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Toad64 GhostHouse outside by toad64

File Name: Toad64 GhostHouse outside
Submitted: 2016-09-10T08:15:49+02:00 by toad64
Authors: toad64
Type: Original
Description: Here is my Ghost house outside ExGFX.
Some of then ExGFX use from¶m=02&c=1&id=33168

Removal Reason(s):
  • Your palmask file is broken. You inverted the selection here: the necessary colors for your submission must be unmarked when in the Palette Mask Editing Mode, not the other way around.
  • Making top ground tiles act as fully solid blocks instead of ledges causes what we call "hill tripping". Avoid doing that.
  • This could be improved graphically: your grassy ground tiles are blatant edits from the SMW ones; making them 100% saturated green was a terrible choice, causing them to be eye searing and overall monotone; the holes on their top could be smaller so they fully convey their decoration aspect; the decoration torches could have animated fire, and their handles could use more detail and not have that unfitting and unprofessional pillow shading.
Also please make your Map16 file more organized.