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Hello and welcome to CHOCOLATE ISLAND 6, home of Chocolate Level Design Contest 2016! In this contest, anything goes! Unlike VLDC, where you're restricted to vanilla tiles and sprites, here you can do whatever you want to our beloved Super Mario World! Go nuts! Want to make Super Kirby World? Sure thing, go ahead! Want to make it an RPG instead? If you can do it, do it! Maybe you want to make a level where Mario goes around capturing enemies in a cage, then releasing them to attack. Why not? It's anything goes!

So, let's begin with a breakdown of the rules and scoring, shall we?


1: Anything goes! Sky's the limit! Just be reasonable on the length, okay?
2: Partnering up is a-OK!
3: This is the most important rule: HAVE FUN!
4: Contest runs until November 30th 2016, 11:59pm Central Time. Make sure your entries are in by this time!


Design - 40 points. The focus of this category is the overall design of your level. Is it well thought out? Do your additions mesh well with the base gameplay of SMW, or whatever you changed it to if you do that, and does your level play well with your additions to make something fun and engaging? These things will allow you to score highly in this category. Remember: focus on making it fun and engaging!

Creativity - 30 points. How creatively did you use what you have at your disposal? Did you put in the bare minimum effort, or did you think hard about what each thing does to use them to their fullest potential? Creative uses of both vanilla and chocolate features will score well in this category. Remember: ASM alone won't score highly here, focus on making sure it all works together! For example, just using blocks that swap between solid and passable depending on the on-off switch won't score well alone, but using them to make a creative puzzle alongside other elements WILL!

Aesthetics - 30 points. How nicely did you make your level look? Is the presentation good? Do the graphics fit the theme you're going for? Are there any palette issues, or do the visuals look haphazard and sloppy? How does the music fit with your level? Making sure your level looks good earns you points here!

So, your judges for this contest will be:
-Myself (Nimono)

For the top 3, not only do you receive a trophy, you also receive a choice of a single game for our prize list! First place selects first, then second, then third. Good luck, have fun! I look forward to seeing what wonderful entries you put forth!

<Adam> I feel like smwc is a prostitute now, because we put up a porn ad for money
is this how you submit
if it is then
Super Mario World, Chocolate Island 7
First part of the level is a grassland and the second part is a forest.

UPDATE: I found a glitch with the Yoshi Coin in the bonus area. I also changed some graphics.

UPDATE 2: I found another bug in the forest part near the end. I also enabled vertical scrolling in the forest part.


1 exit.

If any crashes or stuff happens then I highly suggest using snes9x.

Alcaro for the pendulum sprites and helping me with fixing the rope disassembly
worldpeace for the retry system
Thomas for the wall following grinders
Lazy and ft029 for playtesting/feedback

EDIT: Minor update due to lolyoshi's feedback.
---Water Dungeon----

This is nothing special, just a normal level from a hack i am working on.

I break the path, so you cant get to the next world.

And there is a message box in the first castle, you cant read it, so i say it now to you.

hot Ground is evil

I dont know how to make a functionaly link, so just higlight it.
Here's mine. There is no gimmick, so don't expect anything spectacular.

Update 29/10/16:
Some issues with the level have been fixed.
Layout by Erik557
Iggy's Airship From My Hack: Bowser's second strike 1.4

Update: Now in an .IPS format


i experimented a good bit with this level and i hope it pays off

edit: fixed link

I hope this does well.
Credit to Carol for the boss.

I used some custom Map16 tiles from the original Bowser boss and just recolored some of the palletes for the star background. The background for the second area was ripped by yours truly. The rest was HDMA.
Your layout has been removed.
Alien Hive

Joi VS a troop of aliens.

FG: Original.
BG: Original.
Music: Music in levels are original.
Enemies GFX: Original.

Have Fun! ^^D

Another Edit: Some things was changed/fixed!
Hacks and GFXs
My instagram profile, if you are interesting to see my drawings.
MyAnimeList profile.
I was not planning make hacks for a while, so the third episode of the "o ninja negro" series will take a long time to make, and "Mario in neb's land 2" is cancelled.
Time to win a contest

E: I accidently submitted a broken patch

Choco Mountain Mysteries, or A Semi-Blatant Level 24 Edit

I want my 36th place trophy.


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here. Progress: 64/95 levels.
Edit: Yoshi Berry Orchard (Updated)

This level took nearly 3 days to finish. I hope I don't lose this time.

Note: There should be no bugs in the level itself, besides Ladida's SMB3 Status Bar glitching a little but still working. I don't know why this happens on a modded ROM, even with no other ASM applied. So don't reject this entry for that bug, 'kay?

SMB3 Wood GFX - MarioFanGamer
Edited by me
Additional GFX by me

Teleport or die patch - MarioFanGamer
SMB3 Status Bar - Ladida
Piranha Plant Patch Fix Patch - Chdata
Sprite Height Fix Patch - Davros
Exit Adder Block - HuFlungDu
SMB3 Brick Block - S.L
Customizable Question Blocks - MarioFanGmamer
Invisible Vine Block - ninja boy
Invisible P-Switch Block - Vine
SA-1 Pack - Vitor Vilela

SMB3 Overworld Music and SMB3 World 9 Music (from Super Mario All-Stars Soundtrack) - MidiGuy
My Mode 0 guide.

My Discord server. It has a lot of archived ASM stuff, so check that out!

Extreme Castle

See the description txt file.
Ver.1.01 - Increase in seconds. (500s → 700s)
Ver.1.02 - Decrease time seconds. (700s → 600s)

I am yoshi9429 enjoying Lunar Magic and Touhou Danmakufu ph3 and RPG Maker MV.
Uh, I suppose I'll enter...

EDIT: fixed lol. always check your patches kids!
Summer Hammer Time

Let's see how good an easy 1-1 styled level will do.
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