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New Super Mario World 2 (Re-Submitted)

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Finally, it's time to make a thread and show the sequel to NSMW1 the 12 Magic Orbs.


One year after saving the 12 magic orbs, Mario decided to take a vacation on a planet called Aeonia(name not final), named after it's biggest treasure, the Scepter of Aeonia, after returning to the Earth, Mario discovers that Tatanga stole the scepter after hearing about it's powers and decided to take over the planet and after that, creating he large spacial fortress called "The Grandread Destroyer", which will destroy the Earth.

I need to redo this plot

Overworld Screenshots:
Main Map
Cave Map
Abstract Map
Sky Map
Planet Map
Space Fortress Map
Blatant Star Road Edit Map

Yeah, this hack is going to have 16 Worlds, each world will have 6 levels and 3 of the worlds are secret.

Level Screenshots:

1-0: Hub/Tutorial Level
This is a short hub and tutorial level.

That's all from now, i will see if i can release a short demo for c3.

And happy new year
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Well, well, G.D., I expected something like a sequel from your hack, as it was quite a piece of art. The new maps you design are well thought; no palpable issues seen. As the hub... pretty simple. I liked the secret passages design. This hack surely looks promising.

Dream team (feed them, please):

That looks kinda nice. I can't say that much about that hub level besides it looking neat and it seeming to be a nice and complex tutorial stage.

As for the Worldmaps...
Woah! 16 Worlds. That is huge! But since you managed to fit 12 worlds in your first hack I think that shouldn't be as much of a challenge for you.
The lower portion reminds me a lot of the first two worlds from NSMW1. And in the middle portion (World 6,7 and 8) it sometimes is hard for me to identify the world theme.

little notes to certain maps:
- World 3, is it just another grass world with 1 or 2 unique levels?
- World 6 seems to be a later grassland themed World? (I cant identify it sorry)
- World 7 is munchers? (Nothing against it but I think it is hard to make 6 unique levels all with munchers, I like the decorations on that one though)
- World 12, seems not as abstract as it should be (at least in my opinion). It only looks like a bunch of floating islands and munchers
- World 14... It is hard for me to call it an actual planet. It just seems like a wasted, industrial area.
- World 15. takes up not as much space as it should? (I dont see the paths so maybe there is a huge thing coming to the lower right portion)

That was way longer then I expected it to be. Maybe it helps improving the maps though?

- Tob
// Layout by Maxo
Loving those screenshots! I get a hint of Rocket Knight Adventures from those tutorial and status bar designs :)

Nice job on overworld too #smw{:peace:}

e: got ninja'd
Originally posted by toad64
Can you use my ExGFX in your sequel Hack.

this isnt the suggest thread or the use my gfx thread. those GFX look freakin wierd though

Anyways, those are some good graphics! One minor problem, that yoshi coin on the HUD looks strange. Other than that, Everythings perfect.
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Not much to see right now design-wise, but I do really like the few screenshots you have posted so far. Tutorial levels can be really hard to handle without making them too annoying/intrusive, but it seems fairly well designed from what I can see.

This is more of a personal preference, but the messages might not be needed - the coins and arrows are probably enough on the walljump part, and adding a few coins on that "hole" in the wall or making the graphics there slightly different would probably be enough on the secret paths part (really nice idea, btw - looking forward to see how you're going to use them).

The overworld looks super neat overall, great job with the landmasses and decoration. It seems rather straight-forward for a OW that huge, though, which is slightly disappointing. Some of the themes are a bit similar so I'm slightly worried about it becoming repetitive later on, specially with the huge amount of worlds. Other than that, it's definitely not bad!

Nice job overall, and good luck on finishing this #wario{:peace:}
Can you use my ExGFX in your sequel Hack.


- World 3, is it just another grass world with 1 or 2 unique levels?
- World 6 seems to be a later grassland themed World? (I cant identify it sorry)

World 3 is an Oriental World and World 6 is a Ruins World

Now is time to show the first level(or second if the house counts)

1-1: Follow the Coin Path

This is a pretty linear and simple level which introduces the basic enemies like koopas, goombas and piranha plants.

After the midpoint the level will introduce some harder enemies like flying koopas or fire plants

So far that's the only level done(or not if the house counts) i'm not sure if one(or two) level(s) are enough for a demo.
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Originally posted by G.D
Can you use my ExGFX in your sequel Hack.


That fine. I use my ExGFX in my hack.#smw{T_T}
Userbar made by Green Jerry

Oh damn, GD. This is really good stuff here. Vanilla goodness. That status bar looks great (yeah, I know you didn't make it), the backgrounds look amazing, especially with those beautiful gradients; and the levels look fun. The pub level is cool, a good way to start off the player. The gimmick also appeals to me because it's safe and looks pretty neat. Good job, I'm excited to see how this'll turn out.
I'm looking forward to this. I really enjoyed playing through your last hack.

Also, are the custom power-ups making a return?
Layout by Erik557
Looks pretty good, but one thing about the Cave OW, it looks very similar to the one from VLDC9
Originally posted by toad64

Originally posted by me
this isnt the suggest thread

but that's really lookin good there my friend.
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Originally posted by toad64

What M A R I O W O R L D said.

But now it's time to show the second level: Land of the Yoshies

This level introduces yoshi and a new and unique gimmick, the green turn blocks:

And yoshi can also eat coins:

There's also a pic from a bonus sublevel where you can eat two pink berries and collect all the "happy" coins from the cloud

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Looks fancy as always
The level looks nice and the gimmick seems quite interesting. I can see a lot of potential for it if it ever gets used in a later level. One thing that I noticed though: Yoshi is able to eat normal coins? That seems... interesting, to say the least.
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Nice stuff as usual! I really like the edible blocks gimmick here. Making the coins also edible is an interesting choice as well, even if it doesn't change much (guess you could make something interesting with baby Yoshis, though).

By the way, nothing big, but the black outlines on the first two screens are kinda hard to see against the background, they might look better recolored to white.
Oh sorry M A R I O W O R L D.
Userbar made by Green Jerry

At first I thought the Edible Coins were just Berry re-skins be then I thought don't they leave a green tile in there place once eaten...

Either way it's a cool concept for a level and heck even puzzle based levels or secrets. Those blocks could go a long way. ^.^
I don't have new levels to show now because i'm now working on the song i'm going to use on 1-3, after that i will work on the level but before that, i did like to show some changes on the overworld.

First, i did like to say that World 7 is now a desert world (rip muncher lake)

And i also did some changes on the abstract map:
low quality gif
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