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What-a-Blast Playable Beta Update!
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That moment when bugs suddenly come up smh
If was up at 4am trying to fix some

...Anyways, Here is where What-A-Blast is so far.


Edit: Press Start to skip intro cutscene.

In this beta demo, I want to show you where I'm at, how I'm doing, and where I'm struggling overall.
Yeah not alot of it's complete, but it's something to look at if you want to see something Non-Mario.

Critiques and suggestions would be SO helpful. Seriously, I'd like some.
There is a Beta Sound Test in the Home Hub. Stand in front of the record player to go to it.

Also included in the demo is a new beta powerup aside from Sheriff and Dragon. What is it?
Try it and find out...!

Thanks for everything guys. I really appreciate it.

What-A-Blast! - My WIP Super Mario World hack
**Layout by Erik557

Given how much I'm a fan of your work overall, I'm going to try it and review once I'm done.

sidenote: promised too many reviews, gotta take a break now

Your hack is super charming, and I love how unique it is in pretty much every single way. I accidentally played Bagpipe Barrage! as the first level (because I was exploring dat sexy overworld you have), and the gimmick that it's based on is already super interesting. I can only imagine how the rest of the hack will be #tb{O_O} By the way, I love your writing.

Also, I love the custom powerups and the music player, that shit dope. Just one complain is that I have to press X and A to attack and advance text respectively, which is kinda odd for someone so used to press both Y and X for attacking and B for "saying yes" and A for "canceling".

Love what you have so far, can easily become one of my all time favorite hacks.
This hack's quite amazing, Ruberjig. I should give it a go when I'm bored sometime. You got the skills, dude.
R.I.P. eXcavator... You will always have a place in our hearts...
Thanks so much guys! I can't wait to get more back into working on it for you. In end I do want this polished.

What-A-Blast! - My WIP Super Mario World hack
**Layout by Erik557

I just played 3 levels of your hack, and I find it a gorgeous piece of art. Really enjoyed the few minutes I played and I will finish the remaining levels later. Here are some advice/heads up of things you probably already know, but i'll tell anyway:

Several visual glitches
Some easily fixed cutoffs
Very hard lag in screens with lots of sprites if you use the sword attack
Death screen/Level start screen takes too damn long (about 5 sec?) and shows no text whatsoever
Message block's message takes too long to roll
Status bar changes pallete in different levels. Also, it takes some time to load after the level is loaded (about 2-3 sec)

Personal note: I really hate not being able to jump while in sword attack animation frames, since they are bound on the same button, and the animation is not so quick (about 3-4 frames). It feels weird since the overall mechanic is already so different (move speed, acceleration, jump height/speed). It would be cool to be able to run combo-ing sword attacks and jumps.
I love it

probably the best hack I've seen in the last couple of years
ban .ips

You're a very talented graphics artist, y'know. I'm always happy to see people using those skills in their hacks so they're all the more original. We're currently in a lack of interesting chocolate hacks, so people like you are always good to have around, to be honest.

Anyway, I've played your hack a bit (good chunk of Hop Hop Hills) and I gotta say this is looking solid in level design and aesthetics, but right now this has just too many bugs that affect both graphics and gameplay. When I first entered Hop Hop Hills the Para-Goomba replacement had its GFX garbled, and I died in the cave section because apparently I'm not allowed to unduck when inbetween the blocks. In Hang Glide Hype! I got shoved into the ground after hitting the message box and got stuck there. Also the player disappears in the OW after dying. I'm using Snes9X 1.54 by the way.

Another issue I've found is that the volume of the sound effects isn't balanced. Some are way louder than others. Spin jump, springboard and item reveal SFX are all a bit too loud, and normal jump, powerdown, and death theme (except for the first note) are too quiet, for example.

Small nitpick: you should get the booting logo screen to stay there a bit longer as it cuts off the sound effect there a bit.

That's all I have to say for now, but I just want to assure you that this is going in the right path of becoming one of the greatest chocolate hacks ever! Good luck!
We'll be like diamond: brilliant and persistent. ~
As Gloomier said, this looks indeed awesome in all aspects (especially the gimmicks, I loved the sewer and pyramid levels), but there are too many bugs to judge it properly for now. But once they're fixed, this is surely going to be the best hack on the site for a while. Keep going ! #w{=D}
I think this is an excellent hack. Has tons of potential. I will eventually download it and give some feedback.

P.S. Please release the code you have for 1 single screen at a time camera. Thanks.

I'm a bit disppointed in the fact that this is getting all these positive reviews and I can't even download the hack at the moment :/ It would be nice to see some screenshots. ^_^
Layout by LDA during C3.
I've been following this hack since I learned about it (following a random link the asm showcase thread and getting blown away by what you were showing off), so it's exciting to see there's a playable demo. Hopefully i can set some time aside and get a chance to play it soon!
most okayest
I already told you that I'm a fan of your work. However, playing though the tech demo, felt very random. Everything looked like a bunch of placeholder stuff. I can't write a proper review because stuff was there for us to check and that was all.

But don't feel discouraged. Your ideas, from ASM to level design are extremely rad. Only thing I want to say is: try organizing everything before carrying on with this project. Don't make a lot of placeholders - focus on a single thing at a time, polish it, finish it, then move on. One step at a time. You have an incredible potential, so use it.

Plan on giving this a go! :3 I really like the look of it and the ideas in it are neat, I hope it has less mistakes/errors than from last time! (I will better feedback once I played it lol)

“Lucas peeked inside the mailbox. There’s nothing inside. Except the 1000 rat corpses.”

"The Hero Appears! The Hero Appears! The Hero Appears!"
Thanks agai#smw{:TUP:}n for everything guys :D

After all that's been in this thread, I want confirm that I have made my decision with my next move with this hack. Its gonna be a long process, but I think with patience I can get it done.

What-A-Blast! - My WIP Super Mario World hack
**Layout by Erik557

My friend Heraga wanted to show off his level but C3 time ran out.
So I'm posting it here!

IT <------

Its a wee ghost house level where you are forced to climb. But good luck escaping >:)

Credit goes to Heraga

Enjoy #wario{:peace:}

E: fixed link

What-A-Blast! - My WIP Super Mario World hack
**Layout by Erik557

Here is a playthrough video I made. I didn't get to play the whole thing, but at least its something.

You have made LOTS of improvements upon the last demo I played. So keep up the good work.

Hopefully this gives you some good feedback on the project.
It does.
It was also nice to watch. :)
I took notes too so I can get an idea on how I want things done. Except some updates with changes, and additions with unfortunately subtractions :( But it is for good.

I will do my best. Thanks everyone that visited me this c3!

What-A-Blast! - My WIP Super Mario World hack
**Layout by Erik557

at the Nintendo Presents and I'm already in love.

e: - i assumed the tutorial would cover the features exclusive to your hack. I get the idea is that this should be a thing that anybody can pick up and play, but it would've been nice to know (or maybe have a separate tutorial specifically for the gimmicks you've added. Being told to hit the B button to jump in a romhack is a little silly (especially when i have the button re-mapped on my keyboard so I'm not even hitting B)).
- Okay so i hit those blocks that
change your character
and holy shit. Like, oh my god. That is amazing.
- I'm not a big fan of the spin-jump sound tbh
- The bonus game coin has an awkward delay that made me think my game froze the first few times. The bonus game itself is also WAY too long, it'd be fine to cut it back to 3-5 falls.
- the lack of a warning in bagpipe barrage is kind of annoying. the only real strategy is to do what you can to blast through before they start playing. Maybe shake the screen or have a distinct beginning and ending visual cue (the dog takes a big inhale) will help make this seem less unfair. also i get the idea is that they're loud and annoying but oh my god please turn down the volume!!! they're way too frequent to be this loud
- i hit a block and the power-up fell down instead of popping up, which was neat but it was invincible for the first second so i almost missed it
- there are just so many spots where you're required to be small to get through? idk why though
- like every space on the overworld takes you to your Mad Scientist bonus game lol
-on the overworld, the way the gradient moves with the player removes the illusion of it being water, it just looks like a gradient or a background
-that block that created the little water tornado (and the way it actually spun you around), and the
frog's swimming abilities
were both great
- the catacombs are cool, but rotating that thing on a keyboard is so freaking tedious!!
- mirror world is so cool
- it looks like you can jump on that reskinned pokey
- with the extending blocks in the desert level you can clip the side of one when it's 1 tile away from the roof and trick the game into thinking you got crushed
- the boo reskins are really funny
- that shadow thing was glitchy, but cool as hell oh man
- if I were you I'd either cut the boo rings altogether or use custom ones that give you more space to jump through them. the SMW ones suck and are boring
- the growing block stops growing at the moving shadow which leaves the level unbeatable
- i died in Hop Hop Hills and was invisible on the OW lol
- that sword swing is janky as hell lol
- the pinball level made me giggle
- at no point did i see anything teaching me about the r-dash. idk if i just missed it but i only knew it existed because of Final Theory's playthrough

overall, i'm not done checking everything out (will update post as long as c3 is active), but i feel like so far, this is a legitimate contender [imo] for greatest romhack ever made. Like, wow. This feels and plays like its own game, with all the tricks and features that come along with it. Really hope you stick with it!
most okayest
Love the asm, graphics, and music! All very impressive stuff for SMW hacking.

I just wish the hack was a little less glitchy. I licked a key in the mirror level & the graphics glitched completely:
Layout by Erik557
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