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american election thread
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Running an almost completely negative campaign against a negative campaign that promised economic growth was never going to work. Hell, Clinton didn't even seem to try. She just expected it.

Fucking hell, I fucking hate Trump and believe he's going to screw everything up. Pence is a dangerous bigot and the Republicans are already showing they're gonna kiss his ass to hell and back. Sure, Trump might be saying that he's not going to keep some of his promises now, which considering many of them were awful. But we can't trust that, since he's flip-flopping all of the time. And honestly, I'm very, very concerned that if he doesn't keep these promises, than the angry Rust Belt is gonna get even angrier and go for a candidate that's even worse.

But ya know what, while I believe there is a significant portion of Trump supporters were bigots, not all of them were, especially the moderates. But Clinton couldn't get them because she was an idiot. She just was a completely idiot, and so were the DNC

I just, ah, fuck it. Fuck it all. Fuck the DNC and the GOP.

I hope to god the Berniecrats take control of the DNC and prepare for 2020.

I'm just, I'm not gonna let this type of shit over here.
Yeah, I think we can all agree, a lot of this was Hillary's fault whether you love her or hate her. If her campaign was not rigged against Bernie, things may be very, very different. But eh, I'm just repeating what's been said lol
Did you know that Hillary Clinton spent, at the very minimum (the only number I could find only covered August) 50 MILLION dollars on anti-Trump smear campaigns. Like, 50 million. For 1 month. I sincerely don't understand how somebody can be so fiscally disconnected to the real world that spending that much money on telling America that Donald Trump isn't a good role model for kids seems like a valid strategy to ANY capacity.
Like, 50 million dollars is a lot of money. 31% of Americans have to choose between food and medical care each month. Flint Michigan STILL DOESN'T HAVE CLEAN DRINKING WATER. But hey, at least now young girls know that Donald Trump thinks they're ugly. Because yeah, let's call the children of America ugly and pretend it was Trump that said it first. This election is going to go down in history as one of the greatest examples of flying too close to the sun and failing miserably. e: sorry, i was just thinking about this all day. My "uncle on facebook" joke was "jeez....and she wants to pretend she lives like a normal person? when i dont like somebody i usually just fart by their desk. if i had 50 million dollars to blow i dont think i could hate anybody LOL"

I think that Trump is smarter than you give him credit for. (I've been reading all about this shit) He tells a story in his book about how he was building a hotel in a random country, and that there were protesters at the building, and every time those protests were in the news the hotel had more reservations booked. Before it was even open the entire hotel was booked, with the only promotion coming from those news spots of people protesting him in anger. That's exactly what he's been doing this election. He goes on twitter, says some crazy shit, attends a few campaign rallies, says some crazy shit, and bam he's the top story of the night, round table discussions and all. During the preliminaries it was obviously in the media's best interest to report on these to showcase him as the clown he is, guaranteeing the easy win. Demonize everything he says, and then once he's the republican nominee drop him and focus on Clinton. Problem was, Trump was so crazy the media just couldn't ignore the shit he was saying, and had to report on him almost daily to reap that ad revenue baby. The fact that Trump was able to stay that consistently relevant for that long is at the very least impressive.

A good example of Trump being surprisingly smart was with his claims the polls were rigged. He causes a yuuge commotion over the polls being rigged against him if he loses, which causes anybody opposing him to assure him and everybody that the polls are perfect, not rigged, and if he loses it's fair and square. If he lost, then he could just go on, complain about rigged polls, and keep public interest. But instead he wins the electoral vote, despite losing the popular vote. This means everybody that was against him and assuring him that the polls were not rigged either have to acknowledge he won fair and square, or go back on what they said and assume the polls were rigged.

im dying of hyperbole
I mean if you said the polls were rigged just because the candidate you preferred lost you're a fucking moron and lost cause. It's practically fucking impossible to rig the United States election

(Obviously hobz you're an intelligent person and not a moron and you're just talking about what other people are saying, but if people were saying the polls were rigged against Clinton... they need a slap. And if they thought the polls were rigged against Trump, they also need a slap)

Calling the polls rigged just helped depress turnout in my opinion, he might have won the popular had he not.

Running a negative campaign based mostly on the fear of the other gun and well, fear in general, just depresses turnout and makes everyone goddamn cynical to the point where people were arguing who was worse rather than who was better.

I'm actually tempted to write up the rules of how to run a political campaign, go over to the States, and literally throw five million copies at DNC headquarters. Because I'm starting to suspect 99.9% of modern day politicians are MORONS who never studied their history and don't know how to win anything.

I'm well aware that makes me sound egotistical and I'll probably regret saying it, but christ, I feel at this point I could have run a much better campaign than Clinton by simply not fucking talking about Trump and instead talking about my own policies. Oh, and ya know, outright apologising for the email server at the start.
at this point my goal is to get Pence to admit he's a homophobe on camera. Really that's all I want

Yeah I just thought it was a really interesting tactic for him to use. All negative consequences aside, it was a very simple (hilariously arrogant) way for him to assure his victory in the eyes of the people that opposed him; the cherry on the sundae of doubt, if you will. After forcing the media to address the potential rigged election and assure the country that there's no possible way the election can be rigged, he wins, and it can almost be taken as an affirmation from his opponents that he earned it fair and square. Fucking brilliant.

and I mean, it isn't egotistical to assume you could beat Trump in a political election. It really doesn't seem like much of a feat lol

im dying of hyperbole
Just a big news right now, guys. You know that there's a petition for switching Trump ballots and electing Clinton as the new president of the US, I may confer. It's close to 4,500,000 so get ready to sign up for this.

I'm sure THAT will work.
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People DO realise things will become a 100 times worse if that were to happen, right?

Then again, people are silly.
How can you expect an election to be invalidated by an Internet petition??

If Trump would have done this then people would consider it in bad taste.

Trump won't resign from being president just because of a single internet petition, you know?? What's done is done.

I think the lefts failure to acknowledge the real connection between the Islamic religion at this point in history and terrorism and the failure to acknowledge the fact that Islam poses a unique danger to western civilisation that other religions don't had a lot to do with swaying the election in Trumps favor.

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Look who just arrived!

EDIT: alright so

1. I don't know what you still don't get about generalising being wrong
2. Banning Islamic people from the US territory would be costly, unpractical and would instigate more conflict
3. I don't think the majority of the population thinks like you, so that probably was not the reason, not sure why you'd say it is other than to stir up things here since I'm sure you know about your rep in this site

Hilary could have acknowledged the problem that exists within Islam but differentiated herself from Trump by not attacking Muslims as individuals which a ban all Muslims policy will do if Trump actually enacts it. A lot of people are rightly concerned about terrorism. For the left to pretend that this problem doesn't exist or to call people racist for pointing it out means that the only people who are going to actually make sense on this issue are obvious demagogues like Trump.

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do you literally just still lurk on this site to pop up every few months to shit on islam and sometimes upload levels to contests

fuck off, nazi punk


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There's about 1.3 billion Muslims in this world. Only a very small fraction of that consists of super hardcore fundamentalists who like to bomb things.

Anyway, no need to attack the person who's talking lol
Who cares if he pointed out the Islam issue if his "solution" is dumb and would only fuck things up more? How does that put Trump above Hillary under any perspective?
If anything it was a capaign booster for him to get votes from the less bright, the selfish and the Islamophobic (like you). It's pretty disgusting.

Wait I thought sockbat was an Islamic fundamentalist?
I found it weird that he brings up Islams when this doesn't have to do much with it.
Originally posted by lolyoshi
I found it weird that he brings up Islams when this doesn't have to do much with it.

That's kind of Sockbat's calling card lol

Does the topic at hand give him a chance (even in the most tangential of ways) to vilify Islam and Muslims? Preferrably, using fear derived from politics or acts of terror? If so, then go for it, man.

Originally posted by The Courier
Wait I thought sockbat was an Islamic fundamentalist?

No, he's just one of those annoying antitheist atheists (oh shit, accidental alliteration~♪)

Said antitheist ideals later developed into outright Islamophobia


im gay and a lion. I AM VERY POOR PROGRAMMER !!!
pixel art no hoper. transcriptions on a hot tin ear.
Originally posted by Sockbat Replica
A lot of people are rightly concerned about terrorism.
Generalizing an entire country only makes relations with said country worse. But yes, you're right, they shouldn't be shutting down discussions regarding terrorism threats in America, especially for people that watch the news and see these terrorist attacks/attempts taking place with no assurance their own safety is guaranteed. Is Trump wrong for playing into people's paranoias to gain their trust? Absolutely. Is Hillary wrong for treating it as a non-issue? Not really, but it's a disservice for people sincerely looking for some kind of answer or solution to their safety.

The obvious solution is an education system focused on defining and clarifying the distinctions between an extremist and a normal citizen. There is just a majority of the population that can't distinguish a difference because the way that these attacks and groups are discussed in the media generalizes them ALL to be the bad guys. That's the kind of stuff the president/congress should have to crack down on and regulate. But that would mean the media couldn't control people's fears and anxieties for ratings any more, so that'll never happen. ugh

here are the keynotes, for those of you that are interested:
- His speaking voice makes you feel like you're in an ASMR video
- Doesn't regret anything he said in the campaign, believes that taking it to the extremes like he did is what it took to get people passionate
- The biggest thing he focused on with Obama during meeting was the Middle East. He claimed that with the 6 trillion spent overseas on military they could've fixed the country twice
- He still wants to build a wall, will settle for a fence in some areas but primarily wall
- Is pro-life, is going to elect pro-life judges and leave pro-choice bills up to individual states. If you want an abortion but your state wont let you, "just go to another state"
- He told all the people attacking minorities in his name to stop it and called it incredibly sad that it's happening at all
- He is going to refuse the president's salary, and has no plans on taking any vacations throughout presidency
- Briefly called out Clinton campaign spending a billion dollars on campaign
- He still believes there are areas of polling that are rigged, "im not going to change my opinion just because I won", understands why the electoral votes are there but still thinks they are rigged in some states against voters
- Claims to support LGBTQ community, but danced around subject of same-sex marriage. His answer was that his opinion didn't matter because it's already legal, nothing he can do
- Will not talk about plans to fight ISIS to any capacity, he knows how they're going to win but why would he tell them his plan
- As first lady, his wife's main focus is going to be cyber bullying. When asked about her husband doing just that she claimed that yes she called him out repeatedly for being rude
- His daughter is not an official member of the council or w/e, but she has a lot of topics she's passionate about
- Plans on repealing Obamacare, but not until an alternative, better option is already good to go (says there will be no gap between repealing Obamacare and bringing in new health care. they will happen simultaneously.) People that require Obamacare to survive or something wont lose it.

I'm undoubtedly forgetting a few things but i'm sure a recap will be online soon
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