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R.I.P. Nicholas 'eXcavator' Arts, 1996-2016
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Holy fuck NO WAY! RIP!

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While I don't know exCavator that much, this is really sad news to see. My condolences go to his friends and family.

I never really got to know him, but my heart goes out to him, his family, and his friends.
God bless. He was a wonderful friend to me and he will be missed.
Wow. I didn't know him very well, but its shocking to learn that a fellow centralite has passed, and at only 20, younger than me. Hopefully he's at peace now and his family and friends can pull through this difficult period.


This is really sad. Despite me not actually knowing him personally, he still shared a hobby with me and was active on a site I visit very frequently, so knowing this hits really hard.

May he rest in peace.
Very sorry to hear about this. I didn't get to know him personally, but I definitely knew of his general presence on SMWC.

I can say that in a very small way, he did make me smile. I remember playing his VLDC8 level, Eye of the Storm, which I enjoyed playing. It was definitely one of my favorite non-top 8 levels.

Best wishes to his friends and family in this tough time. Rest in peace, eXcavator.
I did not ever know this guy but only knew him because of some meme i heard. Really sorry for him. Wish i got to know him.

Rest in peace.
How sad.

I never talked to him, but remember seeing a considerable part of his activity. He seemed like a great person...

Rest in peace.
"D-Deceased." That's what's in his title right now, Like others, I'm having a bit of trouble finding the right words to say about this. I'm mostly disconnected from most other people from the site and I don't really know most others (if anyone) personally, I'll admit, but I remember seeing eXca around. I saw him when I was still new the site, I mostly remember him from the fun everyone had in IRC and on the later versions of the Minecraft server, even if I wasn't there to experience all the things before 2015, and even if I wasn't very talkative or didn't participate much on the conversations, it was always good seeing him around and seeing all the silly things that happened on IRC.

I noticed he got inactive but I didn't think too much about it like many other people here, he probably were just busy with other things. I was thinking whenever he'd come back to the site and if more good memories were to be created when that happened. I-I guess that's not going to happen... #ab{;_;}

I'm sad I didn't get to know more about him before this happened.

Rest in peace, eXca. I wanted you to know how much you helped those people around you, even if they're miles away by distance, how much you affected even the people that you didn't know personally, and how much of a good person you were.

On behalf of Allison and I, we're both really upset of this news. eXcavator was one of my best friends in this community. We would always set up Minecraft servers together and bring the little community we had to play games. I still have some of his Minecraft creations archived in a folder somewhere. I have video of him playing with us (and his voice) on YouTube. He was excellent at Smash, and we played that a lot too, all the way back to when Brawl still had tons of players. He was a really great guy and I truly can't believe he's gone. He was a great person and he never had a problem voicing his opinion.

I just don't know how to react right now. We're both shocked and devastated by his loss. He will really be missed.

Oh wow, that`s what actually happened? Wow, now I feel bad making that post on the Mosts thread...

Though I havent known him too well, it is definitely a great loss, and for that I apologize and give him my blessings. May he be missed.
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#w{=(} #w{:<}

every bad emotion possible :(
Good God, this is horrible to read. Although I never spoke much to him, I enjoyed the small talks we had. Hopefully he is in a much better place now.
I've had two days to process this now. I still feel like this entire year is just a cruel joke, some kinda nightmare.

I wish I'd talked to eXca more, I really do. He was always honest and sincere, and always a fun guy to talk to. This whole thing has just been a cruel reminder to me to get out there, do more things and experience life more.

Just.. wow. I've been very much at a loss for words. I think these are the first real coherent thoughts I've been able to get out about this whole situation.
Oh god, I can't believe I missed this thread.

I didn't think anything of it when I saw his title, and yet I'm usually very paranoid about people dying like this. People disappearing from the Internet without leaving a note, logging out forever without anyone knowing why... Even though I didn't know him personnaly, as others have stated, this saddens me a lot. At least, in this case, we have closure on why he disappeared, so we may offer him our last words.

May you rest in the most peaceful peace, man.
I decided to check back on SMWC today, for no particular reason... and what an awful thing to run into on the front page. I'm stunned.

First of all: holy hell. Someone dying so young is always a needle through the heart of the best of us, even someone we've never known or barely talked to. I personally never knew Exca or communicated extensively with him, but dear Christ, is it still horrific and disheartening to hear about his passing. May his soul find comfort somewhere -- heaven or the spirit world or whatever he believed. I know I've sold myself endlessly as Ben the Hacker, the local wisecracking muck-raking misanthrope of this website, but I say that with dead seriousness, from the bottom of my heart. Rest in peace, brother.

Secondly: It may be a bit of a diversion to say this, but I make this post shortly after saying some very snide things about the SMWC community and vowing to leave this place forever. I think that after reading through the posts in this forum, I will take back what I said about the people here on this website. The way everyone has united after the passing of someone that most of them barely knew -- the way we've all united as buddies to comfort each other during this weird time and how we've each found our own ways to pay respect to Exca -- has truly touched my heart. Even the people I've always thought to be assholes with no redeeming qualities (God knows I won't name names here) have come out to pay deep, honest respect, and that touches me on an immensely personal level. I think it's reminded me of something I've been blind to lately: that behind every username on this site is a person, a being with a spirit and a heart and a real personality; a being that lives and loves and can be taken away from us in an instant.

God bless SMWCentral. God bless you, Centralites. And may Nicholas Arts find peace in another, happier place...
Originally posted by WeegeeBen
I decided to check back on SMWC today, for no particular reason... and what an awful thing to run into on the front page. I'm stunned.

Same, was not expecting that...

Rest in peace, I'm so sorry for his friends and family's loss.

Edit: I disabled my layout for this post, sorry about that.
Goodbye eXcavator.
Another bright flame put out too soon.

Your layout has been removed.
It's best if the option of sending him messages gets disabled, because it's just a matter of time before some asshole troll starts spamming him.

It doesn't matter if he's not with us anymore, let's do this for respect.
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