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Level Creators Needed! Help me finish my rom!


Can I claim 2-2?
Layout by Erik557
Layout by Erik557
Finished my 1-2.

Also I made an small update to my 2-1 because the bonus area's exit pipe was broken.

I'll start building 3-3 tomorrow.

Alright awesome. And sounds good im working on all the star road levels over the next few days.
I'll take 7-2, since I'm inspired to try out an idea.
Want progress on 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Go here to see.

(rip my other userbars momentarily)

Sounds good. Cant wait to see it.
Layout by Erik557
Awesome wind fish. I like it!
I'd like to reserve the ship wreck and 3-8.
Slight update to 2-2. (Basically it reduces slow down in certain sections)
Layout by Erik557
Second half is shorter and (maybe) easier then first half, but I hope this doesn't matter.

better post a download link when this is finished, the overwolrd is pretty and makes me want to play this hack.
Thanks! And I plan to.
My level is still in progress...?

Fixed, my bad.
Here's my level; it's not quite finished yet because there isn't a secret exit. I haven't tested it with Yoshi or cape, but I hope it's okay. It's also quite difficult. This level is completely vanilla, so you don't need to insert any resources. Underground ice level

Level description: Jumping around on icy, sloped platforms while avoiding castle enemies.
I like it ft! Good job. Let me know when the secret exit gets finished. I just finished a level guys. If any of you could check it out and let me know what you think or if I should change anything let me know. Thanks. Level 109
Wait, DM0ney, did you actually play mine? It's not too difficult??

Anyway, your level seems all right, although I don't like how you're pretty much doing the level twice. Once for the normal exit, once for the secret exit. They're basically the same, and carrying an item around doesn't make the level any more special or anything. I also recommend using some more varied sprites other than goombas and koopas, and creating set-ups rather than placing enemies randomly.
Yeah I have ft and it was hard but not too hard I found. And I am also not the best Mario player so yeah. And also thanks for the criticism, and I'll work on tuning it a bit and for future levels. Its hard to make vertical levels haha. What would you suggest for a secret. Like an entire different section through a pipe or something?