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It's a buncha ports, accept my mess


So much like any other C3, I forgot C3 was a thing and just haphazardly slapped together some stuff to provide you all with at least something I did. Because my ports are liked, for some reason, idk. Also featuring a distinct reuse of every sample I had around the past, because I can never be arsed to make or collect more.



* S3KSPC Preview ~ a few preview songs of what I've actually got done on a potential S3K mimic project. Just a small taste, will continue if the interest is there.
* LttP - Black Mist ~ A certain real villain that goes by the name of "Dan" requested I do this, or else be hounded by his clones. Was fun to be overly perfect.
* NSMBWii - Volcano ~ Look, I just didn't wanna be hounded by those terrifying clones, one Dan is a threat enough already!
* Batman: Return of the Joker - Gotham In Danger ~ I was bored and slapped this together from whatever I had around at that moment, can't say much more.
* DKC2 - Lost World Anthem ~ Old port, but I had to get it out there because for some reason I never submitted this thing.

disclaimer: dan is actually a cool person and I did the requests with pleasure
I've said it before and I'll say it again.

You're the best porter I've ever come across on the site and I am eternally grateful you took my requests. It's funny how you did most of these like it was nothing for you, I literally saw you type out the Black Mist theme inside of your own room like you were having some kind of casual conversation with someone over a chat.

You have knowledge and skill that you should be really proud of. Keep it up!
Please make more sonic ports.

Sonic3Knuckles Sampled :O


Also, I Ripped YM2612, YM2151 Samples ;)
Originally posted by Izuna

* NSMBWii - Volcano ~ Look, I just didn't wanna be hounded by those terrifying clones, one Dan is a threat enough already!

Oh my Lord that is beatiful
// Layout by Maxo
Well FINALLY, someone which actually done that one part porters always somehow fail when porting the Sonic 3 Final Boss theme right! I was actually gonna do that myself just because of that, but I guess its not necessary. lol

Also bonus points on using MM7`s slap bass on your Batman port. XD

EDIT: Also, the main complaint I would have here is that the the square in the Big Arms port is VERY low when compared to the other instruments, along with some instruments not fitting as much, but other than that, pretty nice port!
Layout by Mathos
I don't use music ports, but I can say these themes are really cool. Great work.
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@Izuna: Those ports you have here sound really good! Keep up the Good Work! #smw{:TUP:}
cool sonic ports, I rarely see anybody using FM genesis synths samples
Also, I'm gonna Shot!

I Recommended.

I Use DefleMask, in_vgm.dll (Winamp), Audacity, OpenMPT, And C700 Plugin ( I put on my OpenMPT Plugins )

I Did It! :O
Well Izuna, these ports are shit err awesome!

Sonic 3 and Knuckles sampled are superb. (Note: I don't know if you know that Lava Reef Zone you made is slower than original.)

Great Job on Batman and Zelda. (Note: No complaints)

And now my favorite you did, [since I wanted it done FOREVER]! NSMB Wii Volcano, I love your rendition of it so much. (Note: My only complaint to this, wondering where the hell is my "bah" sound? #tb{D:}]

Other than my important petty complaints, this is awesome!

Two thumbs way, way up! #smw{:TUP:}#smw{:TUP:}
My 2014 Summer C3 and Winter C3 Thread is open for your viewing pleasures.
Open for music porting with MIDIs.
Click here for all my SMW ports.

@Dan: Thanks for the kind words! Definitely makes me wanna keep going and doing these things~

@lolyoshi: duly noted!

@Theultimate12: That batman port is mostly MM7 samples, actually :p I also used a few of them for the S3K ports, as well as general Capcom samples from their CPS2 games!

@Tob, Falconpunch and MKDSmaster91: Thank you!

@Pinci: tbh more people should use them, they're a bliss to work with (especially in the ARAM department)

@Scooter102089: I could probably fix the LRZ tempo, not that difficult~ As for the BAHs in the NSMBWii Volcano port, I was requested to not include them, so I just didn't (also because it saved me a bunch of ARAM, and because I hate the BAH, especially in that song) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

@TheJuanCarlos64: I appreciate the offer to help(?), but I can do this on my own, thanks tho :p
Aaaaaaaaaaa that Volcano port I adore it! It's probably my favourite (dat sneaky @22 also =w=)
I pretty much like everying you do. If I can point out something, though, is to make sure these won't sound too loud ingame. Decreasing the main volume would be enough.

Great relase as always! #tb{:DD}
I listened to all the ports last night but I didn't have the time to post. I had a goose niggr though #wario{;)}
I really like them, especially that Hydrocity 2 port, it's so accurate..!
I hope that S3K project gets some interest, there are some tracks from that game that I simply love
Just dropping by to say that I 100% agree with removing the BAH's from Volcano. They ruined the atmosphere in the original, and your port just proves the potential it had to be an amazing Mario song.

Anyway you already know how much respect I have for your work, but I just want to say one more thing: it's good to have you back. :>
now if only I knew how to insert sampled ports
Izuna never leave SMWC
Awesome!! Good job #tb{:j}
My Ports
Probably the only ones I really know there are the sonic ones, and obviously they're super good. And a surprise DKC2 song that wasn't mentioned in the OP #tb{:?} That was a cool surprise nevertheless. Nice music as always :P I just wish there were some of your compositions, I really like those!
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@Wakana: you know that I'm always down to sneak in smw samples as long as I can make them work actually i had to save space as well so i was also forced

@The Emerald Gamer: Inserting sampled songs isnt that hard, it's just dropping the BRR samples' folder into the /samples folder of AMK and dropping the song into the /music folder, and you're done

@TheInsanity115: thanks!

@MaxodeX: ...I really did forget to put the DKC2 port in there, did I not. I'm a dumb. I'm totally not holding back my compos for something I'm doing, nope.

@Gloomier: fuck bahs
@Ruberjig: tempting