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[DROPPED] 3-7: Fishin' Forest


Note: Do NOT rush, especially in the second half. The level is specifically designed to force you to be aware of when is safe, and if you ignore that you WILL get hurt and/or die.
I mean I don't see major issues so accept would be the obvious way but a problem I have to say the difficulty is really inconsistent in the three sublevels. The water one plays the waiting game (tho you acknowledged it on IRC), and the uppermost section is way harder than the middle and water ones.
also you can die at the end, that's to be ignored, I'll fix it.
You said you were gonna update it tho so I'm neutral.

- Actually made it beatable lol
- Edited the lower and middle paths
Yes, the first section feels like something I've play now. The second section can be swimmed unter entirely, I'll just install the pit fix or something. I still feel like the upper part is uneccessarily harder than the rest, though.
Also the first part aesthetic looks needs a retouch.
I'm gonna give it an accept, however it would be nice if you rebalanced the difficulty of the uppermost part.
Update 2

- Changed a few things in the upper path to make it easier/less annoying.
- Fixed the music.
Feels a lot more tolerable, still kind of harder than the rest but not by a lot now.
I'm still holding my opinion but let's wait for the rest (aka ahick bitching and forcing this to be removed because it's his hack apparently)
the fishing boos make the second half literally unplayable, lol. almost all the coins force you to get right in the path of the fishing boo's fire, which jumps around erratically and leaves mario's life up to chance no matter what you do. even if i try to time my jumps or lure it away it still gets a cheap hit on me half the time.

i kind of like the first half and think it could be made into its own level, rather than abruptly changing halfway through to a ghost house. whether you want to do that or try to make something remotely playable with fishing boos (almost impossible tbh) is entirely up to you

but i can't really vote on accept/reject since i didn't beat the level, and the issue i have (basically the entire second half) is (apparently) subjective so neutral ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
First half was alright and aside from the trees sometimes blocking the view from the falling spinies and jumping cheeps I didn't had any problems with it.

On the second half though.

Having to deal with the fishin' boo alone is bothersome since you can't always predict its movement, leading to some unfair hits. This is what makes it so hard to try and design a good level with it, and even though you said you had to be wary of when it was safe, in the end it just didn't make it very fun. A lot of it boiled down to just waiting for enemies to get out of the way, which makes the level feel tedious and longer than what it should be.

Now to be more specific on each path:

Lower path: This one mainly suffered from constantly waiting around for enemies to get out of the way, which coupled with the water physics made it feel slow. Still from what I played it wasn't that bad, and had I tried a couple more times I probably would've beaten it (secret exit though I don't know).

Middle path: This was the only one I actually managed to beat (secret exit included) and even though it sometimes felt claustrophobic it was still manageable at least.

Higher path: Having enemies constantly haunting your ass while also avoiding getting hit by the fishin' boo was annoying and probably is what made this the harder of the three. This was at least toned down on the latest update but the issue is still kinda present.

Also a couple minor stuff:

The block below Morton here is solid for some reason.

The coin below here and the stairs besides it are misleading since thy make it look as if there was ground below.

So yeah i'll say change.

Holy shit I spent like an hour and a half on this post

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Scrap my level.

While I would be willing to concede to some of the minor suggestions, it would be dishonest of me to say I agreed with essentially the complete redesign of the second half that is being called for. It is obvious that we don't see eye to eye when it comes to level design (not that this is surprising. This is not the first time it has happened), and there's not really much I can do about that.
So you droppin it or...

e: ya, tis' dropped