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Custom Mario Graphics Problem

Im working on some custom graphics for mario in my hack.I have it mostly completed,but when big mario runs fast, the arms are still leftover, even though i thought i removed them. the same happens when he soars.
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See these diagrams.

Alternatively, if you don't plan on using some of these tiles and want to repurpose them for something else, you can edit this table and patch it:
org $00DFDA
	db $00,$02,$80,$80
	db $00,$02,$0C,$80
	db $00,$02,$1A,$1B
	db $00,$02,$0D,$80
	db $00,$02,$22,$23
	db $00,$02,$32,$33
	db $00,$02,$0A,$0B
	db $00,$02,$30,$31
	db $00,$02,$20,$21
	db $00,$02,$7E,$80

Each row is the set of tiles used by certain Mario poses. In each row, the first two bytes are Mario's actual body tiles (don't edit), while the second two are the extra tiles scattered around SP1 (any number greater than #$7F means unused). For example, the second row uses tile #$0C, and if you look at the diagrams from before, you can see it's the row for the running animation.

So, just set any tiles you don't want used to $80, then save it as an ASM file and patch it to your hack.

Similarly, there's this table:
org $00E008
	db $4A,$5B,$4B,$5A

For four more cape tiles, too. Likewise, set #$80 for any of them you don't want.

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Thank you for that!
Your layout has been removed.