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#smwc IRC Rules and Advice

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These are the current rules for the #smwc IRC channel.
For those who don't know, IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is used for chatting. It involves a network consisting of one or more servers that host so called channels (chat rooms).
You can learn more about it here.

0. General Information
1. No trolling or picking fights
2. Don't be annoying
3. Don't bring personal drama into the channel
4. No hate speech
5. Don't post anything NSFW
6. No bots

General Information
As a general rule of thumb, if you have an issue with another user, talk to us (the mods) in private instead of escalating the situation in #smwc. Nobody is helped by this.
Any and all issues will be considered, so feel free to hit us up with any complains you may have, including criticism with how the channel is run.

The moderators of the channel are Eevee, DiscoTheBat, Pablo's Corner, leod, Hobz, Impetus, Koopster/Claus and Noivern/TRS.
When in doubt, look for anyone with an @ or % in front of their name or whose name is a different color.
If there's an emergency and no mod seems to be around, use the keyword "staffalert" (without the quotes) to mass highlight all online moderators. Don't abuse this.

Punishments handed out regarding Rules 1-4 are completely up to the currently active mods, but will be reviewed by the entirety of our mod team afterwards, so if a punishment made in the heat of the moment seems too severe or too small, it'll likely be corrected afterwards. Feel free to weigh in on this if you disagree with a ban's duration, but keep in mind that you're not a moderator.

Rule 1: No trolling or picking fights
Don't attack or troll other members of the channel, no matter how gullible they may seem.
Trolling here is defined as jokes at the cost of others. Harmless jokes are fine, as long as nobody complains.

Ultimately, what does and doesn't count as trolling or picking fights is entirely up to us (the mods), but if you think that we misinterpreted banter between friends as actual fighting, then definitely let us know!

Debates and discussions involving personal opinions are not going to be stopped, but if it evolves into personal attacks, becomes a group of people overwhelming one person, or generally makes the channel uncomfortable for the other members, a mod will step in and ask you to relocate or drop the subject. If the conversation continues beyond that, actions will be taken.

If you have issues with someone, see rule 2. We don't tolerate bullying as an option to get somebody to leave.

Rule 2: Don't be annoying
If a large chunk of the channel complains about your behavior, you will be asked to drop whatever it is that annoys people.
This can range from greeting everyone that joins (please don't), to more serious stuff like constantly starting arguments nobody wants to have, to just your behavior in general.
We understand that it's not easy to "stop being annoying" for a lot of people, but we have to draw a line somewhere.

If you have a problem with another user regarding this, feel free to let the mods know about it. We will keep a closer eye on that user, and if their behaviour persists we will deal with it accordingly.

Rule 3: Don't bring personal drama into the channel
Please don't bring your personal issues with another user/group of users into the channel if it isn't directly relevant to the channel itself.
Either resolve whatever issues you have with them in private or ask a mod to help you out with it if the problem is out of your control. We'll do our best to try and settle the issue or hand out punishment (this can include z:lines if it gets bad enough).

If you try to bring the issue to attention by causing fights in our main channel instead of doing the above, you won't help anyone.

Rule 4: No hate speech
Don't discriminate against groups of people for things out of their control.
If you don't seem to have malicious intent, a mod will ask you to stop. Any instances after that will be taken more seriously.

If it's clear you are discussing a topic with the intention of attacking a group of people, deliberately being racist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, sexist, or generally intolerant to other people's religious or personal beliefs, you will be banned without warning.

Rule 5: Don't post anything NSFW
NSFW content is not allowed to be posted in the channel, even if it is labelled as such. This includes links, images, videos, and literature that is pornographic in content.
This does not include generally sexual conversations, but be reasonable. This isn't a role-playing channel.
If you aren't sure whether or not something would be considered NSFW, it's safe to assume that it isn't okay.

You will only be reminded of this rule once, any further incidents will lead to a ban.

Rule 6: No bots
Don't bring bots into the channel, period.
We don't want any possible command spam, markov chain clutter or public 24/7 logs.
Not even bots that 'technically' do nothing are allowed as we can't know whether or not it uploads logs.
Bringing a bot into the channel will cause it to be banned and the person that brought it in to be warned. Any further instances will be handled accordingly.
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