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Serriopolis Square
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Hey there guys (if you're still there)
Sorry about the mishap before but seeing as we can't get a subboard since NATHAN won't listen to me, we're going to have to condense the whole of the game into one thread
Fun, huh?

Anyway, info

A long long time ago in the year 1602 there was the great old town called Serra. It was a pretty town with nice people and places. But somehow they all disapeared. No one knows what happened to the town.

Fast Forward to Year 2008, AD

Serriopolis was once a great and gleaming city in the woods until.. things started happening and the city was abandoned. What was left of the population in the apartments of White Towers were confined to the Square and all that was there, cutting them off from all society

City Map


The Grille and Chat: 2 Maret Ave.
A great place to chill and hang out
Job Description: Needs 3/5 Grace min. 4 Credits a job. Need 7/10 HP to start job -5 a job.

FOODSTUFFS Credit Price = HP recovery/ea.
Burger - Plain burger. 1C/ea.
Fries - French Fries. 2C/ea.
O Rings - Homemade Onion Rings - 3C/ea.

Starfire Weaponry: 3 Maret Ave.
This place sells great weapons and sometimes restocks so check back often
Wimpy Shelid - 1 Credit. Lv1
Puny Sheild - 2 Credits. Lv2
Rubber Sword - 1 Credit. Lv1
Stick - 2 Credits. Lv2
Rubber Ball - 4 Credits. Lv2 Projectile
Mild Energy Drink - 2 Credits. Adds 2 weapons points. Can only be used in battle

Wishing Well Center of Serriopolis Square
Toss in a credit coin and make a wish. Some people say that a genie will appear and try and grant your wish!

The Trillian Inn: 7 Cemetary Drive
A great place to stay the night
Credit Price = HP recovery/night
Fluffy Room - 6 C/night - 1 left, dear!
Comfy Room - 4 C/night - 2 left dear!
Normal Room - 3 C/Night - 3 Left dear!
Backyard - 1 C/night - 10 left dear!

Dojo Tower 2 Penny Lane
CLOSED (the sign has a few throwing stars stuck in it)

How To Play!
Sign up for a charachter. Easy. Say who you are/what species

Norm Points
Default Norm Points on 1/10
The Norm Point categories are as follows:
HP, Grace, Neatness and Mechanics

You can train your points as follows:
Grace: Ask Lady Samantha at the Inn for her etiquiette course which costs a random amount from 1-5 credits for 1 Grace point
Neatness: Ask Lady Kate at the Inn for her course on cleaning which costs 2C/class for 1 neat point
Mechanics: Sneak out to the abandoned warehouse and leave a 1C coin on the window of the third North window. There is a 1/5 chance that DanDan the Handyman will let you in and teach you 1 point of mechanics.
HP: HP cannot be trained, it decays and improves from the 10 max.

Battle Tactics
There are only 2 point levels to worry about in battle: HP and Weaponry.
Weapon is out of 5.
You can gain weapon points by getting an energy drink from Starfire.

You can only use itmes consistent to your level. You start at level 1. The level number indicates the HP decay per each use of your oponent. Each weapon use reduces 1 Weapons point

Sheild: Use a shelid to protect yourself from an attack. Level number is subtracted from attack of oponent
Projectiles: Stronger than hand attacks, add an extra 1 damage point to level. Can only be used once per battle but you can get it back if you win the battle.
Hand Weapons: Used to attack. Subtract Lv. number from oponent HP.

Other Attacks
Fite Skilz: If your oponent takes your weapon, this is all you have. Take 1 weapons point and subtracts remaining weapons points from oponent. Can train this for multiplier damages
Desperate Flail: Only thing you can do when you have 2 or less HP. Has a random chance of fail

Posting Etiquette
You can go to one place and do one thing there but that's IT!
Wait for gamemaster (me) to reply about it.

Allright, do you guys have it down?
Then Let's Play!!
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