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[102] MM102's Custom Graphics

Tired of the vanilla mario world sprites but other player sprites don't fit that cartoony theme?

well look no further!


- Mario
- Luigi
- Luigi Mario Poses

- Yoshi

- treetops

- Underground

- Grassland

...and set pieces


Reminds me of the pillow shading filter you could use on some of the emulators, forgot the name of it...

Not bad with the gfx, but feel there could be a bit more decorations to them.
Layout by LDA during C3.
Hey these look pretty good. They are a good remake of SMW's original Graphics.

I am sure you will do many more?

I will most likely use them anyways. Good work! #smw{:TUP:}
// Layout by Maxo
Remind me of some Super Mario World tiles I saw on DeviantArt the other day. Had the same 'glossy' look to them, with thick outlines and all that stuff.

But yeah, they look decent,
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Originally posted by Lightvayne
Reminds me of the pillow shading filter you could use on some of the emulators, forgot the name of it...

SuperEagle? Super2xSaI? Dunno, too.

On topic, I loved the graphics, especially the player/sprite ones. They're differentiated and fluffy.
i LOVE that mushroom tileset. the rest is nice too.
Great job! Those are actually super well done, and seem to fit in nicely with the original GFX. Specially liking the player graphics here.
I love what I'm seeing! #w{<3}

Layout by RanAS, modified by yours truly.

I never thought using such bold/glossy graphics could be decent, but with your shading, it looks super nice ! Keep up the good work man #smw{:TUP:}
oops uh... I forgot the .pal files for the grass so if you're gonna use those you might want to redownload or edit your palate to this
woah woah woah, is it really the one and only? anyway, the graphics actually look great, the ground although could fit in "giant" levels, like the one from smb3. other than that, they look great!
formerly known as TheBasicASMGuy or TBASMGuy for short. hi.
first off, I love your layout!

Second, these graphics are really cute. I love how bouncey and cartoony they are. The grass itself could probably use a bit more variation so it doesn't look like a toxic waste spill, but it's still great! Major props for actually designing new player gfx. Anybody who's tried can tell you how challenging it can be.

ask me if i give a f*ck...
Damn! This will work really well with choconilla hackers too! Awesome work, MM102!
Just so you know, I'm very active on the site anymore like I was before; I'm mainly on Discord now.
Woah these are a really nice set of graphics!
They do fit that cartoony theme very well.
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I really hope someone will make a thing with these player graphics especially, we don't see fresh ones of those very often and I really like the cartoony style these are drawn in.
Not terribly accurate to how Mario really looks, but neither is vanilla SMW Mario LOL
Your layout has been removed.
Aaaaand..... Used. Awesome tileset :D