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Yoshi's Island Seasons (WORLD 1 DEMO)


For a couple of months I've been working on my own Yoshi Island hack! This is going to be a full 6 world hack of Yoshi's island with all new levels, puzzles, and challenges! Here's a preview of some of what I have so far.

World 1 Demo: Download!

Here's a video of 1-1 100% : Click!

Level 1-4: Count Frog's Flooded Catacombs

This is the first fortress and has Yoshi diving in and out of the water, and a short submarine section. Yoshi must explore the depths of the castle, as well as the above ground swamp to find everything.

Level 1-7: 5 o'clock Rush Hour

This level is a fun athletic end to World 1. It revolves around moving quickly, featuring switches in the first half and a Chomp chase in the second. Your skills are put to the test to see if you're ready for the rest of the game!

Level 2-2: Crosshair Aware

In this level, Yoshi is always the target. I used lots of enemies that lock on to Yoshi, such as Lakitus and Baseball Boys. It also has a few tricky puzzles, like the one in the second screenshot.

Level 2-5: Amethyst Aperture

2-5 is a cave filled with giant pockets of gemstones. As well as dealing with the slippery physics, the main gimmick of this level is the flipping spike platforms.

Level 2-7: Franklin Forest

This level focuses on another set of enemies: enemies that can use electricity. There's some tough puzzles to solve if you're going for 100%, plus a gauntlet with two thunder lakitus.

World 1 Icons:

I'm not the best artist, and the boss icons will change.

Tell me what you think so far!

Level Progress: 23/54
World 1: 8/8
World 2: 8/8
World 3: 7/8
World 4: 0/8
World 5: 0/8
World 6: 0/8
Extras: 0/6
Looking at the video for 1-1, it seems like you're using the wrong level mode in that stage. Try setting it to 0B instead of 00.

EDIT: Also, good on you for making so much progress in such a short amount of time! I've been working on my own hack for more than a year and I only have 1 level completed to show for it. (Granted, I have been spending my time working on other Yoshi-related projects like SMWCI and Golden Yoshi's Island in the meantime)
Finally a full length YI-hack! Well done so far. This hack really looks good and interesting and I can't wait to play it, hope your levels aren't too difficult :)
I hope you bring it to an end. Good luck!
Thanks for the feedback! I've fixed that error in 1-1, and I've also finished 3-6. I'm excited how it turned out, and I've decided to give a little peek of that level too.

I've never messed with layers in Yoshi's Island, but they're a lot of fun. I'll definitely use them again in a later level.

As for the difficulty, this hack is going to be quite a bit harder than the original and SMW2+2, especially in terms of length of the levels. I haven't personally played NEW! or Kamek's Revenge but it should be easier than both of those. Just beating the game is very doable even if you aren't the best at the game, but 100% is more challenging. I'm trying to put in many lives and trying to keep the levels from being frustrating.
Originally posted by ravegg

Oooh, that's probably one of the most creative uses of that object I've ever seen. Nice work.
This hack looks good so far, but I would really like a demo.

There are so few finished YI hacks (SMW2+, SMW2+2/GYI, New SMW2 have been released, KR2 is almost finished, and SWC Island is underway) so it would be nice to have another finished hack to add to the list.
Looking cool so far can't wait to see more. As BTD6 said a demo would be excellent as well!
Originally posted by BTD6_maker
This hack looks good so far, but I would really like a demo.

As soon as I'm done with world 3, I'll work on putting together a demo. I haven't actually set up midpoints in any levels, so I'll have to do that and a little more bug fixing before I can make a playable hack. The demo will probably just be world 1, since I don't want to release a demo that's almost half of the game. Gotta have something to look forward too. :P

If all goes well that should definitely be before the end of the year.
This looks really nice. The most recent screenshot with the moving landforms seems particularly fun.
This looks really interesting - I can't wait to see more. Will definitely play when you finish it.

Also, how did you make those moving cross sections?
nothing to say

Layout by RanAS
Originally posted by Pedro156

Also, how did you make those moving cross sections?

Just put the moving rock objects (F0-F3) underneath the ground in your level to make it move. Make sure the level mode is set to 03 too.
World 1 demo is out! Download!

This demo contains the first world of the hack, minus the extra stage. Have fun! If you encounter any bugs or have any comments, please let me know. I know about the game over text bug, and sometimes the goal ring for 1-1 will despawn. These will be fixed in the final version of the hack.

Let me know what you think!
Barely began playing and already ran into an issue. Intro stage is using the wrong BG Scroll settings. The water shouldn't have a variable scrolling rate. BG3's vertical scroll rate should be set to "constant". The levels that use that water in the vanilla game use setting 03.

Also, you're making this hack in Golden Egg, right? Fair warning, there's a serious issue with Golden Egg related to how it saves stages that eats up free space in the ROM. You should look into transferring your stages out of the current ROM and into a new one to fix the issue. Would probably be worth doing every time you finish one or two new levels.

EDIT: Played through first 2 stages. A couple of issues in 1-1:

I'm not sure if this slope is properly aligned with the ground. Also, car Yoshi has some serious trouble with the rocks, especially the second one. Consider replacing it with something else so that this segment is more feasible in one go.

Also, for some reason, the shy guys are spawning in front of the pipe. Might want to look into that.

Really appreciate that your level design doesn't punish exploration, and makes it really clear what paths are optional. I like how the points of return have been clearly marked so far, and I like how you allow the player to backtrack.

EDIT 2: Finished 3rd stage. Cute puzzles with the checkered blocks.
The part with them hidden in the stakes was pretty hilarious.
Only complaint is the mildes next to the purple crayzee daisy. They're super easy to bump into blindly, especially because of how the camera scrolls around there.

EDIT 3: Starting position in 1-4 is too high up. The screen jerks downward immediately upon starting the level. Make sure the Y-coordinate for the entrance ends in an A.

Yoshi appears behind the BG2 when entering and leaving pipes in the fortress portion. This problem could be fixed by having Yoshi fall into these rooms instead after entering the pipes. Replace the pipe after the Baby Mario portion with a door, I guess, leading to a closed door underneath the water.

Move the bubble in the middle of the sub section a bit further along. The second half is a lot tighter to get through than the first, especially when you go for the flower.

Hitting this egg block from the wrong side causes the eggs to fly off the left side of the screen and into the abyss. Add an edge object on the left side of the screen to keep this from happening.
Originally posted by ZeNewDragon

Thanks for your input so far! A lot of the things you mentioned should be easy fixes.

Also yes I'm making this in Golden Egg, so I'll start saving my current stages when I finish. Before I was keeping a backup of the Rom every few levels, but I'll backup my stages too from now on. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll look forward to more comments.
Whew, these last few stages give me quite a bit to talk about.

For starters, 1-6:

Chomp rock glitches through the mushroom here.

Needs to be set up a bit deliberately, but it's possible to be pushed off the left edge of the screen and killed by this chomp rock.

Yoshi does not react well to pushing a chomp rock up a steep slope.

Though it's unlikely, it's possible to make the red coins in this room disappear. (Already collected them before taking this screen.)

Mole Yoshi and slopes do not get along very well.

Really difficult to shoot an egg through the gate without hitting the lantern ghost. I ended up getting this flower entirely by luck.

Also, make sure the background gradient for this stage is black. The spotlight looks very slightly strange, although that might just be me.

1-7: Spacing of the title on this stage's intro card is strange.

Yoshi's starting position is too high. The screen jerks down upon starting the level.

The Ptooie Plant's projectiles have really strange collision with this rock.

Again, red coins with the possibility of disappearing, however unlikely. (Also collected the coins here). There's another instance of this in 1-8.

This background doesn't behave too well with vertical scrolling, hence this room looks pretty funky (and glitchy!).

Whoops! Super FX sprites have a tendency to glitch out after the giant Chomp falls off-screen. Move the goal ring into another room (Have a screen exit between the chomp chase and the goal).

1-8: Not too fond of this level's name. I don't find it clever and it doesn't make a lot of sense, nor does it allude to the main gimmick of the stage.

Why is there this block underneath the pillar?

The balloon pump hangs off the edge of the platform and it looks a little bit strange.

I find it a little strange how this level goes from night back to sunset. You might want to try out some different background palette combinations for this room. Also, this segment is really stressful, especially since it's easy to miss the balloons when you try to land on them, and you can't immediately see where the balloons are coming up.

Alright, where do I start on this boss fight?

Potted Ghost looks a little funny with his head extending into the bricks above.

I really don't like how there's a screen exit down in the pit. It means you can't kill yourself easily in case you lose stars, and it also leads to few other issues, like making it possible to reset the fight after you've beaten it.

It's possible to get effectively softlocked by letting the shy guys push you into the wall.

1. Pushing the Shy Guys into the wall causes them to glitch out.
2. Waiting for the Shy Guys to push the boss off the edge is unbearably slow.
3. Running into the boss from behind causes this to happen:

Yoshi gets stuck inside the boss, pushing it to the left, and falls into the pit, causing the fight to reset.

Also, these Shy Guys sure like to persist after the fight is over.

This boss fight in general is just a total mess. I'd honestly recommend just replacing it with the vanilla fight. You could just edit it via ASM later on. My recommendation would be to just have the vanilla fight with faster shy guys.
Originally posted by ZeNewDragon
More fixes

Thanks for the fixes again. I'll try to release an updated demo soon that addresses all of your comments. As for the boss I'll totally scrap it and try to think of something else. It's hard to think of clever boss arenas without the boss battles being glitchy.

I appreciate you combing through my levels though! After I finish these things I'll upload the new demo to the hacks section.
I've finished updating the demo! This version just has a few bug and level design fixes from the last one.

Download v2!

Now that finals and this demo are out of the way, I'm going to go back to working on more levels.
Curious about what happened to this hack. I thought that what I'd played of it so far was very well done! I hope it's still being worked on in some capacity, even if ravegg is inactive.