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I present to you, "INFINITY"!

To be announced.

The Title Screen:

Here is an example of some the custom graphics that will be in the hack:


Some overworld progress:

HDMA Test 1-3
This is some test levels I made before inserting the HDMA codes into INFINITY's rom.



I have decided to change pretty much the whole game, making a new one in the process. The overworld is currently being worked and most of World 1 will be scattered to some different worlds. Sorry for the bad news!
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Wow, looks like you're just starting out so there's not much feedback I can give,but the graphics in the level look great! I'll be keeping an eye on this. Good luck!
Lemme ask you something

Paul '96

lost my computer which had lwrc4 on it, rip.

new hack soonTM

Thank you!
Yea. I know I table stretched.
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Just a suggestion, but maybe you could use the Paper Mario player GFX from the graphics section? This is a Paper Mario hack after all :p
UpBForVictory: I thought about that,but those graphics were a bit too plain(?) for my taste.
I would use romi's Mario graphics, but he is gone with no way of contacting him. So, they are illegal to use.
(Plus,those graphics you mentioned used a LOT from romi's graphics.)

I was actually thinking about some different graphics,I might actually use those.Thank you for the suggestion.
Your layout has been removed.
(Main Account here in case your wondering.)

So, the overworld is still a W.I.P., but is almost done:

And world 1 is almost done, I just need to finish Lemmy's Castle.