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Lunar Magic custom toolbar thing

Lunar Magic custom toolbar thing

What exactly is this?

This is a tool that intends to make creating custom toolbars easier.

What does it do?

The tool will make it easier to create custom buttons, setting keyboard shortcuts as well as handling icons.
It also allows you to set up a lot of settings for the buttons/the toolbar itself


Sooooo.... uh download here I guess.

Oh I also made a small tool that gets rid of comments in GPS's block list and applies it. You can download it here

Edit: Now supports GPS argument format.

c <GPS> <arg1> <arg2> ...

<GPS> - Path to GPS
<argN> - Same arguments as the normal GPS would use. Note that a -l argument is required for the tool to properly find the list file to edit.

Also note that due to that change other tools like Sprite Tool Super Deluxe that support a similar format can also be used with this tool. Just put STSD's path instead of GPS.

If there are any 'File not found' errors try to use the full path as well as " before and after the path.

A batch that applies your blocks should look something like

c "C:\Users\-\Desktop\SMW\Tools\Gopher Popcorn Stew (Block Tool obviously)\gps.exe" -l "C:\Users\-\Desktop\SMW\NAPH\data\list.txt" "C:\Users\-\Desktop\SMW\NAPH\data\blocks/" "C:\Users\-\Desktop\SMW\NAPH\NAPH.smc"

Not a bad idea. I'm sure it could come to some great use. ;)
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You should probably post a screenshot or two of the tool so we can see what it looks like without downloading.
Yeah added a few screenshots.

Also here is a small patch I made that I never actually 'released'. It fixes a few glitches with yoshi mainly itemswap, null sprite and sprite dupe since I don't think there is a patch for these glitches yet.
Might come in handy, I don't know. That doesn't really do much for me since I don't even make custom toolbars, but for you silly toolbar makers, you might wanna use this. I'll mess around with it though.
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Originally posted by TheBiob
setting keyboard shortcuts
neat. the actual toolbar functionality isn't as important to me, but it would be cool to get to set up some shortcuts to make some of the more trivial processes go by quicker.
ask me if i give a f*ck...