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SMW2+3: The Essence Star [On Hold]
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It will be released after my hack is released. Plus, the tool isn't 100% complete yet anyway.
Originally posted by Steven
No, because you can edit the speeds of each one, the frequency of the hammers, etc.

No, no, I meant that is it the basic "throw the throw block at the enemy" concept?

Good fucking bye.
Yes, that's the only killing method the Newbie boss supports. But anyway, I'm only using the sprite for those two bosses I've already shown.
Good, because if all the bosses used that method, it would be nice to fight new bosses at first, but after a while, it would get boring.

Good fucking bye.
You can also change the Throw Block's graphics or have a sprite shooter (Shell, key, P-Switch…), because the battle seem similar to the Fryguy one.
Originally posted by Steven
Actually, I used Maxx's newbie boss sprite to make this boss seen here. If you haven't checked it out, you can customize it to do several things: walk back and forth, throw bones or hammers (which I just edited the gfx into dead fish), have a certain amount of hitpoints, and activate either the level goal or screen exit upon being defeated. It's really an efficient sprite. ^_^

Originally posted by Lynnes
yeah, the newbies costom boss is amazing, you can make so many different things with it.

Heh... Ego +20

Anyway, I'm really excited for this one Steven. I think we all can appreciate the hard work you've put into this hack and I'm sure it will show it. I'll make sure to give a through reveiw when this is released.
Yeah, I can not wait for the full version of this hack to come out. It is gonna be the awesomest thing of all time! :)

Good fucking bye.
No offence Steven, but I've thought about it all night and I've just changed my mind about it, to be totally honest, I don't really like this hack at all..

I LOVE it! I was playing through the latest update you gave me and I can't get over how much creativity went into this hack, I remember the first screens you posted and I thought it was just gonna be a normal hack, but leaning more towards awesome, but now it clearly tips the scales that they have now fallen off the kitchen side!

I'm so lucking forward to the release of this and to see everyone in awe at how awesome it actually is.

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Ok, a little gift for everyone...

Two novelty userbars:

One featuring Golden Yoshi, Roth and Kamek...

...The other featuring the ever-so-loving couple, Professor Frankly and Francine. :3
I took the one with Golden Yoshi, Roth, and Kamek. :D

Good fucking bye.
Yoink! I'll take one.

I actually like this hack without playing any demos. I am patiently waiting for the full release to come. Trying not to grab the demo, I just want the full release! :D
thanks, that's spiffy

Give me back my layout
No one seems to have used the Professor Frankly and Francine user bar yet. I guess I will though :>
I'm here to make efficient copypasta codes.

Also, look at the filenames... userbar2.png and userbar3.png. What's userbar1.png then? :>

Anyways, can we have a video of the Giant Blurp boss? Can't wait for this hack.

Your layout has been removed.
Heh, nice! I'm happy to see people using these userbars. It seems many people went with the GoYo/Roth/Kamek one, good choice. Although, I hope there's more love for Professor Frankly and Francine as well. They may have no love for each other, but I'm sure they'd appreciate it from others. ;)
Once this hack comes out, I'm pretty sure it will be a milestone in SMW hacking history. Not only is it the first (full) hack to perfectly combine RPG and Jump 'n' Run elements, but it's also full of new, creative, well-performed ideas, and it introduces a new cutscene tool that everyone can (and most likely will) benefit from in future hacks.
(I'm curious though: How did you get Romi to make a cutscene tool for you? Did you just ask him to make one?)

Oh, and I'll gladly take the "Frankly and Francine" userbar - I like blue userbars better for some reason, and I don't really mind who's on it. :P What I don't like about both userbars, however, is that the background of the image doesn't have a pattern like the rest of the userbar, which makes it look a lot worse. If you'd like to, I'll make new ones when I get home (in school right now :/). Just an offer though, you don't have to accept it.

Anyway, I can hardly wait for the release of this hack. (Hurry up, Romi... :P)


I'm hoping I'll get that reaction as well. But, we'll see what happens when it happens. ;)

I never asked Romi for such a tool, but I did offer to test his upcoming Yoshi's Island editor, which prompted him to kindly make this cutscene tool for me in return. Don't worry...soon enough, you all will be able to use and benefit greatly from it. ^_^

Sure, I'll take you up on the userbar offer, if you didn't mind. I need just the characters to appear on them rather than with the solid backgrounds. I didn't feel like completely cutting around the borders of the characters. :\
Here they are:

If you can, I suggest you upload them to the same site with the same file names, so they'll be updated automatically. ;)


Thanks a lot for doing those. ^_^

Unfortunately, I can't use the same address, as Imageshack generates a random URL for each image uploaded. :\

Thank you once again. :D

Yeah, everyone replace your current ones with these:

What's the release date?

i just lurk sometimes
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