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Did The Mario

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Tob gladly presents:

What's this?

I gladly present to you my current Super Mario World Hacking project called 'Do The Mario'.

Besides it being a reference to the outro theme of the Super Mario Bros Super Show

it is also everything the Hack is about. It's just Mario, doing Mario things.

(I don't have anything near a plot yet pls dont sue me)

The Hack aims to be a combination of both classic and modern Mario Gameplay

mixed with completely new stuff aswell as certain things from other

games like Kirby for example. Basically it is a huge jumble...


That's what we're here for right?

Trailer's and Demo's

VERY OLD Demo | Trailer

Weird C3 Summer 2017 Trailer | Level sampler from C3 Summer 2017

Christmas 2017 Single Level Demo

Winter C3/2018 Trailer


You can support this hack if you want to by putting this code in your signature.

You can also support me, the creator of this project, by leaving comments and opinions!

Positive or negative doesn't matter as long as it helps me improving my work!

Last Notes

I'll try to post every type of progress I make. It would be nice of you to check at here

every now and then when you are interested in the development progress.

- Tob

// Layout by Maxo
Generic, but the levels and OW look fine.
Originally posted by Pixel-Gon Gamer
Generic, but the levels and OW look fine.

That's rich.


Anyways, the demo released was excellent, top notch level design and visuals.

I really hope to see this hack be completed, it's one of the best demoes I've played in a while on this site.
Super Mario World 3: The Koopas Strike Back
Super Mario: Grand Journey
"Generic"?! This looks amazing! Tob, you should also post your videos so we can see how they play out. My only complaint is the weird looking hills in the title screen. Maybe make them more round and have further spaced eyes? Besides that, it looks good so far, and I like your thread orginization. #wario{<3}
Definitely one of my favorite hacks on the site so far, loved every bit of it! Keep it up Tob!
Just can say this is still a very good one, the only thing that bothers me is, that the levels are sometimes a bit repetitive, meaning, a feature is sometimes too often in the levels, just a bit changed.

If you improve that a bit, this hack will be insane.
this hack looks s e x y
i always have sex with mario levels and its nice.
Please niko don't. Carry on everyone and go on-topic (about the hack that is).
ok, sorry for the mistake.
Yo, this hack is looking slick and you're doing a rad job at it.
That's all I really have to say, as I am terrible at criticism and all that.
I'm supporting this Hack now
I love it!
First Update!

I finished a new stage that'll replace the lava/dolphin stage of world 1.

Enjoy this video of it aswell as these screenshots of the stage and the updated main overworld.

// Layout by Maxo
Well the cave level looks unique.
The original level was fine imo (even if a bit too hard due to a few annoying jumps), but this one looks fairly interesting as well! The sticky block gimmick is definitely interesting, and you made a great use of it overall.

Just a nitpick, but I think the darkness effect might be a bit too obscuring right now, maybe it could use some tweaking? It might be better in-game, though. Also I don't remember seeing these stars in the demo, curious about what they do.

Great work overall! #smw{:TUP:}
Wow, didn't expect the OW to look like this, really excited for it!
Some of the moves look too difficult for world 1. Unless this is intended for pros only, I would recommend dumbing down some of those jumps, and the moving spinjump platform.
I've given your demo a spin.

In terms of visuals, it looks pretty great. It clearly shows you've taken care compiling your visuals, palettes, and gradients, and it offers a vibrant look. I would recommend changing the background in the forest stage to use its own dedicated image rather than recycled foreground graphics, though.

In terms of level design, I think the demo falls a bit short. Most of the difficulty seems to come from low ceilings. In general, I would advise against low ceilings in most any setting and instead rely on other techniques to achieve your desired (high) difficulty level. Platformers like Mario are best enjoyed when you can exercise a high degree of movement freedom. In addition, having ceilings in non-cave levels tends to feel a bit unnatural and forced. In your demo, this point is further strengthened by the fact you give out plenty of Raccoon Feathers, but present barely any opportunity to use them.

The overworld is very colorful and well made.

The demo is fairly short. I played without savestates and got around 15-20 minutes of gameplay out of it. Less experienced players will probably take a bit longer due to the difficulty, which seems to be on the tough side.

I did notice a few technical problems, but since I played on ZSNES I'm not sure if they also occur on more accurate emulators. In some stages (at least the forest and the cave) the music tends to spaz out on a few notes. The HDMA gradients seems to carry over into loading screens and fadeouts, which looks weird. Bronto Burt animation does not freeze when all other animations do, which is a very minor thing but something you might want to look into for the sake of consistency anyway.

I did really like what you have on show here, and I look forward to future updates!
I finally got all the overworld maps done. Enjoy this video as an early christmas gift!
// Layout by Maxo
Your hack looks great! Keep progressing!
I support:

There is a story behind every pair of eyes.


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