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Lava Bubble glitch, change spawn order


I have a room with 5 Lava Bubbles (2 are 080 and 3 are 081). One of them (apparently always the rightmost, which is a 081) doesn't appear until at least one of the others has been killed or gone back into the lava. I am fine with this for now.

However, I have some Lava Bubbles (including that one) spawning on ground rather than in lava. Normally the Lava Bubbles come up perfectly fine. However, if I manage to reach the hidden Lava Bubble's spawn point before it appears, I get hit. This is the glitch I am trying to fix. At the very least, I want to change the spawn order of the Lava Bubbles so that the one that doesn't appear is a different one, one that spawns in lava so you don't end up touching it and getting hit. Is there any way to change spawn order or fix this glitch?

I have thought of one possibility, which is a sprite that immediately spawns a 081 Lava Bubble then disappears, making that Lava Bubble spawn later than all others. However, I have no ASM experience and do not know how to go about doing this.
Lava bubbles are sprites processed by the Super FX, those are sprites that rotate and scale and you cannot place more than 4 of those in a single screen