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Super Mario Lost World - Random Progress - RussianMan's the new host now.

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I honestly find RussianMan's levels the best, because they're creative and have fun difficulty. LIke ft029 said in the start of the thread, some of these levels look like muncher spam it doesn't look fun.
Also, about the No Map16 restriction. This isn't needed. I'm partly unaware what that means, but I'm going to assume it means that any tiles directly from the Map16 is banned. Map16 opens up doors for creativity, and it's only frowned upon when something like a 3-Up Moon kills you like a muncher. My point is, restricting an efficient (in some cases) means of building is unnecessary. The hack already isn't entirely vanilla, so placing an useless restriction like that is unnecessary.
You're right, I don't why I put that restriction, I guess for consistency, but that's a stupid reason. Anyways the levels aren't going to be muncher spam, I promise. I also agree I like RussianMan's level the best too.
Thanks, it means a lot for me.

You're welcome RussianMan.

Anyways here's Lemmy's Castle.

Yes those are jumping grinders. As I said, this hack's going for a Lost Levels vibe. Meaning there's new sprites, that use the original GFX. I only plan on me using these, for variation purposes. If this seems unfair, let me know, I'll figure something out.
'Radical Peninsula 3' or
'Koopa hoping'
I can't say too mush about this one, in this level you hop on Koopas... And that's about it.
Edit: I don't now how i did not noticed before, but this level is actually 'Radical Peninsula 3'. Sorry!

Well it's a good level, but the sections with koopas on normal ground, i'd vary it a bit.

Sadly I've decided to delay the demo because the teams been kind of going back and forth with the first 3 worlds. But hey good thinks happen to those who wait. Yes this means the demo will have 3 worlds, instead of 1.
Originally posted by Pixel
Well it's a good level, but the sections with koopas on normal ground, i'd vary it a bit.

What i need to vary? More decorations or sprites?
If you mean sprites, i can't place more, because of sprites limit.

I mean, instead of normal koopas in the normal ground sections, something like a chuck. Just a suggestion.
Redownload, I did a few changes, like added decorations and a few enemy replacements.

I don't see a difference. Anyways here's the new title screen.
Are you really sure that there no differences? Maybe download from new download link?
Also, I think title screen looks good.

Better, and thanks for the compliment on the title screen. It took me an hour to make.
Update for 'Radical Peninsula 3' to make it (probably) easier. Link

I thought it was fine the way it is. But the first bouncing koopa, comes out of no where, which is kind of unfair.

I like what you did with the secret exit.
Well, I fixed that. tiny update


Anyways here's another level I'm working on, Morton's Castle.

The main gimmick with this one is the Fire Magikoopa.
I PM'd PGG asking for permission to make levels, so I made a level for this hack (Island of Mystery 3):


Download it here.

You know what? There's gonna be no demo. My team is going all over the place. But hey, good things happen to those who wait. Also we're gonna get this done in no time.
Finished half of Basin of Bowser 1:

Not much to say other than it looks like it's gonna be the hardest of the worlds. Which is a good thing.

Anyways more of my levels.

Brill Bridge 2

Bodacious Plateau 1

Flooded Ghost Ruins



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