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To the person who deleted Omni Land...
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Eh, deleted the pm by accident... Don't ask. It's pretty late, I'm tired and not really paying attention to what I am doing. Rushed getting it uploaded, so ended up in a pretty short/vague descrip. as well...

If you could tell if there is anything other than the black piranhas that needs to be modified, that would be great. Honestly didn't know what this place was against until a bit ago, and wish I knew before I started working on that romhack.

If that person doesn't respond, here is a link for other mods who can tell me if there is anything else that should be worked on as well.

Only was a demo anyways >.>...
I'm not the one who deleted your hack, but I have a bit of feedback anyways.

A) No new title screen. =\
B) Overworld is a bit crap.
C) *plays Bouncy Hell* *gets to a point where he has 27 timeunits left and an impossible jump after some koopas*

Your levels shouldn't be impossible. =/
D) *plays the other level* OHMYGODTHERE'SNOFLOOR

Switch palaces shouldn't really be mandatory. Including switch palaces that are impossible to get to.
E) Kaizo hacks aren't generally allowed. Find a Kaizo hack in our database, I dare you.

This is a thing that's happening, now. Achievements in old video games.
Thank you for the layout, Erik557.
[19:24:05] <~Impetus> i only got staff because i own # and BotServ on irc
If not for respect, but dramatic effect, take on the face of Guy Fawkes.
Thanks for the reply... Anyways, was saving title screen for last. Overworld is basic because I just started around 3 days ago, and am not really great with overworld editing yetyet.

Well, do you know any site that allows kaizo-style levels? I mean, I wouldn't mind lowering the difficulty for this place, but I need somewhere to put it >.>... I really only care about level design, and as long as graphics are decent, I don't really mind them. Still don't see how flying black piranhas are that bad.

Guess I am greatly influenced by all the rom hacks on youtube I have watched. I'll fix that mandatory switch palace I guess. I did test these various times, and they all are possible to go through... Eh, just because I made it I suppose, it is easier for me. I actually could have given the first level less of a time limit. I left the other levels alone for the most part though, time wise.

The jump after the koopas is not impossible, just have to bring the spring board with ya.

Ah well...
Play the featured hacks.
And if you don't have stuff to show off to its fullest potential, don't even submit it yet.
The smw hack I am working on has asm hacks, music, new graphics, levels, and such. And even I haven't made a demo yet.

Your layout has been removed.
Except you don't need to have asm hacks, ExGFX, and custom music to have a good hack. Really what is needed in a hack is pure, good level design. That means things like no cheap deaths, optional Switch palaces, using your graphics in new and creative ways, placing enemies in strategic ways, and having the occasional puzzle in a level for good measure.

Of course, the most important thing to do with whatever graphics set you're using for that level is to make sure you don't have tile glitches. If it doesn't look like something Nintendo would have in their game (i.e. Floating chucks of cut-off land, cement blocks everywhere) then please don't try and pass it off as legitimate.

Difficulty is a very important factor that goes into a hack. Most people don't want to play super hard hacks. We want to be able to beat them. The difficulty curve of your hack can make or break it. If you want to make a super hard hack, be aware that the people that play those type of hacks are a niche audience. You also have less chance of your hack being accepted here at SMWC. On the other hand, if your hack has a well developed difficulty curve starting from easy/moderate in World 1 and gradually working its way up to hard, you'll reach a much wider audience here.

Lastly, some general tips with making good levels.
1. Don't overuse black piranhas. They're a rather cheap death.
2. Don't have stack piranhas/floating piranhas. It just looks strange to see this plant creature floating randomly in the air.
3. Don't overuse cement blocks. It looks bad. You have a graphics set for a reason. That said, don't be afraid to use them in moderation.
4. Make sure you have a good palette. If you want to change the palette for a level, make sure you've checked "Enable Custom Palette" in the Level menu. When making a palette, be sure that the palette is not eye-searing (very bright colors) and makes sense (why is this ground pink and green? o_O).
5. Don't require Switch Palaces and have it so that they only find this out halfway through a level. People will get easily discouraged when they have worked their way through a level only to find that a switch palace is required to finish it and their only option now is to kill themselves. If you absolutely want to require a switch palace, the best way to do so is to have there be either a second exit so they don't have to kill themselves or put in an area where the player can exit off the side using the "Side Exit Enabled" sprite.

Just follow these guidelines and you should be able to create good levels.
sorry omniImmortal, but i agree with Giga.

(fortunately, the your hack isn't the worse: i played some hack that I did laugh D: XD)

you don't make impossible levels beause for pass the frist level i had to modify it.

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