in 168 HOURS (1 week) from this post so make your timer!

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ThePat545 has been eliminated for submitting a joke submission breaking all rules. Get it here. You can vote normally in this round too.

That's all I guess. It is time for show!
Rated them on how fun I thought they appeared:

#1: Lakitu: congrats you made me actually like the sonic 1 special stage gj
#2: Spikey
#3: Jester
#4: Snifit
#5: Ninja
#6: Belome
#7: Croco
#8: Booster
#9: Boomer
#10: Dodo
#11: Troopa
#12: Terrapin
#13: Axem
#14: Shadow
#15: Birdo
#16: Pulsar: i've played bejeweled and pokemon shuffle and i had no idea wtf was going on

#1: ThePat545 Lakitu (anything that spins 360 degrees makes my dick do the same thing too)
#2: Spikey (HOLY SHIT)
#3: Ninja (i always loved this minigame in the original Sonic 3)
#4: Boomer
#5: Croco
#6: Jester
#7: Shadow (For the pro's)
#8: Troopa (yay, a crane game!)
#1 Spikey
9.5/10 Amazing idea, really REALLY polished. Something I'd almost expect in Kirby or something.
Good Mario Party material tbh

#2 Booster
9/10 Kind of weird presentation here, but the thing itself looks very easy for people to make unique variations with and it's super clear how it works from the start. Some other rewards and other pinbally stuff might've been nice.
e: Nevermind, the "fixed" video basically fixed everything negative I asked for, like the actual levels that make sense and the bouncy blocks ("pinball stuff"). Nice!

#3 Troopa
8.5/10 It's so simple and Nintendo already did it, but it's executed excellently and actually making the bonus game items a collectible in levels is a really, really neat touch.

#4 Birdo
8/10 Super simple, super Yoshi's Islandy, good rewards and g a m b l i n g r i s k.

#5 Terrapin
8/10 This is something I'd actually expect in a Mario game, Nintendo loves this kind of shit.
Made really well and not too easy, which I was afraid it would be before seeing the Shells go fucking crazy.

#6 Belome
7/10 Very basic concept, all the instructions are kind of confusing but it fits SMW very much and looks fun!
Would make for a great Mario Party game as well.

#7 Snifit
7/10 It's silly, but made well. DDR is just a fun concept by default, so this couldn't do much wrong.

#8 Jester
7/10 The sound is annoying, but the idea is nice and executed pretty well. Don't know why, but this one specifically struck me as kind of unfitting for SMW.

#9 Shadow
7/10 Looks like fun and the objective is really clear due to it being what you do all game long. It's just a room with special rules.

#10 Axem
6/10 Really tough to follow and not as fun looking as most other entries being that it has no action, but it's made really well for what it is.
Also all that variety!

#11 Croco
6/10 Exceedingly simple, but it's actually SMW! Could use a bit of polish and a bit of clarity for when a better reward is achieved, but nice.
Make it a bit shorter though.

#12 Boomer
4/10 Neat idea, not that exciting looking and pretty unpolished though. Might be better with less intrusive visuals!

#13 Lakitu
4/10 Technically super impressive, but it's just a less exciting, messier version of the Sonic bonus game with even less obvious rules/blocks and jank everywhere. Nice facial!

#14 Pulsar
3/10 No creativity at all and really strange presentation (everything is off-center?), also when I read "match 3" I didn't expect it to be "you can move stuff around as long as you want and then it all explodes at once in the end", confused me hard.
Dat font btw.

#15 Ninja
0/10 Straight from another game.

#16 Dodo
0/10 Flappy bird... was great as an arbitrary code execution but not like this.
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1 Spikey - it's the only longer bonus game I dont think I'd mind getting to play often. there's an obvious way to get better at it as you go, and it looks like it'd be fun consistently.

2 Birdo - Simple, balances risk and reward, and goes for as long as you want it to.

3 Troopa - I don't know how collecting those tokens in levels would fair for a bonus game, but they could easily be switched out for yoshi coins so it works.

4 Booster - The fact that you can make your own levels for it adds a lot, it shows there was thinking for its application beyond the contest, which is cool.

5 Shadow - it doesn't look like there's a way to win, which is too bad

6 Jester - it gives you a bit too much time imo but still looks fun!

7 Snifit - well, I definitely wasn't expecting that.

8 Ninja - it goes on for a little too long, and it looks like you'd might as well never hit the top two bumpers and just keep grabbing powerups

9 Belome - It might be a little too slow moving for the action that's happening on screen (the platform and sprite moves very slow, and the sprite is too narrow to really catch that many things.) and the variety of coins also doesn't matter too much because when it's moving that fast, you really don't have a say in what you're collecting anyways.

10 Boomer -

11 Terrapin - i dont know if it's entirely random or they maintain their order once they loop back around, but I still can't find a reasonable way to follow any one shell. They'd might as well change positions instantly and save the time spent watching them. or i just need to git gud

12 Croco - It looks like more of a chore than anything to collect all those stars.

13 Axem - a little confusing at first, I had no idea what I was supposed to be watching until the game said to find the 1-ups, and by then it was too late. Having to pick the difficulty of your bonus game is a little odd considering it's random and, with savestates, players would obviously go with the highest difficulty and not have to worry about it. It's also pretty long for a bonus game, not one I'd look forward to playing too much.

14 Lakitu - see flappy bird, minus the possibility of it being procedurally generated

15 Pulsar - I think I understand the game and i still have no idea what I'm looking at. really confusing to follow. Doesn't look really fun

16 Dodo - its flappy bird. if the level's procedurally generated that'd be cool, but it wouldn't make it any less original

i edited the comments down to the actual substance but most of it was saying that these are cool as hell and i like them
#1: Spikey
#2: Lakitu
#3: Shadow
#4: Snifit
#5: Belome
#6: Terrapin
#7: Ninja
#8: Booster
#9: Jester
#10: Birdo
#11: Pulsar
#12: Troopa
#13: Axem
#14: Croco
#15: Boomer
#16: Dodo
1. Spikey (Very well done and creative entry. Love the combination of both parts of the bonus game.)
2. Jester (Neat concept, Very entertaining to watch.)
3. Axem (Loving the creativity and huge variety of possibilities here.)
4. Snifit (Very clever idea to include to create a guitar hero-like bonus game with the SPC commands. It works surprisingly well.)
5. Troopa (Actually quite simple idea, but could do well as a yoshi-coin replacement. Collecting them for would for sure be more exciting.)
6. Lakitu (Incredible effort on this one)
7. Belome (Can imagine this being a fun little bonus game.)
8. Booster (Simple concept, but love the amount of different rooms, makes it much more interesting.)
9. Birdo (As simple as a bonus game can be, but it does it's job as a bonus game pretty well. Very SMW-ish.)
10. Terrapin
11. Boomer
12. Shadow (Doesn't feel like a lot of effort has been made. Still can imagine it being fun.)
13. Ninja (I feel like collecting all of the items is too easy. Also the bonus game lasts too long for my taste.)
14. Croco (Too simple.)
15. Pulsar (After watching the video for the third time, is still don't quite get it. But with less blocks, less time & better graphics I could imagine this being a fun bonus game.)
16. Dodo

Pretty sure some of my coments seem way too negative, but I definitly couldn't do better, so good job everyone ;).
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Originally posted by PuzzelBreaker
Very clever idea to include to create a guitar hero-like bonus game with the SPC commands.

dance dance revolution

#1: Spikey: Whoa, that's a cool minigame. Standard Super Mario World physics are used in a first part, which makes it feel like part of a game. Later on, it turns to something like Rocket Rush level from Donkey Kong Country 3. Perfect.
#2: Troopa: Using in-level tokens to determine how easy the minigame is? Why nobody else did that? The minigame is nothing particularly special, but for using in-level tokens, you get second place for me.
#3: Booster: A short, quick minigame with clear rules allowing for meaningful prices.
#4: Shadow: A bit on a slower side, but the minigame seems alright, and prizes increase with skill increase. FLOATING MUNCHER TRANSMISSION
#5: Croco: Nice job at integrating Super Mario World mechanics into an entry. The minigame is on a bit slow side, and doesn't really leave room for doing it better (to get better rewards).
#6: Belome: Yay, Mode 7. Pretty sure HDMA gradient could be prettier (perhaps by using a regular background, you only need Mode 7 from certain scanline on), but this is not a graphics contest, so it's not a big deal.
#7: Lakitu: Well, didn't expect that. Essentially Sonic Special Stage implemented in Super Mario World. On technical side, it's the winner, no doubt (nice use of 64x64 sprites (I think that's what was used?)). It's just that Sonic Special Stage was essentially a tech demo more than anything, and it's lame even in its original game. Cannot really put this higher, because while it's the best entry technically (seriously, on the technical side this is much, much, much better than other entries in this contest), the minigame is just boring. And it also copies all the quirks from Sonic Special Stage... Would love to see your future entries, even if that one is subpar. (I also suspect I know who made this entry because of its general style, but I may be wrong, and I'm not going to reveal that)
#8: Ninja: Neat minigame, but on slower side. It uses SMW mechanics meaningfully, however (but weirdly changing physics... I guess that's what you from outright copying a minigame from Sonic?). Power-ups could use better graphics however, this isn't Sonic anymore.
#9: Terrapin: Alright. Nothing special, but it works, and it's quite quick.
#10: Snifit: raocow is going to have fun with that one... Music lacks synchronization however.
#11: Axem: Bonus game is on a slow side, and the minigame is somewhat confusing (you don't know what to do until you have to pick choices).
#12: Jester: Yay, a bonus game based of a level from DKC3 that I really liked. Way too easy to perfect, however.
#12.5: ThePat545: Made me laugh, so there is that. (not that a minigame where you die would be that great of a minigame) (I would legit place this entry at #13 if it wasn't disqualified)
#13: Boomer: A boring Target Smash minigame which doesn't work with Mario mechanics at all, instead introducing minigame-specific cannon-balls.
#14: Birdo: I'm not entirely sure what can I say about that one. Like, I don't like it, and I don't entirely know why. It's inspired by Press Your Luck, and it's pretty much just RNG deciding everything for you with some pretty animations. It may be because of how slow it is.
#15: Pulsar: what (that counts as failure to telegraph of what your entry actually is)
#16: Dodo
I tend to favor the ones where it's "easy to pick up, hard to master". Spikey did this the best by far btw.

#1: Spikey: Good visuals, design, and seems fun. It got slightly unfair with the cement block spam there, but that's not too bad.
#2: Booster: Very clear and easy to follow.
#3: Shadow: Well-balanced and simple. Unfortunately it feels more like a boss fight.
#4: Belome: There are a few issues, but it's simple and fun.
#5: Jester: OK concept and clear. I would like it if the amount of coins were consistent with the enemy type, and the time should be lowered.
#6: Birdo: Again, it's simple, balanced, and clear. Its execution could have been better.
#7: Croco: Simple and balanced although perhaps the timer should be shorter, and a twist could have been added.
#8: Snifit: Good, but perhaps a better music choice that is easier to sync to would be better. Right now the sync is poor.
#9: Boomer: The standing in front of something gimmick took me a long time to figure out... perspective issues made me confused. Or, maybe just that this concept doesn't work well in SMW.
#10: Troopa: Unique concept, but... if it were just a bonus game for getting 100 stars, the reward is very small. If it were a bonus game after every level, its slow pace would get boring quickly.
#11: Axem: If the array operations were slower, and there were only several steps, this would have been an awesome game. But as of now it's way too difficult for my pea-sized brain.
#12: Ninja: Why can't I just use the gravity spring at the bottom and just turn it up and down that way? I'll never have to use the bumpers on the side. This seems broken, and I'm probably missing something. I might change this.
#13: Terrapin: It's unclear that there is wraparound. Also maybe the bonus game should have been cut into 3 or so prizes, and each scramble 1/3 as long. But as of now the reward is unbalanced, and it's too difficult.
#14: Pulsar: Very, very unclear in all aspects.
#15: Lakitu: I don't like feeling dizzy.
#16: Dodo: Is that you, p4plus2?
#1: Lakitu
#2: Dodo
#3: Spikey
#4: Belome
#5: Boomer
#6: Terrapin
#7: Shadow
#8: Jester
#9: Booster
#10: Ninja
#11: Axem
#12: Birdo
#13: Troopa
#14: Snifit
#15: Croco
#16: Pulsar
So I guess its story time. First and foremost I suppose I'll just redact my entry as its obvious which it is anyways. Unfortunately, shortly after getting graphics for my ideal entry my Mom ended up in the hospital again, turns out her cancer has already relapsed and progressed rather quickly (Its progressed from colon cancer into the liver now...). Due to all the travel and phone calls, etc, I never got a chance to work on my original plan (which interestingly enough was a DDR-like idea). Around two hours before the deadline I decided to hack in a way to end flappy bird and award some one-ups to hopefully make it to the next round and (hopefully) get some more time. But since my entry seems to have collected so much hate I'd rather just drop out.

Best of luck to all ya.
1. Spikey Entry: I really like that kind of minigames, also is very well made.

2. Troopa Entry: I had the same idea of bonus but i didnt made because time, i think that it is well made and is very easy to understand.

3. Shadow Entry: Is the only entry that use the game mechanics, the others bonus create all totally different, but this shows that you can make a lot with few.

4. Ninja Entry

5. Boomer Entry (Boner)

6. Snifit Entry

7. Croco Entry

8. Axem Entry


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#1: Spikey Seems like something straight out of Mario Party 9. I like how hitting a block doesn't just end the bonus game, making it actually encouraging to play. The overall concept seems pretty enjoyable.
#2: Booster Reminds me of one of the SMA4 World-e minigames. The ability to create custom maps is a huge plus that lets the game stay fresh.
#3: Ninja This has a very clever concept, although, I must say, I feel like getting several Mushrooms/Flowers/Feathers in a row is kind of useless, no? Maybe in a hack that would have like 6 powerups instead of 3, this could be more interesting. However, it's still a nice concept.
#4: Jester This is like a more fun version of Boomer. It does get a bit stale, but it's fun nontheless (maybe with different enemy patterns?)
#5: Belome Reminds me of that Tilt Island game from Super Paper Mario. The fast version with a ton of items falling seems like a lot of fun compared to the other one.
#6: Snifit This feels like a joke entry that turned out to be genuinely good. However, the synchronization with the music could use work.
#7: Croco As simple and boring as it seems, I really like the concept of this one for some reason.
#8: Shadow It seems pretty frustrating, but I like the falling munchers. It's a funny entry. I feel like it would be a nice bonus game for a kaizo hack #w{xD}
#9: Lakitu Holy crap, this is easily the best from a technical standpoint. That fast spin once you get the moon is a nice little touch. However, it seems pretty clunky and difficult to play, and not really fun at all. I feel like bonus games shouldn't involve platforming (especially not a constantly spinning stage.)
#10: Birdo A simple concept with a nice execution, since you have a huge variety of prizes, but is there any way to manipulate the item selection, or at least a pattern to observe?
#11: Troopa I feel like this would be fun with more items to pick from. However, I must say I like the idea of having to "earn" your bonus game with those item pickups.
#12: Axem A nice, simple concept; I like the little cursor. However, it's a bit slow.
#13: Terrapin Nothing special, but it doesn't show any problems either
#14: Boomer Doesn't seem that fun, and the cannonballs look impossible to aim.
#15: Pulsar While it's an okay idea, it just doesn't seem that fun as a bonus game, and it's pretty confusing, since it's not immediately apparent how it works and what you get as a prize.

1. Spikey: I believe this entry deserves the top spot, because it actually looks and feels like a real bonus game. Not saying that the others here aren't like that, it's just that this one has really captured my attention more than the others, because it has a brilliant gimmick and it runs very smoothly. It also looks really fun to play and could possible make a great arcade game.

2. Lakitu: I really love the remake from the Sonic 1 bonus game, but what I really enjoyed about this one, is how not only was it executed perfectly, but how it creatively uses Mario elements to fill in for Sonic ones. Also, nice background picture. Might fap to it later.

3. Booster:
Overall, this entry was very interactive and creative in my opinion. In addition to that, I also think this one had a lot more planning and strategy involved than the others, because there were so many possibilities to where you should release the ball.

4. Troopa: This one really turned a simple concept into a fun bonus game. I loved it. Also, this actually reminds me of the claw machine game from Kirby's Adventure.

5. Belome: This one seemed really fun and engaging. The only thing that bugs me about this one, though, is that it seems like you lose lives if you miss the minus signs, which is kind of unfair in my opinion. It's still really cool, nevertheless.

6. Jester: This looks like something I'd see out of a Mario Party game, but it's still pretty neat. On the other hand though, I feel like 40 seconds is way too much time.

7. Axem: This entry felt a little more unique compared to your typical memory game, but it felt like it lasted a little too long.

8. Snifit: I really loved the gimmick of this one, but like most people said, the music doesn't sync too well.

9. Birdo: This one doesn't seem like anything too special, but it's still good. I actually like the concept behind it, but it just seems too rewarding. There should have been more poison mushrooms as well as smaller rewards.

10. Ninja: I really love how this one looks quite like the original version, but just like Birdo's entry, it just seems like you're getting too much free stuff from it. The original version seemed much more challenging.

11. Boomer: The idea behind this one is pretty cool, but it's kind of lacking in aesthetics. Also, the perspective seems really bizarre, because the targets look like they're actually attached to the mushroom platforms rather than being far away.

12. Shadow: This one was pretty simple and I really like how it slowly progresses, but there isn't much else other than a Lakitu that throws Munchers that destroy the ground, spinies, and occasionally 1-UPs. It also gets pretty tedious after awhile.

13. Terrapin: Not really anything here that interests me. It's just an ordinary shuffle and find the item game (I don't know what it's actually called), and nothing else.

14. Croco: This one was just way too boring in my opinion. Literally all you do is just collect stars and do nothing else but that.

15. Pulsar: I like the concept behind this, but no offense, this entry was just outright confusing and I couldn't understand what was going on at all.
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I'm actually flattered that some people at least somewhat like my joke submission, ironically or not.

I wanna say sorry again for not being able to make a real thing but school's kicking my ass.

Edit: Forgot to vote, sorry.

#1: Lakitu: Its use of mode 7 was astounding and I really liked how he made every block have non-buggy interaction. Very impressive.
#2: Spike: Its game was VERY creative. There was a gauge and a rocket you could control and that had to take a lot of work.
#3: Jester: I liked this entry, it added an illusion of depth and seemed really fun.
#4: Troopa: I really took a liking to this entry. It had a unique way of being able to get the prizes and seems fun.
#5: Snifit: My God, you re-created Dance Dance Revolution in SMW. And with Nyan Cat included. It's short but sweet.

I couldn't really see many entries so sorry everyone I didn't check out.

modedit: fixed format
1) spikey: this is really good, it's just incredibly fun to play and holds a lot of replay value in that "how much further will i get THIS time?" it's addicting in a very arcade-esque way and i'll probably play this a lot 10/10
2) belome: i REALLY like this one, it's a clever concept that works really well as a bonus game. aesthetically it's not that interesting but it does what it wants to do and it does it well, and who really cares about aesthetics here lol 9/10
3) snifit: im not good at rhythm games 8/10
4) shadow: novel concept, but relentlessly difficult. i like the idea of having the player earn their extra lives so +1 7/10
5) terrapin: the classic ball-in-a-cup game. it's possible to track the right shell, it's just very difficult since they loop around the screen. i like it, simple but effective 7/10
6) booster: i like it 6/10
7) ninja: sanic 3 6/10
8) jester: i like it, but yeah it has some perspective issues, it'd probably work better if it looked like an actual shooting range but it's pretty good 6/10
9) birdo: learning the timing is pretty fun. it's pretty similar to the original game's bonus game though 6/10
10) croco: it's extremely easy to get 3 lives. it's pretty fun but what does kamek have to do with it 5/10
11) boomer: it's ok, this seems more like a minigame than a bonus game but the physics on the balls are a little weird. 5/10
12) axem: yeah it just takes too long to go anywhere. neat idea on paper but it takes so long to do anything i don't really think it's that good 5/10
13) troopa: neato idea - particularly the little collectables that affect what you can get - but it's nearly impossible to tell where (or more specifically, what) the crane is going to hit and pick something up. i like the idea behind it and the presentation but the way it acts leaves something to be desired 5/10
14) lakitu: sanic sux also why is it widescreen 4/10
15) pulsar: it's rather confusing, it's not really a "match 3" game and is rather ugly. could be executed better. 3/10
16) dodo: stuff breaks tortilla/10
Originally posted by MercuryPenny
16) dodo: stuff breaks tortilla/10

the dodo minigame is literally dodo lmao
#1: Spikey (9.8/10)
Idea is original and creative, execution and presentation are excellent, and it fits mario well. Clearly the best.

#2: Booster (9.0/10)
Cute minigame with a simple Breakout like idea; wished it felt more worthwhile, but I like how there are variations.

#3: Axem (8.7/10)
I don't think I've seen a memory game done like this before; looks really hard lol.

#4: Birdo (8.6/10)
Great and simple timing based minigame with unique risk/reward. Very SMW-like.

#5: Troopa (8.4/10)
Crane games aren't that creative, but I love that you can change the item pool by going through the level.

#6: Belome (8.2/10)
The idea feels like it came right out of Super Paper Mario, but it's well made and interesting.

#7: Terrapin (8.1/10)
I like how you deviated away from the classic cup game and utilized different speeds + wrapping.

#8: Shadow (7.8/10)
Great original idea, really fits vanilla SMW well, but I feel like it could be done better.

#9: Lakitu (7.0/10)
It looks extremely well made and it's interesting in a way, but it just feels weird and it's probably too long.

#10: Ninja (6.5/10)
We've seen this before in another game, but the execution is excellent.

#11: Boomer (6.3/10)
I like the perspective obstacles but it boils down to just target practice.

#12: Snifit (6.0/10)
DDR has been done a lot already; this one is okay.

#13: Jester (5.9/10)
Same as Boomer but not as interesting; feels like that minigame from Mario Party 2.

#14: Pulsar (5.0/10)
The match-3 idea isn't original, but this is alright I guess. Could be better in terms of aesthetics.

#15: Croco (4.0/10)
The idea is not that interesting and it doesn't look all that fun. It's basically jump around the minigame.

#16: Dodo (1.0/10)
Would be better as arbitrary code execution.
Don't ban me for my comments.
To be honest, the contestants' ideas for the bonus game are cool, despite that some need improvement, some doesn't fit for a bonus game for some reason. I'll rank these entries and tell with honesty and sinecrity what i think about these entries.

#1 Booster: Nice gimmick, i loved the arkanoid-styled minigame.
#2 Troopa: Nice bonus game, but the main problem is the sprite tile limits, did you patched the No sprite tile limits before to test the bonus room?
#3 Belome: Not bad for a cool gimmick that requires a platform, this can be better if you replace the smileys with coins.
#4 Croco: The gimmick can be pretty hard, but it's fun for some reason, however, you need to be faster to earn some star points.
#5 Spikey: This bonus game can mix Hammer Bash from Tiny Toons with DKCR Vertical Rocket barrel bonus (correct me if i'm wrong). despite the bizarre creativity, it's a nice bonus game.
#6 Lakitu: To be honest, using sonic 1 bonus game is nice, but i believe that it suits more to unlock something for the hack than a simple bonus game.
#7 Jester: Not bad, but need to decrease the number of coins to avoid earning a lot of 1-UPs.
#8 Birdo: The same applies with the #7, why need a two blocks? One for catch the item and another to stop the bonus level. This won't end. There must be a rule to prevent to earn to much items.
#9 Snifit: Dance revolution? i don't have a word to describe this.
#10 Ninja: Sonic 3 bonus game in a SMW hack? Someone did this.
#11 Axem: This bonus game is hard for some reason, but it's interesting for some degree.
#12 Boomer: This gimmick is harder if you hit the target in the right momment. The bonus level doesn't work in the vertical levels for some reason.
#13 Terrapin: I disliked it for some reason, i feel that this bonus game can somehow confuse the player.
#14 Shadow: I don't have words to describe this, but i feel that this bonus game is like a survival minigame instead of bonus game.
#15 Pulsar: A clever idea that has gone wrong, to be honest here, i expecting something like Tetris Attack.
#16 Dodo: Flappy bird as a bonus game? This is the worst idea ever.
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