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What is your Favorite Level Theme?

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Snow, Desert, Grassland, or something else?

My favorite theme is Grassland/Desert.
Mine would be something really creative.

Edit: An open one.
Anything that is abstract/dream-like. Bonus points if it has an epic music or a sense of finality.
Ice/Snow levels. There's some indescribable charm on them.
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Ice stages (I live at the very south of Portugal, near the sea, so polar/arctic settings in media always mystified me), sky stages and

Originally posted by Mathos
Anything that is abstract/dream-like.

This also extends to nightmare-type levels (AREA 42 in VIP5) and drug trip-type levels (ドラッグハイ in VIP6, Morton's castle (and the last stage in World 7 before the Bowser stages according to the unfinished OW))

I also like horror-type stages like 'the and game.bps' entireties and Hostel (just the aesthetics tho) so long as they don't get too edgy with it (putting blood on everything and those decapitated Toad heads on spikes GFX makes me cringe everytime)

Grasslands and ice.

Forest, mechanical, and ruins are all up there, but I especially like levels that put multiple themes together, such as Juicy Jungle in Tropical Freeze.


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lush jungle, or dense forest. also cliffside and ruins

dont think any hack has done them properly (except for ruins)

also also anything with a japanese aesthetic
Doesn't matter. I find that any type of level theme, when touched by worldpeace, becomes super great.
Anything with Lava Lotuses everywhere.
Cliff side, volcano, or autumn type levels are my favorite. Volcano levels are intense, and I like them especially when they have intense music. Cliff side and autumn levels are just beautiful, and it's just simply nice.
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Ice is my favorite theme. Forest and mountain themes are second.
Grassland, Castles, Desert
I like space and abstract levels but I wholeheartedly believe final castle levels are the absolute best.
Mountain is probably my favourite theme since usually that's where the "tall levels" are from. Even if it isn't a vertical level, I like scaling 2-screen tall mountains and going down them again...

I think horror (TRUE horror, not MARIO Horror) would be placed second, and abstract for third.

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I enjoy a good grassland level. Simple ideas and not too difficult most of the time. Grassland levels tend to rely on quality platforming and design rather than a complex gimmick (which is fine in different situations). Sometimes less just gets you more, you know?
Originally posted by ThePat545
I like space and abstract levels but I wholeheartedly believe final castle levels are the absolute best.

Originally posted by DragonFire6780

See the Depraved Stronghold

Well, I like castles too. But there's always someone who can mess it up.
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