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Wario Land 4 Discussion

Yeah, pretty much anything Wario Land 4 for GBA.

For future reference:

Yes I have beaten the golden diva. Many times on Normal.

Currently I'm stuck getting the CD in Fiery Cavern.

My high scores in minigames are:
-Homerun Derby: 17
-Wario Hop: 101 (yay :D)
-Wario Roulette: 17 (yay?)

Yay I found my original password! :D



I remember this game. =D *digs it out of his collection of GBA games and turns it on in his GBA*

Homerun Derby score: 19
Wario Hop: 96
Roulette: 18

Completion: All of Normal, all CDs, first room and boss of Hard

Awesome game. I need to play it more.

This is a thing that's happening, now. Achievements in old video games.
Thank you for the layout, Erik557.
Man, I wish this would've worked. Oh well.
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where is the cd in fiery cavern?
Yay I found my original password! :D
at gamefaqs
I really liked this game. I don't remember a hard mode, though.
What I would really like was if there were some SMW-compatible rips (FG and BG) from some of the more graphically cooler areas (Doodle Woods? Monsoon Forest? Hall of Hieroglyphics? The Curious Factory? I would like Hall of Hieroglyphics graphics the most, but that's just me).
And the bosses are just plain awesome. How can you argue with a giant evil beetroot-like thing... AS THE FIRST BOSS!?


I love the ending every time I beat it. I think the girl that Wario rescues should be in more games.:)

Home Run: 23

Wario Hop: 43

Barber: 22
I love this game; I still play all the time. I've gotton all CD's and beaten golden diva on hard.

Homerun Derby: 37 (Woot!)
Wario Hop: 124
Wario Roulette: 14 (Aw...)
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Oh my god I played this game to DEATH.

Let's check out my stats from several years ago...

File 1: Super Hard, 265450$, 16/16 CDs, 31 MGTs, all bosses defeated twice
Minigame scores: Homerun derby: 22, Wario Hop: 306 (!), Roulette: 6 (guess I'm not good at this one...)

File 2: Normal, 999990$, 16/16 CDs, 263 MGTs, all bosses defeated twice, all gold crowns achieved
Minigame scores: Derby: 32 , Hop: 221, Roulette: 9

...yeah, I love this game.
Originally posted by Tatrion
Wario Hop: 306

I teh haet yu nao.
fuck yeah meowingtons
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Originally posted by Ike
Originally posted by Tatrion
Wario Hop: 306

I teh haet yu nao.

mee two
I played this game so many times, it's not even funny. I picked it up about a week ago and beat it yesterday. The soundtrack is really catchy, (I can't get the Wario Hop tune for the second round out of my head,) and the gameplay is really immersive. It's hard to pick a favorite between this and Wario Land 3 however...both games killed many batteries in my old Game Boy Advance...
This topic inspired me to finish getting all gold crowns in Super Hard.

Which I just successfully did 5 minutes ago. Damn you, Fiery Caverns!