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Super Mario Lost World - Random Progress - RussianMan's the new host now.

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Welcome to Super Mario Lost World, a hack that's gonna have a Lost Levels vibe to it.

Ignore my rules and listen to RussianMan now.

We also have a Discord server: SuperMarioLostWorld

They're helping me because this is going to be a hard hack, and they've made some hard hacks, and some want to help me.
-niko: Mario's Last Adventure
-RussianMan: Super Russian World
-draken: O Ninja Negro, Return Of Shadower, and Mario In Neb's Land
-Luansilva12: Wants to help.
-user23507: Wants to help.
-MasterSkodwarde (I like that name better): Wants to help.

Anyways here are some screenshots.

Yoshi's Jungle Map (Yes I did draw those trees.)

Yoshi's Jungle 1

Yoshi's Jungle 2

I also have a plot.
Mario, Toadstool, and Yoshi decided to take a vacation, in Vanilland. Where Princess Toadstool was last seen, caught by Bowser.

I'm gonna do something different I've never seen a hack do. Worlds named after slangs, and bonus world levels named after foods.

World Names
-Yoshi's Jungle
-Radical Peninsula
-Far Out Dome
-Brill Bridge
-Bodacious Plateau
-Island Of Mystery
-Righteous Desert
-Basin Of Bowser
-Super Star World
-Spiffy Zone

-Ice Cream

Yes that is a nod to Ms. Pac-Man.

P.S. It'll be as long as the original.

Claim List
Yeah, I thought they'd feel vanilla enough.
OK, let me be honest and as real as possible. You haven't showed off much yet, but I can still provide feedback on at least a few things. Super Mario Lost World just sounds strange, and I think you should probably change it to something that doesn't sound as weird. Anyway, the map for Yoshi's Jungle looks kind of... Plain. And the trees look familiar. Anyway, in the screeny of Yoshi's Jungle 1, the muncher has a crap ton of spit flying from its mouth. It starts to look like... I don't know, glass? And then in Yoshi's Jungle 2, the color of the leaves looks odd. It looks almost yellow, and the munchers look like hexagons. The plot is also weird. It's short and hard to navigate.
Originally posted by Plot
Mario, Toadstool, and Yoshi decided to take a vacation, in Vanilland. Where Princess Toadstool was last seen, caught by Bowser.
It kind of takes Princess Toadstool out of the blue, unless "Toadstool" is actually the Princess? Anyway, I think it would be better if you lengthen it and, if I'm interpreting it correctly, write "Princess Toadstool was last seen being kidnapped by Bowser." Anyway, 96 exits is a lot. You've got a long way to go, so let's just hope it will be awesome by the time it's done. Good luck.

OK, seriously?! Am I the only one who keeps ninja protection on? I just got ninja'd by two people... Anyway, time to actually post.
@Chillah: Thanks for the feed back.

Originally posted by Chillah
Good luck.

Same to you (Key To Success).
So far looks like you're just spamming sprites and munchers everywhere, like in Bits and Pieces. This is not good level design. Even in Kaizo levels, each muncher is placed strategically. These look like they're there to piss players off.

Be sure to test levels one or two screens at a time, and change or scrap ideas if necessary. Otherwise, things may become too difficult and overwhelming.

Also, don't imitate the SMW: The Lost Levels. That hack has some of the most boring level design I've ever seen, and it used length and boring-ness as difficulty instead of actual fun difficulty.
Oh I'm not imitating SMW Lost Levels, I'm gonna try and make this level design fun and hard. It may not look like it but there's going to be variety with the level design.
+ there are other peoples that make levels too, so, there may be a few very fun levels.

Hey Pixel-Gon Gamer the screenshots of first levels of your new project are wonderful. I haven't found some cutoffs or bugs yet, but the feedback can be appreciated, since I know from RussianMan, there may be a few very fun levels. Good luck!
Who is your favourite player?

"Cristo Ronaldo, Suey!" - iShowSpeed
where is the ips that i can make my level ... ?
Just grab a new ROM and make a levels on it.

Originally posted by RussianMan
Just grab a new ROM and make a levels on it.

Considering that this is sort of a team hack, wouldn't one want to edit off of a base ROM so that they can see what patches/blocks/sprites/graphics are already inserted and such?
I see your points, but it's a vanilla hack, so it doesn't matter.
But we need a patch to clear bugs, like "No More Sprite Tile Limits", to avoid invisible/glitched sprites.
Hacks and GFXs
My instagram profile, if you are interesting to see my drawings.
MyAnimeList profile.
I was not planning make hacks for a while, so the third episode of the "o ninja negro" series will take a long time to make, and "Mario in neb's land 2" is cancelled.
I guess you're right, I'm gonna need to think on that. Also your level looks good darken.
My level:


This looks not right, but

Originally posted by Pixel from PM
-No Map16

I like the idea of this level, but it needs to be a bit harder than that. BTW I'm only talking about the first section of the level 123.
OK, redownload ips, I updated level 123.
I expanded it by one screen and added a few other obstacles.
I thought that first world will be the easiest one (as always)
Newer version of this level here
I redesigned secret path and fixed (probably) all Map16 mistakes. Also a few small changes in main level



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