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Rotating doors edit to use screen exits


Is there any way to edit the rotating doors? What I want is not just to change the exits, but to actually make it so that each door uses the screen exit of a particular screen of the sublevel e.g. Door 1 uses the screen the door is in, Door 2 uses the screen immediately above, and so on.
I need this patch as I am planning to use more than one rotating door and I do not want all of them to lead to the same places.
Screen exits not needed. you will need a hex editor and this offset: x78B1F if you want to edit the rotating door destination...

Detailed information about this:
Originally posted by Romi
0x78B1F - Screen Exit information for rotating doors, 4 bytes each
[B8 05 77 00] [C6 07 7A 00] [CD 05 5B 00] [D3 00 77 06]

1st byte : destination level
2nd byte : X position
3rd byte : Y position
4th byte : entrance type

and please stop creating threads for such simple questions, we have a F.A.Q. for a reason, and if the answer to your question is not listed there post in the same thread!
I was not sure whether actual sprite ASM requests would go in the FAQ or not.

Anyway, this does not fix the problem. I do not want to simpy change the hardcoded exits. I want to have multiple rotating doors, each leading to different exits. For example, one rotating door may lead to one place while the same number on a different rotating door (in the same sublevel but a different screen) leads somewhere else.
This may require a custom sprite or editing the original sprite code and I do not know ASM.
Mmhhh okay, I didn't get that you wanted to add more rotating door exits, so I got carried away trying to explain this. Disregard my post

as for ASM request, hex edits, "advanced" questions about YI hacking and such, post in this thread.