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Disassembly Tutorial?

Im trying to figure out how the marx fight from mario fantasy was coded,but since MiOr never released him i have to disassemble the sprite.But i dont know how to do that.Can someone help?
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1. Use Snes9x-rr. Play up until the boss in the hack.
2. Open the trace logger in "Tools -> Start Trace Logger...". Save the output somewhere.
3. Run that for just a frame or two, then stop it and open the output log.
4. CTRL+F for a piece of relevant code. For instance, "LDA $14C8,x"; if the next line is "JMP [$0000]", that's where the sprite's code is being jumped to.
5. Disassemble code at that location with SHex. Follow the trace if you need guidelines on where the code is going.

That said, while it's okay to do this to try and learn from someone else's code, please don't entirely rip it and use it for your own hack unless you have the original coder's permission to do so.

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Thank you again Thomas!
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