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Firstly, I'm sorry if I'm accidentally breaking any rules by posting this. I checked the rules and this doesn't seem to violate any of them, and I felt this was the only place to get people to notice me, because no one did, even with the MASSIVE footer below every post I made. So anyways...


Judging by the fact that it takes a month or longer to make a single level of this hack, I've decided I am a huge procrastinator and that making levels is hard. So here's what I'm gonna do;
I'm gonna make some more levels (but they'll probably have horrible level design), and work on the set of custom graphics for the hack. If either the levels I make have horrible design or it takes me a month or longer to make them, I'll either hire a team to help get the hack moving (since I am pretty good at making custom graphics) or just end the project with a bunch of custom graphics instead. Either way, I'll at least walk away with something I can feel proud of.

Want to see the little amount of stuff I HAVE been working on, though? (It's seriously almost nothing at all...)

Download Joe's Journey v. 004 here.
Hey, ThePowerPlayer. It's fine honestly if no one notices you because I'm here :3

Anyway, I want to point out some concerns that I have that I can see in the screenshots. In the third, there's cutoff by the wall in the little passageway with the clouds, which can be fixed I hope. Secondly, I think the smiley on the coins are cute but could be... better. Something more appealing and unique would probably earn you frequent users. I'm here because I see potential in you and your hack and I have a feeling I can help. I have done a playthrough of the hack so far, and I want to give you my opinions.

Self explanatory. I think the default title screen movie should be changed. You can find tutorials on that and in the LM help file I think. You'll need ZSNES, I believe.

This message sounds... weird. It's like this is taking place in the past because the narrator seems to be talking from the futute?

The one frame coins look kinda weird and... Kind of lifeless. It makes their smile look cold and fake.

Ugh, cutoff on the walls. The bricks just end with no visible outline. Also, don't get me wrong; you have lots of potential, and you're pretty good already, but the door (which I'm going to assume you made) is pillow shaded. If you don't know what that is, you could look up some pixel art tutorials to improve your graphics.

This bush happens to be so clumpy it's solid!

You should probably tell the player about these abilities and make it more useful.

Two things: the clothes (like the shirt and hat) don't have enough contrast. Make your brightest color a tad brighter, and your darkest a tad darker. It will give a better sense of dimension. Secondly, the cherries don't really look like cherries... No offense. Like I've said, you have potential, but I think it's more than making an outline and filling it in with color and adding shading. Also, without the green, it's harder to tell that's the stem. If you go in the palette editor #lm{pal}, you can check off something along the lines of "Enable Custom Palettes for this Level". That will allow you to take up some of the empty black space to the right of a lot of your palettes, which could actually enable you to make the cherry more like a cherry by adding green to the palette row.

Oh, no! Not those levels where taking a bad route will screw you over forev--
Oh wait, it's not a threat with the walljump anymore, is it? (Yeah, it actually isn't. I was able to go back and collect everything in the palace.

Two things: FIrstly, that palette makes the cape look pretty terrible #wario{O_O}
Secondly, that's a incredibly fast cape, and there seems to be no way to prevent someone from flying over Wood Chucks.

Alright, and I'm done! Your graphics are pretty good so far but could be improved. Your level design is pretty fun, but I think some palettes could use some work (like that Mario palette, and perhaps something less vanilla looking). Oh, and thanks for including me in the credits, I appreciate that #tb{;)}
One last message: If you need help, I'm here. Feel free to PM me anytime you'd like. I'm a nice guy, and I can help. I'm better at graphics than most things, so I can help you in that department as well. Anyway, nice seeing that work's been done on this hack, I'm excited to watch this grow.
So, I have a question. Number 1, if you like drawing so much, why not draw the tile sets and stuff, and if you feel like, submit them to the SMW Graphics section? Everybody appreciates hand drawn graphics.

There's nothing wrong with cancelling a hack if you feel as if you're not going to work on it. I'm in that same boat with you when you feel as if your work isn't getting attention; a lot of people are, trust me.

The best thing you can do is post in other threads that are not getting attention. Look for threads where the author is posting update after update (after god damn update) and no posts are being made; you just might gain a friend who'll be looking out at your own thread ready to repay the favor.

As far as your procrastination goes, the only thing I can say is good luck with that. There are few people far and in between who can put together a team and adequately lead them. The main kicker is that you need to have what it takes to lead, most people find out the hard way they "don't have the time" to do this or that, before you know it, team is gone. I know what it's like to have a team, and them walk away taking all their content that you helped them develop with them, setting back years of work. Er... I'm ranting.

Anyways, if you succeed in putting together a well put team, here's to hoping for the best with your hack. Everybody loves collabs.
Thanks, Chillah and Skewer. You're the best! no actually toad is
I've already fixed some errors you pointed out, Chillah.

So I actually got these graphics from SMW Central. They're by MaiK. I plan to make my own graphics soon, though.


I kinda don't get how to change the cherry palette. I have to have a custom palette if I want to edit the colors, but how could I do that if graphics editors only let me use the main palette? It's confusing to me.

Added several message boxes, including one that encourages walljumping in the switch palace.

Changed the message so it's more understandable. The storyline is set in the PAST, meaning it already happened in the little world of Joe and Moe. Speaking of, I have something big to reveal... Beta art of the main cast!

I haven't shown the characters in detail for a long time, and I'm happy that I finally laid out their design. Hope you enjoy. I'm short on time, so I gotta go fast!
You're a fast worker! :]
I like you went on to make your own changes! That's always good. Anyway, about the cherry palette, here's a short guide to being able to make it look more like a cherry.

1. First, go in the palette editor (#lm{pal}). Check off the box that says "Enable custom palette for this level (will be saved with the level)".

2. Now that you have access to the black area, you can put your green right here like this:

3. Now that that's finished, go to the Extract Palette button (#lm{exppal}) and save it as something you can remember.
4. Go in YY-CHR, and press:

Now, open up your .pal file that you extracted with #lm{exppal} and it should give you your palette! Simple as that.

Anyway, when you have progress, don't hesitate to show us!
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Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - NO, JOE'S JOURNEY IS NOT CANCELLED!

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