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Toad64 Grassland Update 1 by toad64

File Name: Toad64 Grassland Update 1
Submitted: 2016-09-20 02:54:00 PM by toad64
Authors: toad64
Type: Original
Description: My Submission Just Removed in the link
But is a Update Submission. I hope is Look Good.
Not that there's anything wrong with the tileset performance wise, but this looks like something that was drawn in five or ten minutes. To be blunt, it looks like you tried to do an imaginative recreation of the regular grassland tile set, but failed; then decided to submit it anyways.

I wouldn't use this tile set because it honestly looks like little effort was put into it. You simply used the line tool and made a bunch of lines before slapping a color in, then filling the dirt with small dots. Lack of value and lack of design. The set is bland and makes my eyes hurt. I've seen 8-Bit tile sets that look a lot better than what I see here. Even if you stick to SMW's tileset restrictions, a much better job can be done. Add value, take time to look upon your art, and finally, don't be lazy about it.