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SMWC goals and dreams?
Forum Index - Donut Plains - General Discussion - SMWC goals and dreams?
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First I'd just like to say I wont be posting threads like every 3 days in GD anymore lol. They'll be a lot less frequent and evenly distributed around SMWC, rather than just in GD. I guess I've finally been humbled by the staff and all the feed back I received about my constant posts in the past. I'll mostly be participating in other threads now and trying to help out in General SMW Hacking. But that's not to say that I wont post here every once in a while xD

Hi guyz! :D

Have you ever had a goal or a dream for yourself on SMW Central? Share about it! I know I have! Here's mine:

-I love to fantasize about the day all of SMWC has a meet up some where. Just the idea of all of us meeting up one day in a room sounds so rad to me! There's so many of you I'd like to meet!

-I have a particular goal of making it as one of SMWC's mosts one day. And no... before you say anything, the one I have already doesn't count lol. It has to be something good... -.- :3

-There's a particular user on the site who's shout-out list is my goal. Don't ask me who, you'll never know o.o

-This is more than just a goal. One day I'll participate in SMWC idol and get 1st place. Just you wait xD

-To get at least one full hack that I'm passionate about on the site. I wanna make a hack with no over world map but a hub instead and all these missions and quests and gameplay like Luigi's Mansion and Paper Mario when it comes to like puzzles and stuff to proceed. Whew, that was a mouthful. Seriously though, I'ma make the best hack ever! :D

-to make at least one cut in the mosts
-to make a successful hack
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Pretty sure properly defined goals have more of a defined time frame than "one day." That's what I was taught anyway. So I guess these are just hopes and dreams I have or had:
-Releasing Miku Miku Dance 2 to the site which was a huge relief due to how much I procrastinated and stuff, and it doesn't have to weigh heavily on my conscience
-Finishing what I started and not feeling too jaded (the latter is the hard part)
-Make at least 5542 posts total

Even tho I've been staff, 'best Kaizo hacker' in winter mosts, and member of the month before, none of those were ever actually goals, nor did I obsessively think about them beforehand.

Legacy custom music

How am I so creative? I think taking walks might have something to do with it.
Every single level I will ever make in SMM2 will be easier than Ultra Necrozma.
Well all I've ever tried to do is make a hack that someone would let's play, like levelengine. All I've actually attempted to release are early demos so anyone who played those technically didn't even play a full-on hack.

It's still a dream of mine if I ever actually finish my hack.
and finish 2 collabs tbh
Originally posted by Qwoll
-There's a particular user on the site who's shout-out list is my goal. Don't ask me who, you'll never know o.o

its ok we already know ;)
to become an admin by the end of the month

just wait and see
Originally posted by alexandrite
to become an admin by the end of the month

just wait and see

But seriously, i'm nearing the 1000 posts soon. What i also would like is to atleast get some trophies in the upcoming time that i am here. Maybe i might do something sweet for C3.

find my inspiration and submit a level to the cldc
make a really good layout I can be happy with using for more than 3 days (that skull one I had for halloween was close)
to beat
in every contest entered by 1 point
port an entire album to SMW
make a hack that surpasses everybody's expectations
make raocow think im a good hacker
-Be relevant.
-Actually make something decent for the site.
-Learn how to make good layouts.
-Be a good hacker.
-Be banned for lack of self-confidence.
-Donate to the site.
-Maybe come up with a better and unique username that isn't too lame.
-Getting cyphermur9t's approval in...something hack related.

Хуй войне!

Bacon is kind of a pig vegetable.
- Donate to the site
- Reach 1000 posts
- Have a hack accepted on the site Already happened!


I think I have already achieved most of what I wanted... don't care as much about becoming staff anymore lol, especially now that I'm an IRC half-op, which is arguably better than having to work as site staff #wario{;)}
Maybe having an even bigger postcount is a goal. And constantly having a fancy sample post setup.

I suppose a meetup would be amazing though!
my biggest goal is to become a meme god
- Revive the UberASM repository because right now it's deader than the BRR samples section :^)
- Have a better layout
- Post more
- Submit cool ASM
- Make a custom boss so awesome carol gives me the direction of Brutal Mario
- Make an epic hack series. Someday...
- Win a VLDC.
8 and 9 were rigged. =.=

- Win another ExGFX contest, now in the FG category.
- Get something in Mosts, although at this point I'm nearly giving up lol.
- Port more music maybe? Kinda related to porting too: learn music theory and composing.
Mine are:

-Make a hack with 24 Worlds
-Port 300 songs
-Reach 6969 Posts
-Making a rereg named "I got user 30000" rcx, please ignore this
-Learn ASM
-Win five contests
-Win 20 Mosts trophies
-Win 20 C3 tropies
-Become admin and unban the banned users
C3 Stuff:
Ports - Graphics - Demo
be the gayest asmer after leod

that's all


- Make more friends
- Be known for something
- Win 1st place in any contest
- Win at least one mosts trophy
- Become member of the month, but not staff or admin, because I'd be too lazy to keep up with it. #tb{:p}

Formerly known as nick 139
My YouTube channel
-Finish my hack until 2020
- Finish my hack
- Make something that will be remembered
- Improve my art

“Lucas peeked inside the mailbox. There’s nothing inside. Except the 1000 rat corpses.”

"The Hero Appears! The Hero Appears! The Hero Appears!"
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