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Joe's Journey


Whoopee, a new Joe's Journey update!
Download version 005 here.
So I'm still deciding whether to make Joe's Journey a collab or not. However, I am actively working on this hack and am doing my best to improve it- so far, I've created two good-looking levels and more to come! Speaking of, here are screenshots of the second level I made, Playful Plains!

However, the first version of this stage looked horrible compared to the final version. Play this and go to "Playful Plains" and you'll see what I mean. Actually, this only took around 90-150 minutes (spanned across two or three days) to make; a lot of time was spent on technical issues.

Lots of other little things were fixed in this version, including the cherry palette! WHOO!

I changed the cherries' palette and its graphics to make it look more like cherries! Also edited the orange's graphics.

I replaced the cape feather (or cape berry) here with an orange, and the orange's original spot is taken up by coins. Why? I managed to nerf the cape, but because of the way the main character palette is designed, I had to manually go into my graphics editor and edit every pixel that was cape related, and believe me, it was so hard that I gave up and just left the cape out of the hack for now. I'll probably give it another try soon.

So yeah, I think that's about it for this release!

- Graphics for Joe and Moe!
- A dang custom title screen!
- A level list that shows names for every level and gives a short description!
- Custom sprites, tiles, and more!

Hope you enjoy, and see you real soon!
This thread and that one are the same hack. I mean, they're made by the same guy and have the same content.

Originally posted by ThePowerPlayer
This thread and that one are the same hack. I mean, they're made by the same guy and have the same content.

There's literally no point in doing that. It's redundant.
Legacy custom music
A site with a non-useless dislike button
SMW hacking channel

Here's my review about the hack:

This overworld is very bland and it has cutoff in the clouds.

You can use this tool to change 'Mario' to 'Joe' in Mario Start !, and 'Luigi' to 'Moe' in Luigi Start !. Or you can use this:
org $0096A6
db $80,$03

This Dragon (or Smile) Coin is way too easy to get.

The one frame coin (the ones from ? blocks and the moving ones)... I think it doesn't look very good.

These 4 screenshots: Bland/flat/repetitive design. Also there are too many coins in the 4th screenshot.

(Not Pictured)
I think the orange looks a bit strange/odd with the fire flower animation. Use this code to disable it:
org $01C34C
db $00


Originally posted by Skewer
There's nothing wrong with cancelling a hack if you feel as if you're not going to work on it.

I've realized that between all the technical errors, slightly poor level design, hack delays (now I'm working on it, now I'm not, now I'm working on it, now I'm not), the huge amount of time it takes me to make just one level, and general procrastination and displeasure, I feel that Joe's Journey isn't going to get anywhere anytime soon. I think I'm going to have to cancel the hack. It's like, 80% of the time I'm struggling to solve errors created by patches and create the complicated things (for me), like an overworld and cutscenes, and 20% of the time I'm actually making levels. This feels very hard and unpleasant for me. I think that when it comes to SMW hacking, I do best in graphics creation.

Originally posted by Skewer
if you like drawing so much, why not draw the tile sets and stuff, and if you feel like, submit them to the SMW Graphics section? Everybody appreciates hand drawn graphics.

So I think I'm going to create some more graphics and submit them to the graphics section, like Skewer said. However, before I decided to quit the hack, I started working on a new level, although it looks quite poor. I'll finish up with the level, gather all my Joe's Journey stuff, organize it, and finally release it in a .zip file so people can view everything about the hack, from beginning to end. Since today is a Sunday (where I am, anyway), the .zip will be up for grabs for one week before it vanishes on Monday, November 7th (OMG, that's my birthday! :O I better post it in that birthdays forum so SMW Central can celebrate it.) I'll still be active on the central, mostly posting in General Discussion. I MIGHT, just MIGHT, come back to this hack and give it a second reboot if I know some more about computer programming (and/or ASM), AND I am willing to work on the hack once more. For now, though, I can say one thing- at least I tried.

Originally posted by Chillah
One last message: If you need help, I'm here. Feel free to PM me anytime you'd like. I'm a nice guy, and I can help. I'm better at graphics than most things, so I can help you in that department as well. Anyway, nice seeing that work's been done on this hack, I'm excited to watch this grow.

Thanks to Chillah, Skewer, and everyone else who supported this hack. I'm sorry I had to cancel it.

Well then. This was not a pleasant surprise. However, no one's stopping you. Do what you want to do. We won't force you to stress out.
Anyway, I'm glad you'll still be around. Your posts have charm and your graphics have potential. I wish you the best of luck on any other contributions you try to make to this site. Anyway, Joe's Journey had potential and I do hope it will someday be restored.