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Shows That Started Out Good
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Johnny Test: Season 1
I mean it's not the best, but it's decent. I remember watching the first season, and I thought not half bad. But the second season is when it gone downhill, and I mean it. No wonder why people hate this show. But sometimes if you look hard enough, you'll find the good in the bad.

Family Guy: The First Few Seasons
It's first few seasons were really funny, and well thought out. But they got so lazy, careless, and disturbing.
First three seasons of the Boondocks is prolific. then they fired the show runner and it became an ironically meta parody of a parody of itself. i guess the new showrunners decided there was too much subtlety and nobody got the jokes so they streamlined the social commentary by having characters tell you what they represented.

I think pre-HD It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is miles ahead of the newer seasons. It feels like im alone on this, but I just cant get into the way they write the show now. It's again, like they just had somebody write the character description out on paper and they've just been working off that. Too many jokes feel like the exact same joke (something terrible > gang reacts > somebody explains the terrible thing that happened in shock/disgust > plot > somebody says something terrible > one person facial reaction > person repeats terrible thing they just heard and reacts > plot > etc). I commend them for trying new things but it's not for me anymore.

Spongebob for same reasons. Fairly Odd Parents for same reasons.

I thought that the second season of Rick and Morty (and all of Community after the pilot) was a significant downgrade in quality. The second season of Rick and Morty felt like a lot of "it's a science thing, get it!?", and overall significantly less laugh out loud moments in the entire season. It had good episodes, but they weren't anywhere near as good as the first season, for me at least. Community is just the exact same thing ever week, it's hard to get invested in a character learning a life lesson when they forget the lesson in the very next episode. Every single episode's final heart-warming speech is interchangeable and it's bland and eh. Has it's moments tho.

I guess Flanderization in general is just a huge turn off for me

Pokemon- the first couple seasons felt fairly creative. Then the large amounts of filler, lack of overall direction, and formulaic plots pretty much turned me off of consistently watching sometime during the Ruby and Sapphire arcs, and the sine wave character development plus lack of aging serve as snark bait.
Simpsons- Unfortunately I don't think anything can really be done about having done virtually every basic plot under the sun multiple times when it's been on the air as long as it has. The episodes that start with an interesting plot only to switch to the less interesting main plot, which has virtually nothing to do with the initial plot feel like clickbait. IIRC they didn't do as much of that in the single-digit seasons.

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Spongebob hands down lol
Originally posted by ThePat545
Spongebob hands down lol

Originally posted by Hobz
Spongebob for same reasons.

Everyone should agree that the first three seasons (and a small portion of season 4) used to be good, because a lot of creative writers with good humor and great plots worked on it. Then, they probably spent all their time working on the movie, and left after that. Then around this time, Paul Tibitt became some kind of supervisor and is mentioned in nearly every modern Spongebob episode. And suddenly, around season 9 some of the original writers (even Stephen Hillenberg himself) came back to work on the show again. While some of the episodes might be less good then others, it's good to see that the show is trying to bring itself back to it's original roots.

I was enthusiast about the first season of Gotham. I thought it was really nice and very promising. And then it turned bad (in my opinion) with
reviving dead characters without explanations when they need it for the story
and stuff like that. It quickly went in circle, just changing one character everytime.

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Family Guy. At least Spongebob is kinda good again, but Family Guy? other than the "Brian and Stewie adventure" episodes, it's been getting worse.

i just lurk sometimes
I just remembered Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Like so many other viewers, I didn't like the college episodes as much as the earlier episodes.

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Adding to Pokémon, the Dutch dub was suprisingly solid for a while, almost to the point people older than like 12 would recognize the voices better than the English or Japanese version, but after Diamond and Pearl, where the quality of the show dropped in general, the same went for the dub.

Now this has a little bit of a backstory. Of course the load of new characters made it hard to find new people that were good enough. Not only that, but two of the main characters had to be replaced too. James' VA sadly passed away in 2012, while Meowth was REALLY hard to do apparently and had to be replaced in season 7 and 15. The first one was excellent, the second one clearly had some difficulties with his high pitch but still did well, but the latest one? It's Brock. It's seriously Brock. He doesn't even put effort into making Mewoth sound proper, only sounding like a TINY bit scratchier. Wow. Only Ash and Jessie remain of the main cast today.

Last but not least, Lana sounds a tiny bit older than Lillie and Lillie sounds like a toddler in Sun & Moon. Sadly this means the dub is unwatchable nowadays, and only stick with the first 4 gens thanks to that.

Alright, alright. Of course I can't look past other shows as well. Spongebob, while I don't think it's as bad as people think it is, is nothing to really write home about anymore, while FOP became really messy and dull after they made the jump to HD. Last but not least, Power Rangers is being milked out hard by Nickelodeon, and I wouldn't be suprised at all if it has like zero substance.
I think The Walking Dead used to be good, but now it's all about Negan for two or three seasons straight. The plot is dragged on WAY too much and important characters are even dying...

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Spongebob would be a good pick because the first 4 seasons were really good, but then the humour went from creative to rather silly and obnoxious. Not sure about the newest seasons, because I haven't seen them. They might be better than these from the 5-9th season.
I'm really sad to say this but Silicon Valley. That was honestly my new favourite show on television for the first two seasons, those were just glorious and still some of the best episodes ever written. It's one of the few shows I honestly feel I could watch and re-watch all day without getting bored.

Season 3 and 4 however went downhill pretty fast and still kind of shocks me how quick the quality of the humor and characters went downhill. The fact that TJ Miller's gone now really doesn't help either.

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