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The First Mad Scientist ASM Contest - Final Round Voting
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I´m drunk and have no idea what I´m voting, but doesn´t matter as long as it counts #wario{XD}

#1: Shadow
#2: Spikey
#3: Terrapin
#4: Axem
#5: Troopa
#6: Belome
#7: Boomer
#8: Jester
#9: Booster
#10: Croco
#11: Ninja
#12: Pulsar
#13: Snifit
#14: Lakitu
#15: Birdo
#16: Dodo


Yoshiatom's Post
#1: Entry name: Spikey
#2: Entry name: Belome
#3: Entry name: Lakitu The image ruins it In fairness, having an actual, factual background in a mode 7 level is impressive.
#4: Entry name: Shadow I like this one, even if it's a bit simple concept, focuses on fun rather than flashiness.
#5: Entry name: Ninja
#6: Entry name: Jester
#7: Entry name: Booster
#8: Entry name: Birdo
#9: Entry name: Boomer
#10: Entry name: Snifit How was in charge of recording this one?
#11: Entry name: Axem
#12: Entry name: Troopa
#13: Entry name: Croco
#14: Entry name: Terrapin
#15: Entry name: Pulsar The lack of time limit removes most of the challenge, and it looks pretty trivial also that font...
#16: Entry name: Dodo This seems blatantly stolen from Sethbling's real time code injection video, and it's left all the lack of polish intact.

Layout by Koopster!

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1. Troopa
I like the idea of collecting tokens for the bonus game. I also like that this one doesn't give out billion 1ups, coins and power-ups like the others.
2. Shadow
I love the muncher throwing lakitu
3. booster
I like this one too, especially how customizable it is(layout).
4. Spikey
Now this is creative idea, but to me feels like its gonna get boring after few times since it can potentially take long time to finish
5. Croco
I feel like this is bit too easy, but it seems like it would be easy to make it harder and more interesting(layout, targets speed).

6. Jester
7. Snifit
8. Terrapin
9. Pulsar
10. Ninja
11. Lakitu
12. Axem
13. Blome
14. Birbo
15. Boomer
16. Dodo

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1) Lakitu

2) Booster

3) Eelcome

4) Boomer

5) Jester

6) Shadow

7 Snifit

8) spikey

9) Troopa
1. Troopa
2. Snifit
3. Belome
4. Booster
5. Spikey
6. Shadow
7. Axem
8. Pulsar
9. Croco
10. Terrapin
11. Birdo
12. Boomer
13. Jester
14. Dodo
15. Ninja
16. Lakitu
Why can't we see the ASM code of the patches? Just curious. I might need one of these in my game.

My Mode 0 guide.

My Discord server. It has a lot of archived ASM stuff, so check that out!

You can as soon as the round is over.

Your layout has been removed.
#1: Lakitu: I always liked the Sonic minigame, and it's also a technical marvel. (Oh, and the facial ) ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°( delicious... )

#2: Spikey: Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!!!

#3: Shadow: Very fun game, I like it.

#4: Jester: Very fun and original

#5: Croco: Very very fun!!

#6: Boomer: Same as #4, but a little too much cluttered. Still very fun and it makes to the top 5.

#7: Terrapin: Way too confusing, but overall good.

#8: Booster: YAY ARKANOID!

#9: Axem: Good memory game, but a bit too hard (or i just suck lol)

#10: Troopa: Good idea, not my cup of tea. The dispenser is awesome though! I dislike cluttering a level with those cards though.

#11: Birdo: Too boring (for me). Well made!

#12: Snifit: DDR madness! Not for my liking, just me obviously. Well made.

#13: Pulsar: Too boring (for me). Well made!

#14: Ninja: Another technical marvel, but it's boring and looks like it's straight ripped from Sonic with no Marioification.

#15: Dodo: No. Just no.

I support:

There is a story behind every pair of eyes.
Originally posted by benjausen

I don't know if voting 15 entries is intentional, but you may want to rate Belome as well if you intended to vote for all entries.

Legacy ports zip (now that those went down because Dropbox)
Hey all,

unfortunately I was too busy to participate in this contest, but it looks like you all would have blown me out of the water anyways! :O

My top pick was between AxemJinx and Spikey, Axem's was probably the coolest memory game I've ever played, but Spikey's minigame was just so engaging and fun that I have to give 1st to him.

Here's my full vote in detail:

1st: Spikey

Comment: This is just so clever. I love that you were able to take 2 seemingly unrelated minigames and fit them together with nothing but themeing. The way the background changed showed off a really nice attention to detail. Incredibly fun and replayable. Great work.

2nd: Axem

Comment: So I am curious... had you seen a minigame like this before, or did you come up with it all on your own? Either way, its very interesting!

I suspect some people are going to dock you for difficulty, but I'm not sure that's quite fair. This is definitely a game that you get better at with practice, which honestly, for a minigame, is something you want. It is certainly challenging, but the important thing is that it kept me engaged and entertained. Great job!

3rd: Jester
4th: Boomer

Comment: Jester's and Boomer's entries are very similar, but I liked Jester's better because I felt that the perspective/arc in Boomer's was a little less unintuitive. Part of the reason these ranked so high was because this bonus game could easily be modified to make lots of different stages, which is a huge plus imo.

5th: Snifit

Comment: This would have ranked higher if the chart synced up to the music a bit better. Also, I personally think it would have been much more interesting to see stepcharts for the vanilla music tracks, but I didn't take that into consideration when scoring.

On a technical level, I believe that the spc700 is not affected by in-game slowdown, so it may be possible that the music and chart can get desynced. Did you take this into account at all?

6th: Troopa

Comment: I really like how the item pickups are integrated into the non-bonus levels, but I felt like the minigame itself wasn't very engaging.

7th: Belome

Comment: very impressive asm skills

8th: Terrapin

Comment: The wrap-around is neat, but having all the shells move in the same direction was a little dull. It would have been nice to see the shells get "swapped" like they do in a normal shell game.

9th: Booster

Comment: I appreciate that this can be modified to make multiple stages, but the issue here is that its basically over after one button press. With the setup you currently have, it would be pretty easy to make a bust-a-move style minigame, or some variant of it. I personally think that would have made you score a lot higher.

10th: Lakitu
11th: Croco
12th: Shadow
13th: Ninja
14th: Pulsar
15th: Birdo

Comment: some of these were very technically impressive, but I just didn't find the minigames very engaging. No amount of technical bells and whistles will make up for solid, creative gameplay.

There is also something to be said for replayability when it comes to minigames. I did genuinely enjoy some of these playing through only once. However, I cannot imagine Shadow's lakitu fight (for example) being engaging the 10th time around.

16th: Dodo

Comment: This is an exact copy of a minigame made for a code-injection run.

Hello everybody, good to be here again! Last weekend, I made an attempt on rating all these bonus games in a fair way. I think it worked out quite well. Before I show you how I ranked the submissions, I would like to make it clear that I really enjoyed playing these levels. Keep it up! If this is only the beginning, then I can't wait to see what's next, really.
For me personally, important criteria were creativity, replay value and technical prowess. The ratings are mostly derived from how well each submission scored on those three points. Other criteria (such as graphical neatness) also played a role, albeit not as much.

Without further ado, here are the votes:

#1: Spikey - Rocket launches. Is there anything more thrilling than that? Well, for as much as a bonus game can be thrilling, this one sure is. I like how this bonus game has two parts and yet it doesn't feel like it would be lasting too long at all. Only at the very start is it necessary to wait. I like how the block generation is randomized, so that you do not know beforehand which block to hit. The level makes you want to know what lies up ahead, which also gives a boost to the replay value… In fact, the replay value of this bonus game is inherently good. Hats off to you for this one. The reward also doesn't seem to be disproportional, although it is never difficult to snatch at least one 1-UP. Perhaps removing the flying 1-UP at the beginning would take care of that, but hey. If it were up to me, this bonus game would become the winner of the round! 9.2/10.0

#2: Lakitu - Oh boy, this one was nauseating at times. How many bonus games classify as “nauseating”? Not many, I presume. And this one is unique in more ways than just that.
To start off with the not-so-positive things, it's not entirely clear to me which block does what, due to the ambiguous graphics that have been chosen for them. That should've been worked out a little bit better. Also, the level doesn’t -really- give me a bonus game feeling. It’s more like another regular level, only then loaded with ~*awesomeness*~. Speaking of which.... WOW, the ~*awesomeness*~! A room that is fully rotating (ohai Mode 7), with (mostly) correct collision hitboxes, many places to explore… this one really left me startled. It’s varied. And there is custom music to accompany it. Definitely one of the more impressive bonus games of this round! And let’s be honest, it’s an ASM contest after all… This one deserves #2. 8.8/10.0

#3: Ninja - Neat set-up. Once you get used to this one (and figure out that getting the Cape equipped is really the best way to go), it's really easy to "beat" the bonus game. The yields aren't exceptional, so there's not really a downside to that. One can opt for multiple strategies in order to beat this minigame and get the most out of it. That is what makes this minigame versatile and, therefore, quite replayable. I like how it turned out graphically. Pretty cool! 8.0/10

#4: Booster - Well, if you've taught me anything here, it's that Munchers are capable of killing anything. Even inanimate bonus game objects are horribly eviscerated by those evil monsters. No, but really - I liked this bonus game very much. What I liked especially, is the room for variation. This definitely has its effect on the replay value. If there's variation, more time will be needed to develop an efficient strategy for each run. The gains are not disproportional, either. At most, you'll get 4 1-UPs, and a lucky shot is needed for that one. 7.9/10.0

#5: Shadow - Oh man, is there anything more heinous than rotating Munchers? Yep. Homing Munchers from above, able to stack. STACK, I TELL YOU! Pure evil. They are almost floating in mid-air, too. Well, at least they're falling from mid-air. Oh yeah, Spinies too. But they're actually the good guys here! How nice of you to make Spinies the good guys for once. In effect, this bonus game is quite a bit more difficult than the others, but this isn't necessarily a bad thing. There's a certain learning curve to it and well, it's just a fun concept. With a nice hint of "inside joke". 7.7/10

#6: Snifit - Ah yes, hit the keys at the right moment, a la Guitar Hero and the likes. Very interesting idea as a bonus game and executed quite nicely. The length is okay. Other than that, there’s not much to this one. 7.6/10.0

#7: Belome - No, no, nooooooo... DON'T DROP INTO THE ABYSS AGAIN! Ack. Painful at times, but it definitely had its replay value. The set-up was quite interesting. Also, to not make it too easy to gain many 1-UPs, whether intended or not, it was actually an interesting design choice to make the red "-"s also count towards the life counter (i.e. you had to touch it in order to not lose another life). If this wasn't the case, then it would be quite a bit easier to gain heaps and heaps of 1-UPs, so well done on that. 7.5/10.0

#8: Birdo - The good ol' lottery game. Gotta love them. I think that games like these reflect bonus games the way they were originally meant to be - representing pure chance. I like that you can go on and on in this bonus game, much like a gambling addict would... just to lose it all when you hit that annoying poisonous mushroom again. Cool concept, replay value is alright. 7.3/10.0

#9: Troopa - I like the set-up of this one. In real life, crane games are the worst, as you rarely win anything with them. But in this bonus game, that's a different story. The concept is interesting and the execution decent. However, Mario's graphics disappear when the crane is moving in to pick the item. This looks very sloppy. Also, perhaps it would be better to vary the speed of the conveyor belt from time to time. With that, I mean something like this: set the speed to a certain randomized value when entering the bonus game. That way, you won't always know when to flawlessly go for the 1-UP, the most valuable item on there (which is very easy right now: activate the crane when there's a Fire Flower right underneath it). You could also adjust the speed of the crane instead. Anyhow, with these minor tweaks, I'm sure it would make for a decent bonus game with a mild replay value. 7.1/10.0

#10: Terrapin - Ah, the quintessential one. Mother of minigames. What can we say about this one? Well, using purple Koopa shells as an item encasing is actually pretty clever, so you've got that one going for you. Somewhat less clever (or is this intentional?) is the placement of the walls at the sides of the screen. This obscures the view and, thus, adds a great deal of uncertainty to the guess. I personally think the minigame would be better without those walls. Keeping the shells close to eachother and warping them from the right part of the screen to the left part of the screen already leads to enough distraction on its own. Other than that, it's a decent bonus game. Less is more, and simplicity is, at times, best. 6.9/10.0

#11: Dodo - *throws computer out of window in a fit of rage* ... no, actually, I never really got what people found frustrating about Flappy Bird. Personally, I am quite fond of such minigames. Endurance, hand-eye coordination and precision is tested. The downside to this is that there's essentially no limit to the amount of 1-UPs one can gather from a single bonus game, and that might be a little worrisome. Another improvement would be fixing the "loading up"-screen, as it is still possible to see the original level. Thus, it's not really polished yet. 6.8/10.0 (P.S. This may not be entirely original, but if it's from the same creator, well... I won't put it at #16 just because of that.)

#12: Croco - Chasing the stars. Clever one. Well, it is as they say - gotta catch 'em all. Or well, not really with this minigame. 40 out of 50 is enough to get that fabulous 3-UP moon, and it really isn't hard to attain 40 of those. Wouldn't it be a little fairer if collecting all 50 stars meant a little more than just bragging rights? Perhaps only reward the 3-UP moon at that point and devalue the prize for lower star counts. Well, that's just a detail anyway. The game is mildly replayable - it tends to get repetitive after a little while. 6.5/10.0

#13: Axem - Ah, a classic game of Memory. But oh dear, this one wasn't easy. It definitely wasn't easy when the difficulty setting was at 21-30. You made a nice challenge out of it, and that's good, because bonus games should not be too easy. The concept was interesting, but the game did not have much of a replay value for me. Perhaps this is also caused by the rather long wait at the beginning. 6.0/10.0

#14: Jester - The concept of a shooter minigame in a Mario game is always interesting. And if I may be honest, I find the execution of the shooting mechanics a lot better than in "Boomer". However, this minigame could use some extra work. First of all, I suppose that the amount of coins to generate is randomly selected at every hit. I don't know that for sure, but that's what seems to be the case after having played this a couple of times. I think it would be better to use a scoring system based on the enemies that you shoot. Now it doesn't really matter what you hit, as long as you just blindly shoot and hit something. Thus, the minigame as it is right now is rather bland to me. It could use more variation. For that reason also, the replay value is rather low. Also, why not add in 1-UPs every once in a while? Coins aren't really worth that much. 5.5/10.0

#15: Boomer - Sometimes, the best way to deal with your problems is to just hurl at them with really large objects. Mario does exactly that in this bonus game. The cannonballs look pretty derpy, but that's okay. However, I have a very difficult time getting used to the mechanics of the cannonballs. I’m not sure if it’s the strange perspective that has been used, or if the cannonball hitbox is just off… Anyway, I seem to be unable to hit most of the targets. On top of that, I feel like you could've made the environment somewhat neater. In the current setting, it does not have much of a replay value for me either. 5.0/10.0

#16: Pulsar - Okay, I don't really know what to say about this one... It took me a while to understand what is actually going on here. It's Bejeweled-like, but unlike in Bejeweled, you can actually move the item around over the entire playing field, not just over the directly adjacent items. The idea is pretty cool, but the execution is poor. There's a number of things that demonstrate this: for me, it is just wrong that accidentally dropping the item (not even having moved it anywhere) ends the minigame. Some combinations appear to be broken, such as a combination of 3 fire flowers at the bottom-middle (vertical stack). Also, it seems odd that you can die in the bonus game and thus LOSE A LIFE! Oh, and that font. Waugh. But what would have helped this minigame the most, is a clear instruction of what it is and how to play it properly. This is lacking entirely. Too bad about the execution, because the puzzle in itself is really a nice idea. 3.0/10.0

--------> Don't follow "Find Roy's Dignity", my hack. Because it's pretty outdated. <--------
It's time for Round 001 voting time! It is also our final round, too. This time we have in total three entries, so all of the participants already warranted an either gold, silver or bronze trophy, plus free games. Don't forget that the winner will also get six month name color.

Get the YouTube playlist here (Direct link)
Download the patches here

How to vote

#1: Entry name: reason/comments (not required, but preferred)
#2: Entry name: reason/comments
#3: Entry name: reason/comments

Reason/comments are not required, but appreciated.

The voting period will end in 144 HOURS (6 days, until Monday) from this post so make your timer!

The following people are participating in this round: Ruberjig, TheBiob, Un8Y. You cannot participate in the voting nor release the resources until the round is over. If you want to clarify something about your entry, use VilelaBot's anonymous messaging system.

The following people have been disqualified for not submitting anything: Alcaro, DarkBones, Dotsarecool, Erik557, HuFlungDu, JackTheSpades, Lui37, Ladida, Medic, Sonikku, Thomas. You can vote in this round normally.

That's all I guess. It is time for final show.
1) Wart. Props on the spritework. Looks rather fun to fight against too.
2) Birdo. Glad someone finally made a Robirdo boss. It's pretty average though, but that's fine.
3) Ludwig. Looks impressive, and the attack patterns are rather cool-looking, but it doesn't look much fun to fight savestateless (too twitch-reflex based, I feel). Somewhat like a Treasure boss on drugs lol

Hoping that just because this contest ended like this, that it won't be the last.


1) Wart
Phases switch a bit erratically, there aren't really any clear transitions so it feels a bit more like an attack demo than an actual boss fight, but what's there looks really nice and polished.
I think the projectiles should've been rendered on top of the boss, but that's minor since most of the bubbles still give good time to react.
Nice circle pattern shot too.

2: Birdo
Well, it's a good port I guess. It seems like it shoots eggs a bit too rarely for how few attacks it has (all of which can be avoided by just standing on its head?), but that's how it worked I guess!
Not too creative here but it does what it was meant to and does so quite well.

3: Ludwig
Wow is that a Mode 7 cotsum bosster?!!
It's really really unpolished and erratic, incredibly hard to read or dodge the first time through each attack and there are like no sound effects which feels weird...
Almost feels a little carol-sy.
I guess it's original and with a bit of testing and tinkering could totally make for a great boss, just not as it is imo.
This definitely isn't bad and I doubt I would've placed it last if there were more than 3 entries, but it is as it is.

Your layout has been removed.
oh my.

1) Wart - Very interesting! I 100% looove~ the fact that the boss is built around the bubbles Wart would use in SMB2 to fight you, but obviously with much more difficulty. It's a little... confusing, when he suddenly grows to about 10x his size to crush you, but it isn't too distracting, just scary :o
Overall, the boss is super tense, tough but fair, and just a really fun romp (it's definitely over way too early, but that means it doesn't overstay its welcome). Also those sound effects, lol. I don't blame you though, you had to work with what you had.

2) Birdo - An interesting idea, i'm not much of a mario-head so idk if it's OC DO NOT STEAL, but it's still a really neat idea. The eggs aren't actually shot from it's mouth and the picking up and throwing animations are a little wonky. The stun to charge attack is neat, and the increasing speed as it gets hit is a fun way to up the difficulty. Shout out to that wonky head-bob when it's had enough.
Unfortunately Birdo is already a pretty boring boss to fight, and this boss giving you even less projectiles to work with sure doesn't help keep things exciting. It also takes waaay too many hits imo

3) Ludwig - A very neat idea! It's never not fun seeing a boss utilize a powerup meant for Mario. Although I'm a little confused what exactly is happening at the beginning, with it squishing together when it hits the wall to unsquish somewhere else. The way it shoots the fire in the air looks pretty ridiculous too, I can't even work out what's happening. I think that the roof gliding section was the best, it would've been best to focus on that specifically. Instead the boss relies a lot of changing what's happening often, which makes it pretty hard to get a good idea of what you're supposed to do. It feels more like an endurance match than it does a boss, if that makes sense.
ok antes de empesar recientemente descubri que se me burlaron de mi por medio del IRC por mi ingles malo (y por tener el volumen del spc player al 400% pero esa si fue mi culpa) asi que por eso estará esta publicacion en español

ok sabras que te pasaste en algo si sale mal porque son apenas 1/4 de los participantes que quedaron de la ronda anterior y segun la discucion es probable que sea por falta de tiempo porque estamos en octubre asi que si fuera diciembre o enero/junio o julio es posible que muchos hubieran podido terminar a tiempo (existen razones fuera de smwcentral saben), pero segun tengo entendido un sprite tarda mas tiempo que un grafico, un nivel o incluso un port de musica (desde 0 claro) y mas encima un jefe es muy complicado de hacer debido a que este debe ser genial por decirlo de alguna manera debido a que este debe ser un reto mas fuerte que un simple nivel (y mas si se trata de un jefe final/importante) por lo que tomaria algo mas de tiempo en hacerlo

en fin despues de esa chachara ahora si las votaciones

en 3 lugar pongo a birdo la batalla si la comparamos con los otros esta medio meh, no me mal entiendan pero parece mas una batalla como de mid boss a comparacion de los otros 2 de por si no esta mal pero no es muy imprecionante que digamos

en el 2 lugar esta Ludwig ok varios que votaron dicen que es una batalla muy dificil y no tiene mucha coerencia y tienen razon claro que para ser un jefe con mode7 es demaciado confuso incluso llegando a ser un tanto absurdo en algunos aspectos, la batalla esta interesante pero tiene bastantes partes de dificultad kaiso

y el primer lugar es para wart pero a decir verdad como que esta batalla al final de cuentas no me gusto para nada, no digo que esta mala talvez uno que otro fallo pero como es mas una opinion imparcial pues es la mejor del grupo que me guste o no

1.- Wart: The one that stood up the most for me. I like the attacks
2.- Birdo: not impressive in a technical level but at least looks more fun to play than Ludwig.
3.- Ludwig: this isn't fun at all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'll admit it looks impressive from a technical standpoint though.
One thing that bugs me is that the circle bubble attack sometimes just disappears before it can even remotely touch mario, and has that out-of-nowhere impossible-to-dodge sonic-fast projectile attack that almost all custom bosses suffers from(seriously, why people do this? Its not fair for player and its just bad design). Actually re-watching the video, bubble attack does that(being too fast) too but slowdown makes it less bullshit, lol.

Seems like slower version of the SMA1 boss, but otherwise more or less identical. Nice job.

Seems rushed, suffers from the projectile thing I mentioned and doesn't appear to be that fun to fight, meh.

[Hyperlink Blocked]
*YOUR [HeartShapedObject].
Well, let's do this

1.- Birdo
It's good see this boss again

2.- Wart
Pretty decent boss but, the sprite looks a little weird

3.- Ludwig
well, it's good but at the final phase, their attack is derp

#1: Ludwig
#2: Wart
#3: Birdo

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