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Please help me with Sprites patching

Hi I need help with patching custom sprites. You see I just want to add this one sprites like its called the spinning log but I have to patch it but I dont know how to do that. I know what tool I need witch is xkas but I dont know how to use it. You see if I dont patch it the sprite wont show but its there doing to rite move ments but its invisible.

So can you please help me how to patch the custom sprites?

I try looking for help all over the internet and I diddnt find any.=(

Just read the directions that pop up when you first open the program. It couldn't explain it any better.
Layout by LDA during C3.
Nothing poped up when I open xkas. All it does it opens and then closes.
You clearly did not heed lightvayne's advice. xkas' instructions state that you need to open it via command line.

Make a new .txt file in notepad and type the following:

xkas "[ASM filename goes here]" "[your ROM name goes here]"

Then save the file. However, in the save as window, whatever you name your txt file, put .bat onto the end of it with NO spaces. If you did it right, then notepad will save it as a .bat file, which, when you double-click it, will run xkas and patch your asm file to your ROM. Please note that it will still look like it did nothing, as it only flashes on the screen for a second, but trust me, it actually works when you do it this way.
Hmm I did all those steps but the sprites were still inviable.