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Did The Mario
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I am having a real struggle with this level ever since I began working on it. I made a video that showcases the first half. I could really need some more feedback, that hopefully brings my motivation for that level back.

// Layout by Maxo
Hey this hack is looking really good, good luck. I particularly like your spin on the cave level and the overworld. Seeing the boomerang mario is a nice addition as well, haven't played many hacks that use that power up.
Originally posted by Zimmy
Seeing the boomerang mario is a nice addition as well

I removed the custom power ups a long time ago because they screwed around with the rom too much.
// Layout by Maxo
Originally posted by Tob

The music of the level is beautiful and happy. The gimmick is simple but creative.
However, the level seems to be a bit repetitive. I think if you use a sublevel with
another gimmick it will greatly vary your level. Besides, everything looks great.

I'll be waiting for new levels, yay!

"If you imitate someone, you can never surpass them."
I'm ready to "Do The Mario."
Quick Update:
I updated the screenshots in the main thread. You can also have the first look at the new title screen that I don't think I posted before.
// Layout by Maxo
Your hack looks visually appealing. You're doing a good job so far.
@titlescreen I'd put a lovely HDMA gradient in there as well.
Originally posted by Wakana
I'd put a lovely HDMA gradient in there as well.

HDMA in Titlescreen. RIP.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

(Is anyone even going to read this and not just look at the picture?)

Oh yeah, some big changes happened regarding the overworlds.
I changed the old order of worlds for reasons i will point out later.

The old order was:
Grass, Beach, Mountain, Sky, Jungle, Ice, Volcano

The new order is:
Grass, Beach, Jungle, Mountain, Sky, Ice, *secret*

First off: I scrapped the volcano aka. the old final world completely and replaced it with a world-theme I won't talk about yet. The submap for the ice world got scrapped and got now put on top of the mountain within the main map. So there is space for a new world theme in theory, but i probably won't use it.
The overall progression now has a certain flair of 'ascension' too it what i think is a very nice touch. You start off with things like beach and jungle, and then climb up the big mountain to reach for the stars. Most of the submaps stayed the same the main map has gone through huge changes though. I won't spoil too much, if anything, regarding story or finale but I hope that I can pull of things quite nicely.

All of that means that I will now start making jungle levels for the new 3rd world. The Mountain world is done so i will skip over to the ice world when the jungle is done.

And now, what you're here for:

Feedback and criticism is welcome as always.
If not just call me a hacking god and everythings fine jk bye.
// Layout by Maxo
Whew, your new main overworld map is totally great! Can't wait for the full version of the hack, I'm hyped for this! Also is the final world gonna be an industrial area or sth like that?
I have a Discord server as well!


Basically, I believe in peace and bashing two bricks together.
Amazing overworld, Tob, but the paths are cutoff. This hack's looking great so far, keep it up!

please click this!
I'm really enjoying everything I've seen so far! I will say, the sky is a bit too saturated looking. it's like a deep sonic blue.
// Layout by Maxo
>goomba acts like a goomba but still has the vanilla galoomba sprite

goode graphical aesthetix and music choice btw

I like the cute lil castles in the overworld, kawaii out of 10


That level just comes together with all the different elements like the music and graphics.

I do not know if I've mentioned before but I really like how you are using the Classic Mario palette.
Makes Mario feel different and is a nice change from seeing the default Mario palette all the time.
Happy first Advent everyone!

As of today I'll try to give a little preview about a level or feature on every sunday until christmas. For today we have a very unique level placed in the 6th world also known as the sky world. It's a circus placed in the skies (for some reason)! The level revolves around balloon platforms and other things that may or may not fit into the circus setting. The level also has a secret path that leads to the blue switch palace. The level is being accompanied by that awesome port from Sinc-X!

Be sure to check in next sunday where we will (most likely) take a look at some ideas and sketches!
// Layout by Maxo
I like fancy and decorative the level looks. I'll be looking forward to see what you have to post on Sundays from now.

Do the Balloons generate constantly or do they just rise or fall depending on what colour they are / or sprite behavior.
Really like the visuals here, and the balloon gimmick can be used in some interesting ways. Good job, looking forward to see how this shapes up.
Second Advent already!

Welcome back to my small once a week feature update in preperation for christmas! For today I picked three images showing old stuff that either has been changed until now or scrapped entirely.

1. Glowing Star collectibles

image link

Since I am using the minimalist course clear patch, you won't get bonus stars when clearing a level anymore. Thus I made a small custom block that just adds 1 Star when collected. There are some bugs with it though and that's why it isn't being used in the levels right now.
(Would be nice if someone would like to fix them)

2. Special World Entrance

image link

You may have seen the submap for the special world already. I had the idea that the player would stumble across a small area where he needs to have collected every yoshi coin in order to enter a mysterious golden pipe that would be a one-way warp to the final challenge. I got the uberasm done for the pipe itself though I dont know where to implement the subroom exactly. The idea will definetly be kept though because I really like it!

3. First version of the first level

image link

While going through some old files i stumbled upon the very first rom containing only a small portion of the first level. I remember wanting to make a full on vanilla-only hack at first, but I decided on a mix of vanilla styled aesthetics with custom gimmicks and music for a fresh feeling. I got to say I really improved over the years!

for comparision here is the current (and probably final) version of the first level.
image link

For next week I'd like to make a small feature on a single level much like i did last week. Anyways thanks for wasting your time reading all of that and I hope you had a great christmas time until now!

(btw what the fuck that post is way bigger then i thought it would end up being)
// Layout by Maxo
I like the extra collectible in the form of the mini stars.
Just make the bonus game worth it/rewarding.

Also its always nice to level comparisons from early versions.
Looks a lot better now with all the small additions and details you have added.

Looking forward to the next advent.
Third Advent already!

Only one week left until christmas. Time surely flies. At least it did for me that week and because of that I didn't really manage to prepare anything to be showed here today. I can only give you guys a small leak on a level that may or may not be part of the snow world:

Oh and since you're here already. Over the last few days I started livestreaming some smw hacking whenever I felt like it. I plan on doing more of that in the future, so if you are interested in watching me mess around with Lunar Magic you can follow my Twitch Channel and recieve a notification when I start a stream.
(Note: I probably won't talk very often but when I do it will most likely be in german.)
Anyways, I hope you had a great week and enjoyed this rather meaningless update. Sorry about that!

I won't tell you what will happen here next Sunday but you can definetly look forward to it! #smrpg{y}
// Layout by Maxo
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