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The Haunted Desert: REMASTERED - Ghost House by Dan

File Name: The Haunted Desert: REMASTERED - Ghost House
Submitted: 2016-11-17 09:40:21 AM by Dan
Authors: Dan
Type: Original
Description: Modified ghost house tileset used and created for The Haunted Desert: REMASTERED. Now released to the public, ready for everyone to use as they see fit.

If you end up using this tileset, please notify me through a PM! I'd love to see what you're using it in/for!

Removal Reason(s):
  • I'm sorry but this is mostly a simple edit of the original SMW Ghost House tileset (and a very situational one to be honest). If you gave it even more personal touches and made it look like its own thing I'd gladly accept it.
By the way, I suggest using a black outline for everything that's suppsoed to look solid. In this case, the sand covering the floors lacks it, which is unfitting to the overall graphical style.