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Super Mario Bros. The 7 Realms (Hidden Level Revealed)

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Slight Overworld GFX Update
Added some SMB3 gfx to the setup I have now.

How does it look guys? The sandy area will be World 2. Still debating on adding to it. I am going to put a pipe at the end of World 2 to warp to World 3. And by the way before anyone mentions Perspective Error or something about the small body of water on the sandy area, it isn't. Its my knockoff of a small body of water lol.

Video Preview #2

What's in this video?
- World 1-1
- Custom .BRR samples I had imported (work in progress)

Leave feedback if you want!

Hidden Level #1 Preview


This level is based off my favorite hack from SMB1 (Extra Mario Bros) so I figured I'd throw a level themed as it on here! Notice how the HUD changes to an SMB1 styled HUD? That's right, the HUD may change on certain levels to fit the theme. Not saying the SMB1 style HUD fits this current level, but I decided to have the SMB1 HUD style since its based off of a SMB1 hack!

The BRR files used in the song were ripped by me. Quite proud of it even though the song seems very basic lol.

A level based off of a hack that was inspired by Metroid?


Looks pretty nice regardless, and those BRR samples add to the 8-bit theme.

Now, your previous level showcase, (the one about 1-1)
had some really strange sounding BRR samples. I know you couldn't emulate the sound of the NES perfectly, but you could've done a better job.

Good luck.
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