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Cheers, dear members of SMW Central!
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Greetings, users of Super Mario World Central!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Pennington, manager and curator of the Poshley Sanctum - though I certainly wouldn't blame you if you know me more as a detective. It is what I'm known worldwide for, after all. "Solver of many cases", "the penguin with eyes of an eagle", "the result of Sherlock Holmes and Spock combining", etc etc.... Of course with that in mind, I think it's imperative to remind you that even the best of detectives need a little bit of, er, assistance from time to time, and's a distinct possibility that it's why I'm posting here in this forum today. Allow me to explain in further detail.

Princess Peach of the famed Mushroom Kingdom celebrated her [REDACTED]th birthday today, and like a good majority of people, she held a party for her friends to come and celebrate said birthday with her. Indeed, being the princess, such a party was a lot bigger of a gathering than anything you and I would most likely be able to throw (though that probably applies much more so to you than me). The few conditions, set by the wise Toadsworth, were for her to "Keep it reasonable," and to "Not let it become too rowdy." Unfortunately enough, it appears as if both conditions were broke almost instantaneously. For one, she invited a great deal more people than the dear boy probably foresaw, including:

Luigi- err, Mario
Donkey Kong
Diddy Kong

And most surprising of all-

Bowser Jr.

With all the different crowds invited to the party, it shouldn't be too surprising to anybody that things started off a little tense. Mario and Bowser - predictably - almost got into a fight immediately. Waluigi pestered Luigi, with Wario not helping at all in that regard, and for awhile...things looked to only become worse if the party continued. Thankfully, as if by some miracle, the atmosphere at the party eventually calmed down some, and the people started getting along. Festivities started, and they all started having a jolly good time. Such a good time, I hear, that I'm almost disappointed I wasn't invited myself! Almost. They played basketball, they went golfing, partook in something called Mario Party, they went racing in karts, and they played tennis. Needless to say, these activities occupied almost the entirety of the partygoers' time, but once the games were over, they moved back into the castle to find that the giant, delicious looking cake they had all been looking forward to eating had vanished! All that was left of the cake was a pile - or puddle, if you will - of frosting on the floor next to the now empty dish, where they saw a pair of shoe prints (that unfortunately lead nowhere). The most shocking discovery of all, however, was the 'M' drawn into the frosting. You can...probably already tell who they automatically blamed for all this.

Our dear boy, Mario.

Mario, of course, firmly denies doing anything with the cake, saying that he was too busy playing the games to have been able to do anything with it. Peach - after all that Mario's done for the kingdom and her - believes him. But who could it have been, then, if it wasn't him? And furthermore, who would want to place the blame on Mario?

That, Super Mario World Central, is exactly what I'm here to find out, and reluctant as I am to admit it - I need your help to solve this mystery. If you want to help me out with such a task, please post in this here thread. From there, I'll message each of you to let you know what I find as we go. There are many people here, however, and if you want me to remember you - I will need to see you posting throughout the C3 forum! I want you all to help indeed, but above all else I want to know who the best helper is, one who can associate facts and clues in the most convincing way possible. Like me!

When you think you've got the right answer, message me - you don't want other people taking the merit for what you have discovered, right?

Good luck, members of Super Mario World Central and remember - I'm counting on you!
Don't worry guys I'll do it, you don't need to sign up #smw{:peace:}

Your layout has been removed.
Well, I think Wawaluigi did it, and here's the deal reason why:

Luigi is close to mario, so luigi wouldn't have a reason to do it.

Waluigi is already at a position where mario would definitely suspect something, so definitely not.

Wawaluigi, however, is at the same position as luigi, but with two "wa"s in his name, that could suggest evil doing.


lost my computer which had lwrc4 on it, rip.

new hack soonTM

Yeah, I'm in. ;)
Layout by LDA during C3.
NOT ENOUGH CLUES!! i'm a huge fan of mysteries but... eh.. can't figure this one out. w/e i'll join in on the fun

formerly known as TheBasicASMGuy or TBASMGuy for short. hi.
My deduction skills are decidedly impressive, if you count working out the end of a movie 20 mins into the movie and loudly spoiling it for everyone else and being completely right as deduction skills.

I'm in.
What if the "M" that was drawn in the frosting was actually a "W" but everyone looked at it upside down?! Wario would then be the most suspicious because he enjoys eating the most #wario{>;P}
it was diddy kong. as the rest of them played tennis he replaced himself with a doppelganger and snuck back into the castle to eat the cake

as you can see, this monkey is missing the trademark red hat, so it clearly isn't diddy. As he is a monkey the M does not stand for Mario, it stands for Monkey.

Sure, I'll give it a shot.


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here.
Oh, that's super nice actually. Joining in. #ab{;)}

i think its mario because theres an m #ab{o_O}
Obviously, it was Luigi. I don't blame him.
Oh, I was supposed to write in this thread. I'm silly.

Legacy ports zip (now that those went down because Dropbox)
Originally posted by Pennington
Mario and Bowser - predictably - almost got into a fight immediately.

But they get along so well when they're playing sports!
Busy with Idol today but I should be posting stuff tomorrow, so here goes nothing.
Originally posted by Eminus
What if the "M" that was drawn in the frosting was actually a "W" but everyone looked at it upside down?! Wario would then be the most suspicious because he enjoys eating the most #wario{>;P}

You know, you might be on to something, they COULD be looking at it upside down. Also, Wario likes to eat food. In Super Smash Bros, he has unique eating abilities and has superhuman gluttony. He likes food. Wario will eat anything just to get him pleased, fireballs, items, and more! Also, Wario is fat, which means he eats very fatty food, and do you know what else is fatty food? Yes, that's right, cake.

formerly known as TheBasicASMGuy or TBASMGuy for short. hi.
Wario would be too easy though.
What if the M is actually sideways and it's an E? Could Eario be at it again?

Your layout has been removed.
I'll help you crack this case as well, Pennington! May as well contribute in some way.
I have nothing else to say now. Huh...
M? Wouldn't it be a W?

Stands for Wakana, of course.


None of them did it of course! It was all Penninington! He was jealous he wasn't invited, snook in and ate the cake!!
Layout by LDA during C3.
you might be right, we've been TRICKED

formerly known as TheBasicASMGuy or TBASMGuy for short. hi.
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